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Go help the Remnant

The Remnant can be counted as one of the pillars of the Traditionalist Catholic movement in the Church,

and they’re in trouble…

My buddy Chris Ferrara writes today:

The Remnant enjoys a level of influence in the Catholic world far out of its proportion to its size and minimal financial resources. The unprecedented radicalism of the current Pope, who is dropping one bombshell after another on an already devastated household of the Faith, has awakened many Catholics to the frightening reality of our situation.

Many minds have been opened to the traditionalist critique of “the regime of novelty” that has laid waste to the Church for nearly half a century of drift and decay, and now threatens to finish the job at the ludicrously misnamed “Synod on the Family.”

First of all, the cost of maintaining what is now one of the highest-ranked traditionalist websites in the world is not being offset by any income. The content is free while the demand for it—understandably so—is incessant. Catholics look to The Remnant every day for guidance in the growing storm.

Second, the print newspaper grows ever more expensive to produce as postage costs skyrocket. But subscription prices have a ceiling beyond which subscriber returns diminish. This cycle cannot go on much longer. And yet The Remnant must maintain its commitment to the print medium—especially given the potential for government control of the Web.

Third, while “mainstream” Catholic publications have large paid staffs, The Remnant—operated by Mike, his wife and children—is constantly under pressure to find the funds to pay even modest stipends to the dedicated writers, most of them with families of their own, who provide the in-depth, timely analysis on which you depend.

Quite simply, without immediate extraordinary financial assistance The Remnant apostolate cannot be sustained. And yet this crisis comes at the very moment The Remnant has emerged as perhaps the most powerful traditional Catholic voice in the world today. The irony is as painful as it is distressing. This should not be!

Remember, The Remnant is, after all, an apostolate, not a business. As such, it needs support motivated by something more than a mere quid pro quo—value for money paid, as with a car magazine, for example. The Remnant, precisely as a Catholic apostolate, needs support motivated by a devotion to the Faith it represents and defends.

I met Mike at a conference in 2009, and he immediately offered to have me write for him. Since then, he’s become a true friend, and a partner in crime. I’m constantly amazed at his resilience and genuine down-home American common sense, manful sense of humour and courage in the face of all the utterly outrageous stuff that’s been going on in the last 36 months. (He puts up with all my stupid crap too.) And all while doing far, far more than any of us really think about.

Mike has been a true and stalwart friend to me and a lot of other people who are trying to get through all this with all our marbles intact. Without the Remnant, I fear to think what would happen to the Traditionalist movement, and to the Church. Without the encouragement I get from these guys, I don’t know where either my faith or my will to keep fighting would be.

The Remnant is a lot more than just a publication, and a website…

They’re involved in

Honestly, without the Remnant, a great many of us would simply not be here as believing Traditional or traditionally-minded people.

Go help them, if you can.


7 thoughts on “Go help the Remnant”

  1. rkat says:

    I used to subscribe to the Remnant until Chris Ferrara went off on me in a comment box for supposedly supporting the Iraq war at its inception 13 years previous …. which was bizarre since he has no idea who I am … Forgive me if I find his pleas for financial aid a bit ironic.

  2. Cannonkat says:

    I’m in. And, frankly, given this palace coup, I think the SSPX are also a very important movement available. archbishop lefebvre was most certainly not a schismatic in any traditional sense of the word, but a hero…

  3. dbwheeler says:

    I’ve sent my little mite. It’s like paying St. Paul for a beautiful tent.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Okay, chucked in something.

  5. PompousMaximus says:

    I have really grown to love these folks. They have been there all along too. Mr. Matt also trumpets the “come on folks, lets all get together on this” regarding traditionist in-fighting, which if we were all paying attention we would have been ready for this current craziness kerfuffling the Church a bit better. But better late than never!

  6. Barbara says:

    Ann might want to use Michael Matt as her poster boy for Perseverance in opposition to Effeminacy. Ah, men, real men.

  7. Michael Leggett says:

    Time to aid a Truly CATHOLIC Publication, one of Both Tradition & NOT Controlled by an Unstable Texas Based Millionaire.

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