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Ann Barnhardt on Effeminacy: Volume 1, Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 1


Salty language and content alert! Ann’s talking about ter gays and other perversions, so be prepared. Special Snowflakes, have the smelling salts on hand. HJMW


Where. To. Begin.

(Heavy sigh, rubs face, pops knuckles….)

The definition.  Always good to start with the definition.

~ Effeminacy is the vice of softness that is opposed to perseverance. ~

But let’s expand on that so that you can understand what exactly that means.

First two things that effeminacy is NOT:

Effeminacy is NOT femininity. In modern parlance, “effeminate” is often used to mean “feminine”.  This is flatly incorrect.  Femininity, the quality of being female, is a good thing. We know this from the great “Hubba-hubba!” of Adam when he first saw Eve in Genesis 2.  And from any photograph of Lauren Bacall circa 1945.

But femininity is the exclusive asset and domain of females, and men who claim it and manifest it are deluded, mentally ill perverts.  Like Bruce Jenner.  Further, since effeminacy is a vice, it can be manifested by both men and women.

Oh yeah.  Effeminacy in women is just as wrong as in men, the difference being that the sight of effeminacy in men is so much more disturbing that it tends to be magnified in our minds.  It is more disturbing because it is more contrary to masculine nature. The best example in reverse that I can think of is drunkenness.  Which is a more jarring sight: a man that is s___faced drunk, or a woman in that condition?  Drunkenness in a woman is more jarring to see because it is more contrary to her feminine nature, but drunkenness is equally wrong in both men and women.  Also the use of coarse language. (Cough cough, I resemble that remark.)

Effeminacy is also NOT a synonym for faggotry. If we were to draw a Venn Diagram of Effeminate males in a given population compared to sodomitically-oriented males, which for brevity’s sake we will henceforth refer to as “fags”, in that population, first, the effeminate domain circle would be at least 50x larger than the fag circle, because in this post-Christian culture there are way, way, way more effeminate heterosexual (straight) men than dudes who lust after other dudes. (I know you don’t buy this right now, but stay with me.)

Second, we would see that the Fag circle would NOT exist entirely inside the Effeminacy circle.  This is a very important point, especially in terms of history, tyrannical governments, wars and genocides.  It ain’t no coinkydink that the biggest murdering, genociding, evil tyrant bastards in history have been enthusiasts for the butt___ks.

Y’all have read “The Pink Swastika” and know that the core founders of the Nazi Party, including Herr Hitler himself, were all raging sodomites, right? But here is the distinction: they were butch and not effeminate. In fact, the homosexuals that ended up being purged in the Night of the Long Knives or sent to concentration camps were the feminine, swishy, flaming fags.  The Nazis were not “soft”, effeminate men and were thus extremely aggressive and effective at implementing their satanic agenda.  The same could be said for the fags that have been running the islamic political system since day one.  Likewise for the Samurai culture and Sparta. History hath shewn time and time again that the most dangerous fags to civilization on a macro level are the fags that present as masculine and are, in fact, NOT effeminate.

In the next installment, we will discuss what effeminacy is, how St. Thomas Aquinas defines it, what its opposite is, and we will begin to discuss how effeminacy manifests itself in our culture today, both in men and women.


35 thoughts on “Ann Barnhardt on Effeminacy: Volume 1, Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 1”

  1. Arlie Kendziora says:

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  2. fdasfds says:

    Well there, aren’t you incurring in effeminacy yourself? Grow a pair.

  3. Two2trees says:

    I want at least section 2 of this!

    ….. Waiting out here…..

  4. BruceDeBrat says:

    I was about to write: “Oh, geese, here we go again” … But after reading your charitable response, I could only make due with a LOL. Thanks for the instruction in humility.

  5. Richard W Comerford says:

    Mr. Jaego:

    Thank you for your reply wherein you posted in part: “When He comes again it wont be from the womb of a Jewish woman”

    When Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gloriously rose from the dead he was not issued a new non-Jewish body by the angelic supply sergeant. He arose in the same Body that issued from the Jewess Mary (AKA Queen of Heaven and Earth). Our Lord and Savior will rule in glory forever with the body of a Jew.

    and in part: “and He wont be Jewish”

    What? Our Lord’s DNA is going to change? He is going to be Irish?

    and in part:

    “You’re trying to make the Lord of the Universe into the tribal God of the Jews.”

    No Our Lord made Himself Jewish via the Holy Ghost and the Jewess teenager sometimes titled the Mother of God.

    and in part:

    “Shame on you,”

    Well certainly shame on me for my many sins.

    and finally in part:


    Sticks and stones my friend.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  6. Jaego says:

    No. Jesus was only Jewish for 33 years. When He comes again it wont be from the womb of a Jewish woman and He wont be Jewish. You’re trying to make the Lord of the Universe into the tribal God of the Jews. Shame on you, Judiazer.

  7. Richard W Comerford says:

    Mr. Jaego:

    You wrote in part: “Classic Communist/Jewish slander”

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a Jew, as is His Immaculate Mother, as are Apostles and as are the first Christians and Hitler was carried on the records of the Vienna Police as a male prostitute.

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Immaculate Mother will reign in glory for all eternity in their Jewish bodies.

    Perhaps we should get used to chicken soup? See you in Heaven.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  8. Jaego says:

    The Nazis were Homosexuals? Classic Communist/Jewish slander repudiated by serious scholarship. The same people also accuse them of persecuting Homosexuals – which is much closer to the Truth. These people love to conflate the Weimer Republic and National Socialism to maximize the scope of their slander. In point of fact, the National Socialists put an end to the Weimer Republic and its decadence. The Jews simply lack all objectivity on this subject and cannot be believed.

  9. WHEELERplatsis says:

    Actually Xenophon, a contemporary of the Spartans and had his sons go through the agoge, that the Spartans did not practice sodomy. The Doric Greeks in Crete, though, did come up with this because they used it as a way of birth control.

  10. Richard W Comerford says:

    Mr. El MAC:

    Ms. White is IMO quite professional. I would guess that 90% of the publications on this matter available to the public hold that the Spartan Peers were all sodomites. The only reason I discovered the other 10% is that I had a very odd job and one of my bosses asked me to research and opine on this matter.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  11. El Mac says:

    Why would you not footnote that little detail? Otherwise it appears that Ms. Barnhardt got her historical facts wrong. Which is not the case. Strikes me as unprofessional of you Ms. White.

  12. TCA says:

    You’re wrong about Hitler and the “Nazis,” but you’re right about everything else.
    You’re also cute.

  13. Richard W Comerford says:

    Mr. reconverted idiot:

    You posted in part:” Pretty sure it was Spartan poetry as it goes, but I might be mistaken as to it being Spartan.”

    Perhaps what you recollect was Jesuit Poetry?

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  14. Country is Dead says:

    Maybe read Richard Comerford’s post again? In citing those Athenian sources, he points out that the two Athenian authors mention the LACK of homosexuality among Spartan men (as opposed to leveling charges of a prevalence of it).

  15. reconverted idiot says:

    Interesting response. I must admit to a vague recollection of something from another source in support of Ann’s (Hilary’s) statement, but nothing I can reference. Pretty sure it was Spartan poetry as it goes, but I might be mistaken as to it being Spartan.

  16. reconverted idiot says:

    Haha. Thanks for that, it rings a bell now you mention it.

  17. Cannonkat says:

    Yes lets try to keep a little Catholic decorum when describing these heinous acts…

  18. Susan says:

    A few years ago, in a discussion with a priest who called many men today “Losers,” I arrived at the paradox that the exact same virtues — strength, kindness, courage, compassion — actually make men more masculine and women more feminine. The identical virtues highlight the differences between the sexes when practiced. Now, I also see that identical sins — such as cravenness, selfishness, meanness — do the exact opposite, blurring the difference between the two sexes and making them appear more alike. Thank you, Ann, for helping to clarify something for me — why so many times I was convinced a male was homosexual and then found out he wasn’t. It’s that paradox above, turned on its head.

  19. Richard W Comerford says:


    Thank you for your reply.

    I merely noted that the only contemporary, written documentation regarding the alleged mass homosexuality of the ancient Spartans which survives and comes to us moderns is found the works of Socrates and Xenophon cited above. Yes, indeed, both writers were Athenians. Both admired, in part, Spartan culture. Both found it curious that the Spartans, unlike other other ancient Greeks, did not practice openly homosexuality in large numbers. Socrates attributed the aforementioned lack of homosexuality on the part of the Spartans as the reason Spartan women were, so to speak, so darn uppity and independent. (Among other things Spartan women reportedly owned about 1/3 of the farm land in ancient Sparta.)

    I am unaware of any other ancient writers, contemporary to the Spartans, who wrote on this matter, and said writings are extant.

    Come to think of it both Ms. White and Ms. Barnhardt are kind of uppity and independent – maybe a little Spartan blood runs in their veins?

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  20. Galloglasses says:

    It probably goes to show how my European social programming has affected me to such a degree that I literally had to do a double take to see the word ‘faggotry’ being used in its proper context (and not in the joking context used elsewhere), More please.

  21. Gettingby says:

    Ms Barnhardt has thick skin and, I believe, will not take correction (on most subjects…lol) personally if it can be backed up by convincing evidence. Hilary White, responding below, seems likewise not to be insulted. Providing truthful and accurate information is actually an act of love.

    Love your work Anne…God bless you.

  22. Hatchetwoman says:

    I was remembering the “Pink Swastika” the other day … and I do understand what you mean; even queens mock the over-the-top queens. And I know a few men who are always being mistaken for gay; when pressed, I say they’re “sensitive.”

  23. lzzrdgrrl says:

    A better synonym for effeminacy is probably ‘uselessness’…….’>……….

  24. Felix_Culpa says:

    QUOTE: “Effeminacy is NOT femininity. In modern parlance, “effeminate” is often used to mean “feminine”. This is flatly incorrect.”

    Very interesting. This certainly had been my understanding, that “effeminate” = “feminine.” I suspect is is also the current understanding of many others, e.g. critiques of of crappy liturgy who refer to it as “feminized.” If “effeminate” =/= “feminine,” then perhaps a better term would be “efeminized liturgy” rather than “feminized liturgy.”

    At any rate, looking forward greatly to the next instalment. Methinks we are but scratching the surface here.

  25. ETCW says:

    Mr. Comerford, Strange that you say that “as far as… [you]…. can tell” and then go on to blame the 19th Century German Academics for the charge of homosexuality among the Spartans . You just referenced extant texts where the charge is leveled by 2 ancient Athenians. Do you contend then that A- Only Athenians made such charges and probably because they lost the Peloponnesian Wars and were just trying to sully the reputations of Spartan men who won? and B-that there were never any other ancients who made similar charges? The Athenians themselves were not free from this vice so they, in all likelihood, simply found the extent of the disorder in Sparta Un-Greek. Furthermore sodomy i.e. oral genital, oral anal, penile anal, bestiality and,onanism-as well as any sexual sin you can think of, was certainly not rare in the ancient world. Have you read Aristophanes, or seen the images on Greek pottery? Judaism, was the first religion to categorically ban such practices and our Church concurred and still does.

  26. TheVeiledThreat says:

    Wow, The Pink Swastika came to my mind while reading the line just before you mentioned it. A must read for sure.

  27. Richard W Comerford says:

    Ms. White:

    NP. In all seriousness you are doing a great thing here. The children and I started a novena to Our Lady of Victory today for your own, and all of your correspondents, intentions.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  28. Sancho Panza says:

    I like this robust plain speaking. The distinction between “faggotry” and effeminacy is spot on. There’s all too much of the latter, especially where beards are involved, the manicured hipster kind, not real ones.

  29. johnhenry says:

    “sorry I’m straight”

    What a coincidence; that’s what Michael Straight, the Soviet spy used to say when people suspected him of being one. A spy I mean. Or a homosexual.

  30. johnhenry says:

    Duplicate comment. Sorry.

  31. Hilary White says:

    That was my fault, Richard. I stuck it in there as an editorial afterthought. That’ll learn me to look things up properly.

  32. reconverted idiot says:

    Oh Ann, you kill me. Never change, please.
    Very insightful stuff, and absolutely spot on. To my shame I’ve been to “gay” bars and clubs (in a previous life, with homo friends when I was being all accepting and whatnot), where I’ve spent half the night telling aggressive body-built testosterone pumped men “sorry I’m straight”. So I totally concur with your take on masculine fags, I’ve seen it first hand.
    Writing this I’m reminded of that priest you spoke of in a previous post, who told you how you were closing yourself off to “the encounter” by your attitude. Yeah well butch dykes is a whole nother subject.

  33. johnhenry says:

    Good night, Mommy.

  34. Chloe says:

    Thanks Ann. I’ve being trying to get a concise definition of this for some time.

  35. Richard W Comerford says:

    Ms Barnhardt:

    Re: Spartans

    I tremble in fear at the very thought of contradicting you in public even on a relatively minor matter like the ancient Spartans’ alleged mass homosexuality; but… We have, I think, only two contemporary documents extant which mention this matter and both by Athenians: 1) authored by Socrates wherein he complains that the un-Greek like boldness of the Spartan women is accounted for entirely by the very un-Greek like lack of homosexuality among their Spartan men; and 2) authored by Xenophon (who also wrote the “March to the Sea” and who fought among and for the Spartans and who also sent two of his sons at age seven to undergo the Spartan training for manhood) who falso mentiones in passing the curiously un-Greek like lack of homosexuality among the Spartan men.

    As far as I can tell the allegations of the Spartans’ alleged mass homosexuality originated among certain 19th Century German academics who also sort to prove that (via “internal criticism”) the Holy Bible was not the inspired word of God and the miracles recounted therein did not happen.

    Otherwise I think that you are, as usual, brilliant.

    And please forgive me mistress. Do not beat me.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

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