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Hanging with the cool kids in the #RosicaBlockParty

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Yep, it took us long enough, but both @WUWTS and @Hilarityjane66 have joined the Catholic bad kids’ in Twitter’s smoke pit at #RosicaBlockParty

  1. Friends, has FINALLY joined the . Took us long enough. It was getting embarrassing.


All credit goes to our new friend Janet, who just emailed me out of the blue at the start of all this and volunteered her time to promote the site on Twitter and FB, which she has done tirelessly and with a great deal more panache and expertise than I was managing.

So, let’s give up a big WUWTS hand to our promoter, Janet Barbieri, in California!

As well as to Father Rosica himself, that widdle Canadian wascal, whose propensity for freaking out, threatening to sue and panic-blocking anyone who disagrees with him is becoming both legendary and hilarious. We couldn’t do it without you.

10 thoughts on “Hanging with the cool kids in the #RosicaBlockParty”

  1. Catholic_Mom_of_6 says:


  2. Hilary White says:


  3. VeilOfTiers says:

    Please..don’t be so graphic.

    Someone may have to… block …. you.

    (AmeWiccan! Rosicrucian!)

  4. Bruno says:

    So WUWTS has joined the #RosicaBlockParty? – Bravo! I wouldn’t have any sense of judgement on you.

  5. bosco49 says:

    Do please be cautious. Rosica might sue sue sue you!

    Phil Collins ‘Sussudio’ (1985)

  6. bosco49 says:

    What evil women you are! Well done. “Ha Ha very nice to know, that you ain’t got no place left to go.”

    ELO ‘Evil Woman’ (1975)

  7. Grignion Crusader says:


  8. Tiger184 says:

    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today 🙂

  9. Dorothy says:

    Rochester-born, come on. I don’t think Canada should get all the credit.

  10. johnhenry says:

    Fr Rosica is a widdo (not widdle) AmeWiccan Wascal, not Canadian. Some priests, good and bad, come from the States to the True North (and vice versa), as did this Rosicrucian. No need for you to clasp him closer to your breast than that.

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