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Fr. Blake spells out how the schism will work

rainsHe is shocked! Shocked! that there’s heresy going on…

But anyway…

The more I read from the Synod, the madder it all seems Who let Archbishop Cupich make his first Holy Communion, let alone ordained him, have you read him on individual conscience? I can’t recogise it as being Catholic. Substitute pederast or necrophile or bestiophiles, along with mass murderers, Klu Klux Klan members, people traffickers and members of the Mafia  for the categories of people he would ‘accompany’ (what does that really mean?) and admit to Holy Communion and see where his thesis leads, “the individuals conscience is supreme” – lunacy!. I thought the inarticulate and unchatechised Cardinal Dew was bad enough.

Who appoints these men? Oh!

Ooopsie!! Don’t look too closely at that man behind the curtain…


I would brand them both as heretics and not be in Communion with either, I am in Commnion with them because I am in Communion with my Bishop and we are both in Communion with the Bishop of Rome. Now there has been some talk of the Pope dissolving the Catholic Church into national Churches, or Churches based Bishops Conferences. It seems pretty obvious that if all the bishops of he USA were like Cupich or those of New Zealand like Dew some National Churches would simply not be Communion with either. If such local Churches were left to go their own way, how long before the German Church and the Polish Church were excommunicating one another? And even within National Churches could Chaput and Cupich really survive in Communion for long.

…magine if all the Marxian-Kasperite proposals were followed to their logical conclusion and across the border Poland followed the course the Polish bishops laid down at the Synod. Would Polish bishops accept German annulments? Would it accept German marriages? How long before it refused to acknowledge German orders or admit Germans to Communion? Would the Poles not say the that they were not only not in Communion with the German Church but also not in Communion with those who maintained Communion with Germans? Wouldn’t the Poles set up parishes and even dioceses in Germany where their own people living in Germany could safely receive valid sacraments?

Yep. And then, wouldn’t these national Churches start sending out missionaries to try to convert the heathens and give comfort to those faithful-to-Christ but abandoned-by-Rome?


30 thoughts on “Fr. Blake spells out how the schism will work”

  1. Martha says:

    Exactly. If this isn’t a state of necessity, I don’t know what would be!

  2. Gladstone says:

    I was once told that the apoplexy by the Faggot Fathers over kneeling communion on the tongue is due to the following: they see, right there before them on a Sunday morning, what they were likely doing (or having done to them) on Saturday evening. While cringe-worthy, there is a deeper ontological consideration here. The canonical criminal has become, in his execrable being, a living contradiction of Our Blessed Lord. Whereas the holy priest strives to worthily offer sacrifice, the bastard child crucifies the Savior anew, worshiping, in effect, Baal. He’s far worse than the ancient temple prostitute.

  3. Gladstone says:

    Neither have I, Martha, but if it’s worth anything from a mere laic (who does likewise): keep the SSPX strategy handy. I wouldn’t hesitate to visit them. In fact, I am a regular at an independent (non SSPX) TLM chapel. The Church is a mother who supplies jurisdiction for things like Confession during a state of necessity, such as when there is danger to the faith (i.e. 70% Faggot-Priests in some dioceses).

  4. Gladstone says:

    A shattered glass schism. An atomized visible church. Animus delendi ad infinitum. Which 10 things should I know and share?

  5. PGMGN says:

    ….absolutely the souls where Karen lives are worth saving. With all due respect, in Karen’s case, “fighting” may well be doing whatever it is that is necessary. To include moving to Umbria.

    The example of Desert Fathers going into the desert may have looked like leaving, but it was their demonstration of the willingness to go wherever God called them for love and need of Him that impresses the message of the value of the Faith.

    The idea that only those who stay in the midst of &^%$#@ are the one’s fighting is to misunderstand the means necessary to engage the enemy.

  6. Simon Platt says:

    To be fair, Hilary, there might be all kinds of reasons why Karen couldn’t or shouldn’t move to Umbria.

    Stay and fight, Karen! (It’s easy for me to say, I know, but that doesn’t make me wrong.)

    I’m not trying to be flippant. I belong to the “stay and fight” faction with, I think, good reason. Surely the people where Karen lives also have souls worth saving?

  7. John Patrick says:

    No. No, this is where the iron fist will be revealed within the velvet glove. Any national church such as Poland that refuses to accept annulments from Germany, or to give Germans communion will be crushed. The Polish Church will be threatened with excommunication. See, autonomy is a one-way street. The pope will appear to be ineffectual and insignificant in a decentralized church – until Orthodoxy rears its head. The papal office will still be there….to crush.
    We need the supernatural. It’s the only way out.

  8. Lynne says:

    You mean *tried* to kill off the TLM. That didn’t quite work, did it?

  9. Lynne says:


  10. Hilary White says:

    Karen, what’s the only thing that’s important?

    Plenty of houses around here, going cheap.

    What’s the only thing that’s important?

  11. Hilary White says:

    Karen, what’s the only thing that’s important?

    Plenty of houses around here, going cheap.

  12. Dawg_em says:

    If I didn’t know any better(?) I’d say this is what’s planned.

  13. Karen Hall says:

    I live in the middle of nowhere, over two hours from a traditional Mass.

  14. Carolyn C says:

    Find an SSPX Chapel. Pray the Rosary.

  15. Carolyn C says:

    Yes, you are correct. It is very difficult to determine where to turn. I faced this for more than 2 years. After reading, researching, praying and reading the Bible, I arrived at the SSPX. An easy way to determine an orthodox priest is one who believes all the Truths of the Faith and actually mentions Hell and sin. But more importantly…find out if they love Our Lady, find out if they preach often about Our Lady, find out if they speak about Fatima and the Consecration of Russia, find out if they say the Rosary and preach the importance of the Daily Rosary. If you find a priest like this, follow him. Otherwise, say the Rosary, wear your Brown Scapular, and seek out the SSPX in your area.

  16. Martha says:

    Perhaps that is why the SSPX exists. It is irregular, which may be the saving grace for it and faithful Catholics. I’ve never assisted at an SSPX Mass, but if something heretical truly does come out of this synod, and is applied universally, only the SSPX would be immune. I believe I would have to then find a truly orthodox priest, or head to the nearest SSPX chapel. Diocesan couldn’t be necessarily trusted anymore.

  17. Sur Veilled says:

    I viscerally agree Martha. Thinking it through though, I realize a problem is that the hierarchy and the remaining Faithful have been evolving into such heterodoxy for so long now that I’m not sure that there are enough clerics with sufficient orthodoxy AND influence that a righted ship can be boarded by a sufficient number of Catholics who can recognize and follow the Shepherd into the barque. Which ones are NOT the wolves – it becomes increasingly difficult to say as the time passes.

    I think we’ll need the Consecration of Russia following the instructions our Lady has given.
    Then again, who’s left to do it?

  18. Sur Veilled says:

    Karen, not sure if the question was rhetorical, but if not then here’s a resource. , or more specifically the info is in a 200 page 2MB pdf here .
    They ask for a nominal annual contribution if you plan to use the directory.
    I certainly don’t agree with all of their opinions, nor what I would characterize as their often uncharitable way of expressing them. However, I know of no more comprehensive and reasonably accurate source for this info.
    They also have good TradCath liturgical calendars here: .

  19. Barbara says:

    Good. U could be the ‘unknown’ spirit – and we DO know who that is, don’t we?

  20. Barbara says:

    He would give them Holy Communion because he believes it is medicine. Funny, when you hold medicine in your hand you know it’s medicine. Funny that when you hold the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in your hand and you think that’s medicine too, we are to consider you sane.

  21. Cannonkat says:

    Why do sumo wrestlers shave their legs? Because they don’t want to be mistaken for Cupich’s Diocesan Council..

  22. Karen Hall says:

    Where do I go to Mass tomorrow if I don’t want any part of this CRAP?

  23. Athelstane says:

    Substitute pederast or necrophile or bestiophiles, along with mass murderers, Klu Klux Klan members, people traffickers and members of the Mafia for the categories of people he would ‘accompany’ (what does that really mean?) and admit to Holy Communion and see where his thesis leads

    Thought experiment: Imagine David Duke, Tom Tancredo and Wayne LaPierra (none of whom, I believe, are Catholic, to boot) present themselves for communion personally to Cupich. Would he refuse them? Perhaps, perhaps not; word has it he has hectored people attempting to receive on the tongue, so perhaps he might he might hector them, too, or at least scowl.

    But how many of us doubt he would put these actions and beliefs in the same category as the “sexual sins?”

  24. JP Cahill says:

    “Who appoints these men?” Indeed. Apparently they just popped up one morning like toadstools after a heavy rain.

  25. johnhenry says:

    Forte (archbishop)

    U…(no one comes to mind)


    Kasper (Cardinal)

    Rosica (Pundit)

    Schröder (Archabbot)

    Figuratively speaking, of course.

  26. S Armaticus says:

    Yea, that is why the modernists had to kill of the TLM. They know that their NO religion can’t compete with Catholicism.

  27. bosco49 says:

    No time left. But still there is music.

  28. johnhenry says:

    The implications of what these Toytown theocrats are pushing are mind boggling if you’re gifted with more than one brain cell.

  29. Martha says:

    What a damn mess. I think the best thing that could happen (obviously aside from all of these heretics returning to the fullness of the Catholic faith), is a sharp break, a line in the sand. Let’s winnow this wheat and cut the crap. So sick of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and their dichotomous smiles.

    Alas, it will probably just end in more ambiguity, a la V2, and I can keep looking like the rad trad loony while most good Catholics around me keep looking like the deceived elect.

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