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“Diversity enriches”


“What, this little thing? Just something I threw on…”

St. Maximilian Kolbe on the plans by Freemasons to infiltrate the Church:
[All H/Ts to our friends at the Lepanto Institute.]


Who was he to judge?

These men without God find themselves in a tragic situation. Such implacable hatred for the Church and the ambassadors of Christ on Earth is not in the power of individual persons, but of a systematic activity stemming in the final analysis from Freemasonry. In particular, it aims to destroy the Catholic religion. Their decrees have been spread throughout the world, in different disguises. But with the same goal – religious indifference and weakening of moral forces, according to their basic principle – ‘We will conquer the Catholic Church not by argumentation, but rather with moral corruption.‘”

Speaking of which,

the report from the German language small circles are available now in English, for anyone with a strong stomach.

Relator: S.E. Mons. KOCH Heiner
Everything is awesome!
“In the German group under the leadership of Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, O.P., we deliberated over and worked through the first part of the Instrumentum laboris in a very open and positive atmosphere. The various viewpoints of the participants were enriching and perceived accordingly. In my opinion, the work in this group demonstrates yet once again: Diversity enriches.”



15 thoughts on ““Diversity enriches””

  1. Living_on_Borrowed_Time says:

    Getting back to the subject from which I had strayed (mea culpa) – Toronto Catholic Witness is reporting that the Synod Fathers are raising this issue

  2. Living_on_Borrowed_Time says:

    No! It was another organisation with the same initials. Sorry for the confusion. TME (Toutes mes excuses). It is hosting a talk by Cardinal Burke next week in Rome, and someone with your first name is involved. Just saw an ad for it elsewhere online!

  3. Living_on_Borrowed_Time says:

    Pax. I thought you were a family-oriented chap who runs a website, and who shares your first name, and is public domain with his name and views. Not playing the “guess the name” game. If the initials are not familiar – you are just another splendid Catholic man who cares about the family. We need you all!

  4. Living_on_Borrowed_Time says:

    Neither. I just came over all apocryphal when setting up my id. Ignore me if I am being impolite – but are you VOTF JHW? Doing a splendid job if so – have a wonderful time in Rome.

  5. dbwheeler says:

    Actually, I’m only an inch tall. Do you have any idea how difficult it is Leaping from z to p or trying to make a capital letter or trying to keep auto fill from changing my words? I try to make light of it and do little pirouettes and quick little two steps and of course sliding about on an iPod screen is so much safer than in the old days on a Smith-Corona. It was always so chancy kicking on the return key, as you can imagine. What does this have to do with Germancardinals you may well be asking…well, as much as the pope’s understanding of sacramental marriage, I would imagine…with a heavy emphasis on imagine.

  6. johnhenry says:

    Living on Borrowed Time…hmm… are you the John Lennon version or the Barry Manilow version?

  7. Hatchetwoman says:

    Just something he’s been keeping in his closet …

  8. scaredANDtired says:

    Is the guy in the rainbow vestment Daneels? If so, well. Nothing more to be said I guess! Except “NO WONDER”!!!

  9. Living_on_Borrowed_Time says:

    Unless I have suddenly developed a visual impediment, I think the ghastly vestments are meant to incorporate the colours of the Belgian flag. Of course it could be a racially diverse rainbow look that he is aiming at.

  10. reconverted idiot says:

    I’ve never been enriched by Diversity, but I did think some of their dance routines were very clever. Was no surprise that they won the first season of Britain’s Got Talent. Never thought much of the name though. Perhaps the German prelates have shares in Ticketmaster, that might help explain where they get all that dough from.

  11. Jaego says:

    He used to pass out copies of Protocols of the Elders of Zion – a good Man. He’s been “cleaned up” (watered down) to make him acceptable to the Novus Ordo Kathys of both genders.

  12. Dale Price says:

    Ah, the Germans. Well, it is sometimes valuable to hear what non-Catholics have to say.

  13. Athelstane says:

    Heavens, that’s an ugly vestment.

  14. johnhenry says:

    “…dweamy wittle…”

    Hey! Enough with the rhotacism jokes, okay? Fact is, I have a speech impediment too, but I manage to hide it here.
    As for Danneels’s (?) rainbow vestments – my sister used to go to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in a rainbow decorated trailer every year. She was planning on coming to my place this year after the festival concluded, but sadly, the drag link at the bottom of her steering system broke.

  15. dbwheeler says:

    The fellow in the unfortunate rainbow wrap looks like a fire hydrant…”Dahling! Did you design that dweamy wittle ensemble yourself!?…and it matches your wectern cwoth! Oh, cwever cuddlkins!” (sorry, I get carried away)

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