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Fr. Brian Harrison: Manipulation has already begun


via email:

Mon, October 5,
Dear Friends
A Synod of Bishops has begun in which the Fathers’ speeches will be limited to 3 minutes and will not be made public; there will be no propositions for the Fathers to vote for or against; and the Committee that will write the “final relatio” has already been named. It includes Cardinal Baldisseri and Archbishop Bruno Forte (main author of the notoriously liberal “interim report” at last year’s Synod), but apparently does not include any prelate known as an outspoken supporter of the traditional doctrine/discipline that prohibits divorced-and-civilly-remarried Catholics from receiving Holy Communion.

Here is an initial report:

If this news is accurate, the Synod is shaping up to be a revolutionary take-over bid, organized in such a way as to impose virtual silence on Fathers who uphold the bimillennial doctrine and discipline reaffirmed by Pope St. John Paul II in Familiaris Consortio, and to turn this three-week gathering into a rubber stamp by which Pope Francis, who has already personally appointed 45 of the Fathers, imposes his will on the Synod under the guise of seeking its advice. Now, this is a Pontiff whose carefully crafted public image is one of humility, ‘listening’, mercy, and open dialogue with all! (Frankly, his style seems more like the iron fist in a velvet glove: it smacks of the populist but authoritarian peronista style of government that the young Jorge Bergoglio observed – and openly admired – in his native Argentina.)

We must pray fervently and make sacrifices that the Holy Spirit will somehow intervene to protect and safeguard Christ’s teaching that remarriage after divorce is adultery. That teaching providentially turned out to be the Gospel reading today (27th Sunday, Year B, Novus Ordo calendar). The Synod Fathers in St Peter’s Basilica assembled under Pope Francis heard that Gospel from St. Mark, ch. 10, proclaimed at the Synod’s opening Mass this morning. Once could scarcely ask for a clearer confirmation from Heaven as to where divine truth lies in this controversy!

If indeed the manipulation of the Synod proceeds as blatantly as this report anticipates it will, one wonders whether we may even see a mass walk-out on the part of orthodox Synod Fathers who would prefer not to have their names used in support of a radical change which they firmly oppose.



13 thoughts on “Fr. Brian Harrison: Manipulation has already begun”

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  3. MSDOTT says:

    no longer… check the link again for the latest. …

  4. Benton Marder says:

    Just you wait until Francis brings in priestesses. That should stir up the boiling pot a bit.

  5. Benton Marder says:

    “If I must speak the truth, I am of the mind to shun every assemblage of bishops, because I have never seen a good end to any Synod, nor remedy of evils, but rather an addition to them.—There are always contentions and strivings for dominion (Do not think I am using too strong language.) beyond description.”—-+Gregory, Bishop of Nazianzum–352 AD For those that don’t remember, St Gregory Nazianzen was one of the Cappadocian Fathers.

  6. CumExApostolatus says:

    Who cares? That church occupying Rome was created at Vatican II and has nothing to do with Catholicism. The usurpers occupy the buildings and wear the costumes but are in no way Catholic. To treat them as such disrespects our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m going to pray for a walk-out EN MASSE of the orthodox bishops. Will there be ANY???? I don’t recommend holding one’s breath.

  7. Cannonkat says:

    Fear of schism! We’re IN a schism: the schism of cardinal bergaglia, forte, baldisseri & kaspar – THEY are the schism, the WHORE and rather than fear, let us rouse up our courage to RESIST and defend Holy Mother Church against Jezebel!!!

  8. Remnant Clergy says:

    The schism will force a choice – faithful or not. Expect the unfaithful to own the buildings. When Francis approves of sin then that will be the line in the sand.

  9. Barbara says:

    Right, but the real courage will come in the weeks and months after this shebang is over. The pressure on bishops will be enormous, from man in pew, and from priests – both to give in, and to hold strong. This is where the fear of schism arises.

  10. Living_on_Borrowed_Time says:

    This is an excellent analysis, but I don’t see how the orthodox prelates can stage a walkout effectively if “there will be no propositions for the Fathers to vote for or against; and the Committee that will write the “final relatio” has already been named. ”
    Their only effective protest would be to have walked out on Day 1. Now they are implicated by engaging. They can’t even use their 3 minutes to denounce it in public. This is not a criticism.

  11. Chloe says:

    Where’s the velvet glove?

  12. Barbara says:

    Father Harrison, thank you for speaking so clearly. We are going to need you in three weeks time when more of what’s going on is made public – and beyond.

  13. Linda Clerkin says:

    Most of these clerics are being used. As props. They are being used.

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