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This goes in one ear and out the other


A year ago, someone told me that the whole thing was going to dissolve down into a big homo-hoedown…


… and for some reason that completely escapes me right now, I was skeptical.

Can’t imagine what I was thinking…




Cardinal Kasper Gears Up for Vatican Synod: ‘You Are Born Gay’
In his book, released to coincide with the opening of the synod, the Cardinal deals with a number of hot-button issues, such as homosexuality. “For me, this inclination is a question mark: it does not reflect the original design of God and yet it is a reality, because you are born gay,” he says in the book.

Kasper advocates a more holistic approach to theology, while lamenting what he terms “a certain fundamentalism” in the Church. “You take one line of the Gospel and this becomes an ideology to support your case,” he said.


5 thoughts on “This goes in one ear and out the other”

  1. Cannonkat says:

    as if HE doesn’t have an ideology? when their “faith” such as his is not of the Holy Spirit, THAT is ideology!

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  4. Barbara says:

    Please, please tell me that Bobby is in the shower!

  5. St. Karl Marx of Assisi says:

    These people, the fake clergy, will not leave the Church because she is sheltering and securing them financially and is feeding their pride with titles and idiots bowing, kissing their rings.

  6. Radical Catholic says:

    Sorry to be a Grammar-Nazi, but it’s “Gott im Himmel”. Otherwise, spot on.

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