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Fiddling while the Middle East burns


Western countries … are interested in some endangered species more than they are Christians in the Middle East”

…the Christian population in Syria has already been reduced to less than half of what it was prior to the civil war. Patriarch Yonan blames much of the problem on Western powers, such as the United States, which has backed and given aid to the Free Syrian Army, rebels who oppose the current government of Bashar al-Assad.


4 thoughts on “Fiddling while the Middle East burns”

  1. Cannonkat says:

    Carly Fiorina’s pretty tough though, a regular Maggie Thatcher!

  2. Chloe says:

    What a girl she was! Don’t worry, this pope would no more canonise her than he’s canonise Cardinal Burke. Maybe the next one? I’ve just bought her biography. Would to heaven the good Lord would send us another like her! Hilary and Ann may well be in the same mould but they haven’t the policital power. More’s the pity! Viva Isabella!

  3. MSApis says:

    And who was the single most important person in the incessant fight to finally rid Spain of the Muslim menace? A woman no less, Isabella of Spain. She should be canonised. And for all you feminazis out there – that is how a true Catholic Mulier Fortis acts.

  4. Barbara says:

    I’m reminded of Spain when the Muslims had captured almost the entire country – save a remnant in the northeast corner (if I’m not mistaken). Chilling lesson for us: it took many, many generations to get them out. Comforting lesson for us: our big Catholic families will be breeding generations to root out the Modernist Heresy.

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