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Just Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

"Struggling to understand"? Or are they getting the message loud and clear?

“Struggling to understand”? Or are they getting the message loud and clear?

Every day I stare at Facebook in growing shock and horror at what is being said in the left-wing Catholic press. I mean, it’s really out there. It is so out there, I am wondering how I am ever going to look these people in the face again. How long have these people not believed in the sacrament of marriage?

Take one story I saw. It’s a sad story. It was related and published by a priest. It is about a Catholic woman who married a Catholic man at 22 , and they had twins. But the husband was injured in a car accident, got addicted to pain killers and then the bottle. He became a real jerk, uncontrollable. He was violent to his wife, they separated, he went from bad to worse, killed a cop, ended up in jail. Apparently he doesn’t give two hoots for wife and children now, and so presumably didn’t care that she divorced him. The woman tried to get an annulment, but she couldn’t: no grounds. It’s what your husband was (or what you were) like when you marry him that matters to the Tribunal, not what happens years later after he’s hurt in a car accident.  So the woman just civilly married another Catholic divorcé, the “only father” her children now know, and they wept together, barred from the Blessed Sacrament, as “their” children received their first communion. Isn’t that awful? Obviously all our sympathy should be for them, with none left over for the unfortunate husband and father languishing in prison, presented to us by the priest-author as an irredeemable piece of trash.

I could not believe my eyes.

As I have pals in the left-wing Catholic press, I feel like a child whose brother or sister has committed some terrible infraction, some offense that will lead to a spanking, like shaving the cat or tying the baby to a branch in the pear tree. Just wait until Dad gets home! But the assumption seems to be that Dad is never coming home, or that Dad has died and Mum has taken up with wild-and-crazy Uncle Pete. Somehow, I can’t quite believe it.

Similarly, I am astonished by the new, highly conciliatory tone on sexual relationships between homosexuals, and I wonder what that is all about – unless there is about to be a huge, global outing of whatever percentage of the priesthood it is that is homosexual. (My schismatic co-national thinks it is 30%-50%, and even if he doesn’t name names in his forthcoming book, he has certainly named names to formerly mutual friends in Toronto.) If there is going to be a Huge Global Outing then I can see why certain clerics may have begun to hint that gay is okay.

Although naturally one would like to get rid of the Lavender Mafia, whose strength lies in us not believing that it exists, I am not so sure the Huge, Global Outing will be so good for the Church. Because Ireland. Because Belgium. Because the parish that applauds its priest when he comes out of the closet may strangely begin to shrink and then disappear entirely.

My head hurts. I’m off to the café to study Polish.


5 thoughts on “Just Wait Till Your Father Gets Home”

  1. Hatchetwoman says:

    Oh, boohoo. I actually feel more sorry for her husband than I do for her — no one forced her to abandon her morals and “marry” the second guy. The only part where I might fault the Church is a pet peeve of mine — most priests will marry anybody, no matter what their reasons for being married in the Church. The woman in question married her first husband in the Church in order to please their parents ::rolleyes:: I suppose the Tribunal found that despite this, the couple truly intended to keep their vows and understood what they meant — but it seems to me that couples whose primary reason for marrying in the Church at all is that they want to please the parents or “have the theater” should be rejected until they marry in the Church because they want to make Christ the center of their lives and families.

    Does anyone ever point out to these people that taking Communion unworthily at best — AT BEST — invalidates the graces ordinarily bestowed via the Sacrament, and at worst, brings the consequences of the sin of sacrilege upon their souls? Anyone? Even if the best-case scenario occurs, they might as well be taking an unconsecrated host for all the good it does them.

  2. Barbara says:

    Yes, we’ve seen these silly scenarios where husband becomes a serial killer and is a neglectful father to boot…wife sleeps with strangers until she clicks with one, and then the boo hoo of no Holy Communion. Kind of like all those rape pregnancies that must be terminated on mercy grounds.

    Oh, Father Durnan, you are long in your grave. Sometimes I’m sad about that because you were a wonderful old priest from my little-girl-hood. But sometimes I’m glad that you have been spared this awful denial of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

  3. Cathy D says:

    Eu falo portugues!

  4. KristinLA says:

    That must be a clause from an incomplete sentence, because how could ***Pagan Hindu Worship*** be permitted ***in the Fatima Shrine itself***

  5. bosco49 says:

    May I suggest you study Portuguese?

    “In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc.” – Our Lady of Fatima

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