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Coming out of retirement – Liveblogging the Apocalypse


Introducing my little Evil Project for the duration of the Synod.

Later today (I hope) The Remnant will be producing a longish article I wrote explaining in detail (and at length… sorry in advance) why I abruptly gave up news reporting in May this year, literally walking away. In truth, I had gone down to Rome for the March for Life, and the little quiet voice that had been whispering to me for about five years to move on, grew to a roar. I could no longer ignore my misgivings about the value of it. I’m not even really sure what came over me. I had gone to lunch with some friends, and then a couple of us went to the pub for a mojito. Then we went back to my friend’s place where I was staying, and watched a movie.

The next morning, when I woke up, feeling surprisingly refreshed, I simply knew that the time was up. I packed my things, took leave of my friends and got on the train and went home.

I spent most of the summer doing not much more than thinking about it and going for walks. I did a few things for the Remnant, and found a new voice started developing, and a new conviction. We all knew full well that the thing that started today, the Synod, would be a watershed moment in the history of the Catholic Church. We all saw it coming, though even now no one really has any idea of exactly what to expect. For me, however, the one thing remained clear: this was too important to treat as “news”.

But as we drew closer and closer to the day, I found the old urge to report and reveal coming back furiously.

Yesterday, talking to some blogger friends, it was suggested that we set up a war room, a place where traditionally-minded Catholic bloggers, writers and commentators can write and comment about the Synod as it is happening.

And, as things on the internet are generally about three minutes between conception of the idea and realization of the object,

Hey Presto!

A group blog,

What’s Up With the Synod?

I have recruited some familiar voices who have agreed to help with their examination and analysis of the situation, with a no-holds-barred rule. Names will be revealed shortly (though in some cases, identities will remain obscured.)

I sent around the following note to some of the louder-mouthed among my colleagues:

We’ll run original blog posts as opinion pieces, we’ll steal other people’s stuff from other sites like the pirates we are, and we’ll run original interviews with people on the ground in Rome that no one else will get because we’ll have at least a couple of people on board who will be in situ. I will be inviting people to blog against the highjacking of the Synod … We will give voices to people who would otherwise never be heard

So, beware, beware, oh those of delicate sensibilities, there will possibly be some salty language as well as some unabashed truth-telling, some openly “divisive” posts, some people (I hope) saying things there that aren’t being said anywhere else.

You thought the Mad Rad Trads were the bad kids before? Well the gloves are off today, boys and girls.

I am also opening the commboxes. Get in there, people. Tell us what you really think.

Once more unto the breach!


26 thoughts on “Coming out of retirement – Liveblogging the Apocalypse”

  1. Joe of St Therese says:

    Thanks for keeping track of the Circ d’Roma ™

  2. Servo de Prata says:

    Yes but condemned by whom? The same people who are trying to change the very teachings of the Church. It’s contradictory – or actually, it is expected they do that… And that doesn’t even begin to explain how was she able to predict so accurately the future and also attack the position of the devil. “If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”… Investigating such a phenomenon in no way excludes searching the Scriptures and the unchangeable teachings of Holy Mother Church. I am not convinced she is a false locutionist. Even the mere 0,0001% possibility that she is true merits deep investigation and questioning. Think about that. Maybe God is talking, denouncing the usurpers in the Church right now. Prophecies have come true. And the best argument that people can come up with against her is that “this was condemned”… by the same usurpers.

  3. StPeterofVerona says:

    Thank you, Hilary, for being our eyes, ears, mouth and fingers during this momentous event. (And proverbial fist, too, if need be!) Everyone, keep the Faith, keep your humor, pray for Hilary and other faithful traditional Catholics soon for the synodal trenches, and most of all, keep your eyes upon Christ and sanctify your corner of the remnant. That’s how we, here at home, man the battlements.

  4. standtall909 says:

    Yep, very good picks….I could also add ‘The Stumbling Block’, maybe St. Corbinian’s Bear (although he’s taking a short break from the insanity), Steve Skojec (OnePeterFive), Vox Cantoris….and well , heck, I could go on and on….:)

  5. Maggie says:

    MDM was condemned. She was not the paragon of ‘truth’ as you seem to think. Search the Scriptures instead and the true and unchangeable teachings of Holy Mother Church. Do not waste time with false locutionists.

  6. Maggie says:

    And popcorn. Buckling my spiritual seatbelt for the bumpy ride. Increasing my time in front of the abortion killing mill and also at the most Blessed Sacrament while far to many of the ‘princes of the Church’ seek to destroy Her. They won’t. But how many more souls will be lost to the slavery of sin.

  7. Michael Dowd says:

    Thanks for coming back Hilary, we are with you. The awareness level of Vatican shenanigans should increase lots through all your and others efforts. Shinning the spotlight on evil is a spiritual work of mercy.

    Will you be taking donations? If so, I suggest PayPal which is easiest way to contribute.

  8. Grace Clark says:

    Thanks, are wonderful!!!

  9. Servo de Prata says:

    I hope you guys have heard of Maria Divine Mercy. Because the private revelations given to her since 2010 describe whats going on in the Church right now in the most literal way possible. There is a message from exactly one year before Benedict XVI resigned (feb 11 2012), saying there was a conspiracy against him. Voilà, we now know there really was one. I have been meditating, thinking, analyzing and philosophizing about this for a while now and there is simply absolutely no way a human being could possibly predict things so precisely, and the devil most certainly would not write against himself either… He could, but does he really need that? The messages describe Francis and his character in absolutely precise way, predicted things he has already done and said… It can’t be the KGB or the CIA or Freemasonry either writing these messages, the messages denounce all power groups… People have been waiting to see God do something about this mess in the Church… Well, He has been doing it. The messages are true and are being proven more and more true every day. There are some statements in them that are very hard for traditionalists to accept but you know what? God is Truth, God is Infinite, therefore the Truth is infinite, and we are finite, therefore we will never understand all of the Truth, therefore there will always be some new Truth which doesn’t fit into what we already know. Not that there is any new teaching there, but there is material for very deep analysis, even if it is just to understand how could this happen… Maybe the devil knew there would be a resistance to Francis and went ahead and created his own “controlled opposition”? But how could a house divided against itself stand? Maybe someone has a time machine on his hand?

  10. reconverted idiot says:

    As another commenter remarked to me elsewhere today: Well after all, what’s the Church for, if not to make this world a better place?

  11. mparks12 says:

    You bring tears to my eyes and a smile. Thank you. Have never thought of being thanked, but it feels good.

  12. reconverted idiot says:

    I want to up vote this post a gazillion times. Wow! We owe people like you so much. Thank you!

  13. reconverted idiot says:

    May God bless and keep you.

  14. Jude says:

    Good picks.

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  17. scott says:

    Attention neo-catholics: climb out of your novus ordo playpens and get with the program already. You slept through the first act. Help everyone out by grabbing hold of the curtain so as to take down this atrocity. All hands on deck!

  18. Chloe says:

    Thank you Hilary. We need you to keep us sane! May God bless your work and His Holy Mother smile on you and on us all.

  19. mparks12 says:

    You have no idea. Some of us were where you are now – in 1968….and kept fighting. Again in 76, again in the 80’s with the prolife betrayal of Bernardin and the first news of the pedophiles, again in 2002, again, again, again. The battle is eternal. We should stand, withstand, and trust God. Never ever ever give up. Or as Yogi said, God rest his soul, it ain’t over til it’s over.

  20. Kathleen says:

    Oh, and a thought (wish!) — you’d make my year if you gave some thought to pulling in Mundabor, Dallas Catholic, and Ann Barnhardt. I know with all the factors involved it’s likely a long shot and thats okie, but if you don’t ask you don’t know! So I’m asking!

  21. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for this!

    It’s not like any of this misery is a surprise to me, but I’m just heartbroken anyway and your effort is a comfort. I’m a cranky type and I like prickly comfort – it distracts me from turning into a complete mush head in the face of this.

    You’ve been one of my favorite writers for sometime and you are in my prayers.

  22. Randi Gordon says:

    I was so thankful this morning, to hear of this war room of a blog. I will be assisting with my prayers from afar and reading the blog. Thank you for inviting commentary and discussion. I have been a follower of traditional Catholic blogging for a couple of years, but only now feel I must join the discussion. God bless you and your coworkers in this bold endeavor. And thank you.

  23. Vox Cantoris says:

    Good. Linked on Vox and will reblog as needed!

  24. wendyinva says:

    Thank you. Just… thank you!

  25. Bagz More says:

    “We will give voices to people who would otherwise never be heard” Thank YOU.

  26. rosearbor says:

    THANK YOU!!!

    A refuge in the storm. I am bringing blankets, a flask of coffee, and much gratitude.

  27. PompousMaximus says:

    This is my favorite site of all time, already.

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