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Rap Sheet: Diarmuid Martin, “contemporary” people don’t go for abstract doctrine



The refrain is getting tiresome from these loathsome men. They spent 50 years refusing to teach the doctrine that they so obviously reject and hated, and then, when no one believes any more because of their willful and culpable neglect, they sit back with a barely suppressed grin and say, “Well, we just need to dump it, because sophisticated contemporary people don’t believe it any more.”

Our young people make their decisions on marriage and the family within the context of a flawed and antagonistic social culture. It is however not enough to condemn that culture. We have somehow to evangelise that culture. The Synod is called to revitalise the Church’s pastoral concern for marriage and the family and to help believers to see family life as an itinerary of faith. But simply repeating doctrinal formulations alone will not bring the Gospel and the Good News of the Family into an antagonistic society. We have to find a language which helps our young people to appreciate the newness and the challenge of the Gospel…

We talk about indissolubility. Most families would not feel that they live indissolubility; they live fidelity and closeness and care in ways we underestimate…

What the Irish referendum showed was a breakdown between two languages. It showed also that when the demanding teaching of Jesus is presented in a way which appears to lack mercy, then we open the doors to a false language of cheap mercy.”

Our friend Laurence England (who for reasons known only to his wee self didn’t share here) comments:

…”do we really believe that people “struggle to understand” the Church’s teaching on, for example, the sinfulness of homosexual acts?

I ask this because I think that ultimately, people are not morally illiterate. They may not share your morality – they might reject it, but not ‘understanding’?

Oh no, they understand alright.”

Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin
Official Web Site:
Mailing Address: Archbishop’s House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, Ireland
Telephone: (01)837.37.32
Fax: 836.97.96

And some of his greatest hits:

We need to find…a new language which is fundamentally ours, that speaks to, is understood and becomes appreciated by others.”

Dr Martin added that “we tend to think in black and white but most of us live in the area of grey, and if the church has a harsh teaching, it seems to be condemning those who are not in line with it.
“But all of us live in the grey area. All of us fail. All of us are intolerant. All of us make mistakes. All of us sin and all of us pick ourselves up again with the help of that institution which should be there to do that.

“The church’s teaching, if it isn’t expressed in terms of love – then it’s got it wrong,” he said.

“I won’t tell Catholics how to vote on gay ‘marriage’”

When asked about abortion why does Archbishop Diarmuid Martin want to talk about anything but abortion?

Top bishops clash over excommunication for pro-abortion politicians


And just for fun, a quick look at what remains of Irish Catholic life:
Numbers in Ireland’s Catholic Church continue to drop – stigma attached to attending Mass


8 thoughts on “Rap Sheet: Diarmuid Martin, “contemporary” people don’t go for abstract doctrine”

  1. Grignion Crusader says:

    Great post.

  2. Barbara says:

    We can thank our lucky stars that Theology of the Body has dropped into a hole. Read The Family Under Attack by Don Pietro Leone. He devotes an Appendix to the topic in which he says in part:

    “Now the foundation of the Theology of the Body is the proposition that the act of conjugal love consists in ‘the total reciprocal self-giving of husband and wife’. If this proposition is false, then the whole edifice of Theology of the Body falls.

    “…the falsity of this proposition: first metaphysically, because the human person is incommunicable; second physically, because the act of conjugal love essentially involves the seeking and taking of pleasure, without which it would indeed be impossible; and third morally, because total self-giving love is commanded (and indeed only possible) to God alone, whereas man is commanded to love his neighbour to a lesser degree, and where conjugal relations are concerned, with modesty and moderation.

    I know this whole Theology of the Body thing sounds great, but a deeper look into the false philosophy held by John Paul II shows the wrong-headedness of it, and its heterodoxy.

  3. Barbara says:

    I’ll throw my own poop because I’m familiar with it, but darned if I’ll throw someone else’s poop. I have my standards.

  4. GracieLou says:

    Not sure if that hyperlink was right. Just in case:

  5. GracieLou says:

    I highly recommend this article by Catholic Sci-fi writer John C. Wright Chronophobia In an extremely entertaining way he helps us understand progressives and their ideas of the past, present and future:

    “So why this chronophobia, this ferocious hatred of times past? To answer that, we have to remind ourselves what makes a moonbat a moonbat. A moonbat is a person of otherwise normal levels of intelligence and decency who is addicted to a false vision of the world…[which has been] sold to them using modern Madison Avenue techniques based on a cynical study of human weaknesses.

    The elements of the Grand Vision change from decade to decade…But one element never changes. The Grand Vision is always heaven on earth, a heaven without God, a heaven made by human hands, and the heaven can be achieved if you, the savior, merely forswears the straitjacket on normal morality, and, as an act of holy and noble defiance, indulge in the various vices and crimes to which your crooked nature already inclines you. All you need do is trample the crucifix and kiss the buttocks of the black iron idol of Baphomet, pardon me, I mean all you need do is oppose the oppressive Bourgeoisie morality, bravely throw poop on a few police cars, bravely claim to have favored the Civil Rights Act you and your party opposed, bravely commit adultery, bravery express toleration for sodomy, bravely do exactly what the lemming around you do, your every hair and whisker sensitive for any hint of change of the mob’s fickle opinion on the issues of the day, to be bravely sure you brave do exactly what ever other lemming does — because you are all nonconformists.”

  6. reconverted idiot says:

    I know some contemporary language to describe this drivel, but I think some good old Anglo Saxon would be more appropriate.

  7. Heartlander says:

    “We have to find a language which helps our young people to appreciate the newness and challenge of the Gospel….”
    “We need to find… a new language….”

    John Paul II has already given us that “new language.” It is called THEOLOGY OF THE BODY.

    WHY on God’s green earth have I not heard a single word about TOB from anyone in this synod? Even the orthodox bishops, I am sorry to say, while they appreciate Familiaris Consortio and Humanae Vitae, have not, to my knowledge, made a single reference to the Theology of the Body!!! It is the biggest, most important component of the New Evangelization — the Good News that the world is hungering and thirsting for — the great key that will help re-unify Christendom, convert the Muslims, and ring in a true culture of life — not to mention revivify the Catholic Church and energize the hearts of its young people…. and NOT ONE WORD.

    Every day as I watch this all unfold, I’m just scratching my head. I am flabbergasted. It’s the greatest tool in our arsenal against the devil for this era, and… dead silence. It’s as if the bishops never heard of it, as if they don’t even know it exists. Astonishing.

  8. Barbara says:

    For me this is the key phrase here:

    “Our young people make their decisions on marriage and the family within the context of a flawed and antagonistic social culture. It is however not enough to condemn that culture. We have somehow to evangelise that culture.”

    This poor deluded fellow is totally wrong. Our young people make their decisions of marriage and the family IN FAMILIES not in a context of a flawed and antagonistic social culture. When Catholics are again TAUGHT the truth about life, what it is given us for, where it’s going, and how to get to Heaven – then young people will have the proper context in which to continue ‘being Catholic, being family.’

    This guy is a master of language that makes us gag – what the hell is he even saying? All statements like this must come with a translation into language that ‘young people’ – any of us – can understand. This language covers lies. When the first man repeats the lie, internalizes the lie, passes on the lie, we are all doomed. Alexander Solzenetizn (sp?) wrote a great piece many years ago called “Live not by Lies” in which he says no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT, we must not allow lies to go unchallenged. We’ve had 100 years of lies within the Church and without, and almost no challenge. We woke up yesterday and found the whole world based on lies and boy were we chagrined – too late.

    Am I living in a nightmare? You know those bad dreams where you have to get somewhere but your legs and arms are moving in slow motion – you struggle and struggle but get nowhere? Like drowning in honey, or molasses. And the sound you hear like a drum beat is the sound of millions of voices debating which lie we will believe, and repeat, today.

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