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Remember when everyone used to freak out when the pope gave another interview?


And now we’re all, “Whatevs.”

Money’s bad… incomprehensible insults… I like hugging people because Jesus hugged people…

“I have always been a priest of the street” and “now also I would like to walk through the streets of Rome, a very beautiful city.” Perhaps dressed “simply as a priest?”, he asks the journalist. “I haven’t abandoned altogether the clergyman’s black under the white cassock!” says Bergoglio, confirming once again his desire “to eat a good pizza with friends.”

“They are not if they remain instruments,” he specifies. On the contrary, “if the common good and the dignity of human beings pass to the second, not to say to the third place, if money and profit become fetishes to adore, then our societies are going to ruin.”…

Cue screaming fangirls…

screaming-beatles-fans11“He likes pizza! I like pizza too!!! He’s just like meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, this comment came from a friend of mine who blogs for a certain outfit (that I told him he shouldn’t blog for, because… )

All I know is that when ever I try to post anything negative about the Synod I’m accused of being reactionary. I laugh every time someone says this synod is about family. It’s about gays and what if we give communion to protties, and what’s wrong with lady deacons, we can do that right?

To read the news you think we’re members of a gay bath house instead of the Church founded by Christ…
I’m like…. Excuse the language, how the f___ does any of this help the Catholic family?!?

Welcome to the love shack, bay-yay-beee!



2 thoughts on “Remember when everyone used to freak out when the pope gave another interview?”

  1. Dawg_em says:

    From the link:

    “The Christian is inclined to realism, not to catastrophism,” he adds. Also, precisely for this reason, we cannot hide from the evidence: “the present system is unsustainable.”

    Did he just out himself? Isn’t this why he pre-eminently emphasizes the environment? Does that not mean he is engaging in “catastrophism” by negelcting very real issues dealing with persecution of Christians, the advance of Islam and the degradation and destruction of Western economies by the massive influx of free-loaders? While most of the world engages in crony-capitalism, not true free market economies, does he honestly believe centrally controlled, i.e. communistic, trade is superior?

  2. bosco49 says:

    I do remember when people would freak out when Bergolio gave his stream-of consciousness interviews. Has he stopped? I wouldn’t know. I have adopted the Axel Foley attitude toward these interviews.

    Axel Foley ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ – “I’m not listening to you, Jeffrey!”

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