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The Rap Sheet: “distinction between sin and sinner no longer works”


Go, and sin in peace...


Via Jeanne Smits (auto-translated from French)

Synod: “The distinction between sin and sinner no longer works”

At the midday press conference organized by the Vatican press office, Father Thomas Rosica emphasized this statement made ​​by a Synodal Father during Saturday’s discussion on the third part of the Instrumentum laboris (while the second part is being examined by circuli minores since Monday morning):

“The distinction between sin and sinner no longer works. ”

This sentence had already been highlighted by the rapporteur in Italian which brought in substance: The differentiation between sin and sinner no longer works because sexuality is an integral part of the person.

Father Rosica added: “We must express these things in a new way so that people can understand them. “

The distinction between the person and the act is indeed a classic theology and Catholic morality; we are invited to “love the person and hate the sin.”

It is a distinction increasingly challenged because to hate sin is tantamount to stigmatizing those who commit it, not to say that homosexual act according to their “nature” as explained Mgr. Charamsa.

During the press conference, which has heavily emphasized the most progressive aspects of Saturday’s action, the claim that sexuality is an integral part of the person has been reported without shades. It fits completely in this logic.

23 thoughts on “The Rap Sheet: “distinction between sin and sinner no longer works””

  1. Henry Craft says:

    Note the expression, “no longer works”, suggesting presumably that once this approach worked. Perhaps when priests were taught Thomism and clear thinking.

    Rosica is saying that, because gays put their sexuality as central to their identities, the Church has to accept their self-defininition. The contrary is true. The Gospel teaches that we are not bound by warped sex drives, and that we should seek Christian perfection. Even though the final victory will probably be won in the next life.

    And, of course, this issue applies across the board. Some of us are burdened by warped sex drives, others by things such as alcoholism or tendencies to abusive anger. In short, we all have our cross to bear, whether it is heavy or light.

  2. Martha says:

    Well, clearly one wouldn’t, if one falls for this kind of crap, much to their eternal displeasure.

  3. MSApis says:

    Indeed. And the irony is that those who do so are the very ones who now are pushing vehemently to dissociate something so fundamental as the physical aspects of a person’s body from a person’s identity.

    They live in La-La Land and want everybody else to live there too.

  4. MSApis says:

    Unfortunately! And in order to rid the world of cancer you will now have to rid the world of patients.

  5. Chloe says:

    Can you lend me a weapon? I’m right behind you.

  6. Chloe says:

    Plan A is the rosary!

  7. Chloe says:

    Absolutely right Galloglasses. Also, she told Mother Marianna at Quito “know that when you see these things, my time has come” (not sure of the exact wording) Thank you.

  8. dbwheeler says:

    Well, homosexualists do become their sin when they identify with it to the extent that they say it is not sin, that what they’re doing is not sinful and that God created them that way and that there is nothing to repent. They become their sin which is why it is a sin that cries out to Heaven. Does that mean we hate them? Of course not.

  9. Jane Galt says:

    It seems like this fellow has just taken over the whole freakin church. Who the heck put him in charge?? He’s got so much power it has to be Bergoglio.

  10. LH says:

    I am really tired of this man trying to normalize queers in the Church.

  11. Tamsin says:

    Recall that Our Lady of Gaga said, before she was assumed into Oblivion, there is no sin because we are all “born this way” and “God makes no mistakes”.

  12. John Patrick says:

    They deny the natural law because they’ve never truly had a grip on the natural world like so many of their predecessors who knew how to mend a tent or a net, sail boats and all the nautical skills, the carpentry skills, the masonry skills, and yes a lot of them were part-time masons, real masons not freemasons, block masons, they knew how to sow seeds, cultivate, and reap harvests, tend vineyards. Monks and priests were steeped in the ways of the world, they understood the natural world well. No one had to explain to them that sodomy was unnatural, for crying out loud.

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  17. Ann Barnhardt says:

    Um, so when exactly do we muster an army? Now? It is now? I’d like to be the first volunteer.

  18. Simon Platt says:

    Perhaps my anger is an integral part of me? Perhaps Fr Rosica and this anonymous prelate (these prelates?) might have some kind words for me? Words more “merciful” than Our Lord’s?
    Incidentally, that reminds me of something about which Fr Hunwicke wrote recently: this business of citing synod fathers anonymously defames them all by insinuation. It’s a disgrace. It should be stopped. It won’t be.

  19. Barbara says:

    More serious is the complete denial of the natural law. As I’ve said before this IS a plumbing issue. It is (forgive me!) un-natural for a man’s penis to penetrate his pal’s anus.

    (St. Basil hide your eyes…) Does Thomas (call me Tom!) Rosica not understand this at all? Not even to admit that some would LIKE the penis to be inserted into the anus because it feels good – but that it’s just not meant to go there???????

    Deny the existence and attributes of God, deny the natural law and everything starts to fall into place.

    Some here, and on other blogs, have very gently talked around the speculation that Pope Francis and his ilk have lost their Faith. I think we’re past speculation. It is true. Our Lady told us Rome would lose the Faith. So let’s not proceed thinking, hoping, that somehow we can rouse up some truth in all this mess.

    Plan B has always been the Rosary.

  20. Galloglasses says:

    Too many people despairing right now, and I know how you feel for the longes time I was like you and had all but lost my faith in terms of practice. But know whatever horrors this Synod produces, never mind what wonders Our Lady, Saint Michael and the Will of God might wrought from this farce, that the end is not yet. Our Lady of Fatima tells us the errors of Russia would spread across the world, why not even to the highest levels of the Church too? But fear not for in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

    Should the conspirators triumph and schism is produced, fear not, for the all the waves of the world and its revolutions shall in the end crash and break against the Rock of the Church. Do not give up faith and do not despair, for these are but men, and men must die.

  21. PompousMaximus says:

    Cray cray up in here.

  22. Radical Catholic says:

    Don’t forget the equally appalling bomb he dropped just previous to that mentioned above and condemned in the same breath: “truth in public, mercy in private”.

  23. Romulus says:

    Well, the diabolical narrative into which so many have been led is that the sinner IS his sin.

  24. Hilary White says:

    I believe this is the standard doctrine as it comes down to us from Stonewall, yes.

  25. Dorothy says:

    Holy guacamole. So if we hate the sin, we hate the sinner, too?

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