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10 thoughts on “Dabbling in liturgy: suggested processional at the next Cupichmass”

  1. Jude says:

    I’ll go you one worse. I attended a Catholic elementary school in the seventies and early eighties. This song was actually performed onstage at our parish fair by a bunch of the fathers of students. Full costumes. What the heck were they smoking?

  2. Dawg_em says:

    Ditto – disco sucks.

  3. Dawg_em says:

    Same….until I saw the costumes. Then it was…are …these…guys…

  4. Dawg_em says:

    Working at the Y like a drug addict attracted to heroin.

  5. Dawg_em says:

    At least if it were done on the “down low”, there would be some indication of shame.

  6. VeilOfTiers says:

    I went into semi-seclusion when I was a teen in the ’60s. I thought maybe the Village People was a folk group.

    I guess not.

  7. michaelpjc says:

    I remember well when that song came out. Believe it or not, we young fellas then thought it was a novelty act. We had no idea about the perv thing.

  8. SJ Green says:

    As soon as I saw this title, I knew there would be a Village People reference.

  9. reconverted idiot says:

    Young man, there’s no need to feel down. I said young man, passing Hosts all around. You can go there, care of Cupich the fake. He has ways to help you stay blind.
    It’s fun to stay on the Wide Road to Hell…

  10. Cannonkat says:

    real canadian men say, with BTO, “DISCO SUCKS!” and so does this “SODOMY SYNOD!”

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