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50 million babies a year? What’s that got to do with anything?


Yesterday, I sent an email to our friends at Voice of the Family, the lay organisation that was set up to communicate the concerns of the international pro-life and pro-family movements. I asked:

I do have one official, above-ground question for Voice of the Family, for publication: Was abortion and its effects on the family worldwide substantively addressed at the Synod at any time? If so, by whom?

Hilary White

This afternoon, I received a response that was as brief as it was devastating, and perhaps the best proof I’ve seen so far that the entire “Synodal process” is a complete, unmitigated sham:

“Abortion does not seem to appear in any of the small groups reports. This is a startling omission given that it is arguably one of the gravest threats to individual families in the world at any given time of human history.”

The most recent very broad estimates that I have seen say that about 50 million people are killed by direct abortion around the world every year.

Every year.

What does the death of 50 million people even look like?

What do we imagine that 50 million deliberate murders a year is doing to the people perpetrating those crimes?

What does it mean that this appalling mass slaughter, that has turned the whole world into a charnel house, did not merit a mention in any of the deliberations of 270 bishops of the Catholic Church convened to discuss the future of the family?

A plague on both your houses!



61 thoughts on “50 million babies a year? What’s that got to do with anything?”

  1. mparks12 says:

    A beautiful testimony. Your existence did not depend on your mother’s abortion, however. You were known from all eternity, chosen and designed. The timing and circumstances are another thing.

  2. Hilary White says:

    It’s also worth noting that in most places where abortion is legal it was legalized in the late 60s and early 70s and the numbers started off small and grew. A few years ago I did a news story based on Britain’s abortion stats, which are published annually, that said the home country had topped 200,000 abortions a year. It has since levelled off somewhat, and other developed nations have also seen the rates dropping slightly. But in most “1st world” countries, abortion is still the outcome for about 1/4 to 1/3 of all pregnancies overall, with different regions within those countries showing higher or lower rates. Ten years ago, when I started my pro-life reporting, it was estimated that the province of Quebec aborted about half of its population every year. I think they also stopped reporting a few years ago, possibly because of criticism.

  3. Hilary White says:

    Actually, Martin, it’s “exaggerated” down, rather than up. The estimate is made from compiling abortion statistics from all the countries where it is legal and the numbers are published by governments. This means that it accepts those governments’ definition of what constitutes abortion, which normally excludes what they refer to as “medical abortion,” that is, those procured by drugs. It also excludes abortions procured unknowingly through the use of the “morning after pill” and hormonal contraceptives, which is impossible to even estimate. It also excludes those countries that do not report, including China, which is thought to have an even higher rate of abortion than Russia, because of their child-limiting laws and the forced or coerced abortions that are still routine. The 50 million a year, therefore, does not include the world’s most abortive nation, and only counts what the medical establishment refers to as “surgical abortion”. These statistics are available online and are not difficult to obtain and verify.

  4. Marcus Ampe says:

    “about 50 million people are killed by direct abortion” Is this not exagerated?

  5. bosco49 says:

    I understood your point and it is well taken. One of the heresies propounded by certain luminaries arisen and now prominent in the post-VII Church is that of ‘universal salvation’, i.e. no one is damned regardless of their belief, lack of belief, or want of baptism.

    One can readily see, as you do, that such a heretical belief eliminates not only the necessity of baptism for salvation, but also destroys the need to comply with Christ’s command to evangelize all peoples of every nation and baptise them in His Name so that they might be saved.

    There is a stench of grave indifferentism and presumption running right through these ideas and someone will have to answer one day for the souls lost or placed at risk by this abominable attitude.


  6. majellan says:

    Well said Dymphna. God bless you and your family.

  7. lwhite says:

    My point was the conciliar church assumes God’s mercy almost guarantees the babies exterminated through abortion will go to Heaven and that is why they speak very little about it and defend their indifferentism through their claim that one’s conscience, formed or deformed in any way, is the only true determinant for one believing he/she has sinned.

  8. bigfred says:

    Thanks. After years of going against them, I mostly now see them as amusing. They all say the same things, like parrots but dumber. The U.S. ones seem to no longer be claiming to be straight and married to try and have more credibility. A few are very knowledgable, I think they were probably devout Catholics until they were molested – they’re the most tragic.

    It’s very heartening to see clergy with spirit instead of the usual namby pamby types. I see you’ve got a column there: from the admirable Cdl Sarah, to ‘public figure’ to Chesty Puller. What do you think about getting some publicity for your writing by challenging Dolan to arm wrestling? Hahhaaa! 🙂

  9. bosco49 says:

    Again, there is no doctrinal certainty there is a Limbo, but St. Thomas Aquinas speculated that it exists and moreover:

    “…in St. Thomas’ view the limbus infantium is not a mere negative state of immunity from suffering and sorrow, but a state of positive happiness in which the soul is united to God by a knowledge and love of him proportionate to nature’s capacity.” – The Catholic Encyclopedia – ‘Limbo’ (see link below)

  10. Kim Bo says:

    Haha true Barb!

  11. Guest says:

    That doesn’t change the fact that marriage and sex is about children. Because of the disconnect between sex and children all sort of wicked crimes are permitted. Because marriage is not ordered toward children adults are willing to divorce and remarry for personal feelings. Natural sterility isn’t a sin but choosing to be sterile or having sterile sex seems to contradict that sex was made by God to lead to children.

  12. Guest says:

    Baptism gives us supernatural life, but if someone dies without actual sin he can still get purely natural happiness.

    But still, wouldn’t everyone want to see God and hear His voice? In my opinion Limbo is terrible.

  13. Martha says:

    Exactly. We are much worse than the pagans were; at least they believed in something other than themselves!

  14. Tamsin says:

    That one line in the interview with Spadaro was so … wrong.

  15. FranklinWasRight says:

    Thank you for this.

    I would not exist if my mother had not had an abortion shortly before conceiving me. The death of my sibling had an enormous impact on my mother, of course she could not admit it. Divorce followed, with the lifelong scars that that causes for all involved.

    Of course, the pain of all this was deeply buried by all of us. My liberal Catholic mother was raised in a feminist household. I was taught that to deny a woman birth control, abortion on demand, and no fault divorce was sexist. I did not acknowledge my pain, after all I had never known anything different, and to acknowledge it would have felt like a betrayal of the only parent I could rely on.

    The pain remain buried. By the grace of God I married and had children, becoming a faithful Catholic. It wasn’t until I walked the road my mother had refused that the pain came to the surface and could not be denied, though I lacked the emotional coping skills to deal with it.

    And so now I am trying my best to make sure the devastation will not negatively impact the next generation, though I’m afraid it already has.

  16. bosco49 says:

    I am aware the Church holds forth that ‘hope’ you mention and has, certainly not universally though through various theologians, entertained that possibility for some centuries. If you read my several postings in toto you will see that hope asserted by others (and myself).

    Notwithstanding such hope, the Church does not hold forth the certainty of salvation for any unbaptized soul(s), an uncertainty with which the bishops seem willing to chance through their silence on abortion and lack of evangelical fervour akin to indifferentism for the conversion of unbaptized adults.

    Deprivation of the Beatific Vision (God’s intended end for us) is damnation per se and does not necessarily mean pain of the senses, i.e. torment and suffering. It might be natural, though obviously incomplete, happiness.

    “For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37


  17. Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. says:

    Thanks, bigfred! I saw your comment there, too. Fortes in Fide!

  18. Josh Himself says:

    One estimate for the worldwide total of abortions since 1980 is 1.35 billion (probably not counting abortifacient drugs). ( )

    Extrapolate that backwards in time from 1980, and 2 billion would not be an unlikely total (almost all in this last century).

    Compare that to the various estimates of the total number of people ever born in the world, ever (100-120 billion).

    Realize, with horror, that one out of every fifty immortal human souls in creation were torn from their body in the womb, by their mother.

  19. bigfred says:

    I just happened across you disputing with the radical gay wacko over there on Hahaaaa!! It was good to see. Keep fighting the good fight 🙂

  20. lwhite says:

    Are you unaware that the conciliar church teaches that the Lord’s mercy gives hope that these unbaptized babies will not be confined to either Hell (which is a place not mentioned) or Purgatory (also never mentioned)? Thus, their consciences are not troubled by this holocaust, this intentional extermination of human beings unable to defend themselves and without committing any crime.

  21. lwhite says:

    Name one good fruit from any of the previous synods. These synods have all been smokescreens to allow the heretics and apostates who are the majority in the church, the tools they need to finish the destruction of the faith they began over a century ago but finally had enough power and influence in Vatican II to actually implement. It was Paul VI’s way of destroying the supreme authority of the Pope, which he clearly abhorred, because it is an impediment to the final capitulation of the church to both the heretics and schismatics and the world which is the purpose of Vatican II.

  22. lwhite says:

    The culture of death in all of its manifestations has obviously obliterated the ability to use common sense and reason to judge an act. With the loss of both faith and reason, this age of post-humanity will lead to the extinction of human intelligence and men will revert completely to purely animalistic behavior.

    The world, with the conciliar church as an accomplice, has already adopted a worse form of paganism than what the Catholic Church faced in its beginning because the pagans of old had a sense of the supernatural-something greater than themselves-which modern man does not because it has been undermined by all of the demonic forces (including those within the conciliar church) by convincing man he is his own god and replacing the Triune God with the worshipping of both man and of creation-which is part and parcel of the new order mass and the entire papacy of Francis.

  23. JohnCalla says:

    When are we going to have a synod on deposing this pope and throwing the heretics out of the episcopacy?

  24. texasknight says:

    The contraceptive mentality is the leading cause of small families. It is also why we have so much of the other issues that you listed.

  25. simplynotred says:

    The Vatican II synod set the stage for what now Americans see as a morally bankrupt Catholic Church. There are no Bishops who will inform the public on a stern measure what is Morally Wrong anymore. Voter Apathy has set in when Congress gets only 12 % approval and yet only 50% of the public actually vote to correct the ills of Congress. Where is the 38%? They are, and have lost their religion, and do not care what Washington, or the Vatican or for that matter what the Catholic Council of Bishops have to say anymore. This synod is merely the last step to make apathy towards corporate and political evils even worse than they were in 1971 when Roe vs Wade occurred due to America’s loss of morals.

  26. bosco49 says:

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “Those who die for the faith, those who are catechumens, and all those who, without knowing of the Church but acting under the inspiration of grace, seek God sincerely and strive to fulfil his will, are saved even if they have not been baptized” (ref. CCC 1281; 1260-1261; and 1283).

    The wording, and its nuances, is clear, ‘die for the faith’; ‘catechumens’; ‘sincerely seek God’, etc.

    The Holy Innocents died for Christ and received a baptism of blood.

    I do not know under what circumstances we can presume that 50 million, or one aborted child, is saved. The Church trusts in the Mercy of God. The bishops it seems, by their thunderous silence on the issue of abortion, border on the sin of presumption insofar as the salvation of the unbaptized.

    I offer here an August 1, 2010 analysis by Father Kenneth Baker, S.J. treating of the subject;

    and a January 19, 2007 publication, “The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptised” produced by the International Theological Commission addressing the topic:

    For my part, I recall, in part, the prayer taught to the children by Our Lady of Fatima:

    “O, My Jesus, forgive us our sins…and lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Thy Mercy.”

    ‘All souls’. I do not think Our Mother would have us engage in a useless exercise if it were not possible to pray and hope for the salvation of children lost in the abortion holocaust.


  27. Heartlander says:

    Actually, I have read that when amniocentesis indicates the child has Down syndrome, the abortion rate is over 90 percent.

  28. Heartlander says:

    Very good summary TexasKnight. Thank you.

  29. Heartlander says:


  30. MSApis says:

    The problem is that there are many more important synods ahead in the queue, such as the synod on decentralization in the Church, the synod on female deacons (and priests), the synod on climate change, the synod on inclusiveness … and so on.

  31. MSApis says:

    They will never see the face of God.

  32. JohnCalla says:

    You make a good point but I don’t think we can say that it is Catholic teaching that unbaptized infants are damned. I don’t think there is any revelation on what exactly happens there. It appears the Holy Innocents are in heaven? They had no access to baptism?

  33. bosco49 says:

    The concept of ‘Limbo’ does not have doctrinal authority in the Church. Following that theological thread can lead one to deny the necessity of baptism and in universal salvation, propositions condemned by the Church until 2013 when the days of ¡Vaya lío! commenced in earnest.

  34. Dymphna says:

    I don’t have children due to defective plumbing. However, my husband and I are just as much a family as a couple with 26 kids.

  35. Mike Gannome says:

    The pope himself stated that the Church talks about abortion too much, so there you go.

  36. bosco49 says:

    Just further to my reply about the absolute necessity of baptism for salvation and, consequently, the grave consequences of deprivation of the sacrament, pre or post natal, here is a useful link (below) from which I cite in part:

    “Can. 867 §1. Parents are obliged to take care that infants are baptized in the first few weeks; as soon as possible after the birth or even before it, they are to go to the pastor to request the sacrament for their child and to be prepared properly for it.

    §2. An infant in danger of death is to be baptized without delay.”

  37. David Volk says:

    The Church needs a synod on legalized abortion. It has never been given the attention it deserves. Maybe a synod devoted to the topic will get people to face it.

  38. pennalady says:

    VeilOfTiers: What a poignant and thought provoking post.

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  41. bosco49 says:

    Only the Good God knows, but limbo isn’t a doctrine of the Church, and the Church has always taught that baptism is necessary for salvation, i.e. water and the Spirit.

    I should have thought the eternal salvation of so many unbaptized children would move the bishops. Nope.

  42. Dorothy says:

    Although it is not heaven, Limbo sounds like a very nice place for those who will never know anything else.

  43. texasknight says:

    There are a lot more issues being ignored by the leaders of His Church. Here are the top 11 Intrinsic Evils perpetrated by the US Government and other “1st” world countries:

    11. Euthanasia / assisted suicide is already legal in some states. It will be the next big push by the evil-doers known as the party of death. SCOTUS will find a right to this in the near future as they did for hormonal contraceptives, abortion, no-fault divorce and so called “same-sex” marriage.

    10. In Vitro Fertilization: violates the original commandment by separating the procreative from the unitive and destroys 6x or more human lives for every successful birth.

    9. Legalized & Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning. And now we are learning that the abortion industry is pedaling the organs of the aborted babies to do “research.” These are insidious forms of cannibalism.

    8. Legalized & Promoted Pornography: breeds lust & destroys the ability to properly bond in marriage.

    7. Attacks on Freedom of Conscience / Freedom of Religion (e.g., HHS mandate): erodes our ability to live & practice our Faith.

    6. Redefinition of Marriage: denies the primacy of God’s Word. Promotes acceptance of disordered sexual behavior, thus encouraging more of the same.

    5. Non-Abstinence only Sex Education: Promotes & encourages sexual acts outside of Holy matrimony.

    4. No Fault Divorce Laws: destroys the foundation of civilization & breeds selfishness with no regard for children.

    3. Legalized & Funded Abortion: 58+ million innocent lives ripped from their mother’s womb. And know that Jesus has watched each and every one.

    2. Legalized & Funded Hormonal Contraception (despite it being a category 1 carcinogen): separates couples from the Grace of God, causes spontaneous abortions, and leads to the acceptance of all the other top 10 evils.

    1. Replacing God with our Government: a clear disregard of the 1st commandment, an attempt at deicide. This includes all of the above intrinsic evils plus the removal of God from our public life. It also includes the massive wealth redistribution & unabated expansion of the National Debt: Theft sold as “social justice.” In reality, it has enslaved generations and quite possibly could collapse our economy one day which would lead to a massive growth in poverty in the USA and around the world.

  44. Marcus20 says:

    All these families with only two children isn’t natural.

    Married mother is often aborting her third child.

    Married women abort the children they’ve conceived through adultery.

    Children with pro-abort mothers come to see them as people who considered killing them, or who at least wanted the choice.

    You walk around in some countries and never see a person with Downs syndrome.

    You wanna know why?

    About one out of five women has killed her child. These women are around you every day.

    Want to marry one of them?

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  47. bigfred says:

    This brings to mind the awful sight of Francis making a very deliberate and visible display of walking over to abortion-loving catholic John Kerry when Francis visited Congress here – the only government person Francis walked up to shake hands.

  48. Newtemplar says:

    As Ann Barnhardt has stated it is because they actually don’t believe any of it, ie the Faith. The lately retired and completely unlamented bishop of Killaloe diocese Willie Walsh 2 weeks before he retired gave an interview in which he admitted that for most of his tenure he did not believe in God. I don’t remember if he stated that he now does. This is the type of waste of space that populates most of the episcopate, not only in Ireland but in the west in general. Still I got the last of my tomatoes harvested today so all is not lost!!

  49. mparks12 says:

    I work in post-abortion ministry, training priests and counselors, and conducting individual and group pastoral ministry. I also try to educate the faithful. Nobody wants to hear. Not the Catholic counselors: “We are too diverse!” they say, as if that is a reason not to learn how abortion hurts the family. Not the clergy. “We give Confession. They just need to believe.” Not the people, who want a quick and easy Jesus with a quick and easy emotional fix at the latest spiritual fad weekend. One thing I would like to describe to them is how abortion hurts the family. The post-abortion unions. The unions that abort. The sibling children. The parents of the abortive couple. The lies and secrets that sit in the heart of the family, between each member and the other, between generations, between mind and heart of the same person. The deformation of spirituality. The deformation of parish life. The deformation of ministry. When one man is overwhelmed at the memory of realizing at age 8 that his mother used the pill, and seeing the root of the destabilization and insecurity that realization gave him for the next 40 years, do you think the knowledge of abortion, just the very knowledge of its existence, cannot be a hundred times more explosive for a child? But because it is so explosive, it is deeply buried, in protection of the parents and in lifelong attempt to be worthy of existence. I am sick to death, sick to death, of the ignoring of abortion in Catholic life. The clergy are like ER docs who will only treat minor lacerations. They deny anything else exists, or think it is normal and hire the raving wounded to work in the ER as paramedics.

  50. Sur Veilled says:


  51. Country is Dead says:

    Baptism by blood?

  52. Barbara says:

    It’s not mentioned because homosexuals have no need of abortion – so what’s to talk about?

  53. bosco49 says:

    You rightly ask the question, Hilary:

    “What does it mean that this appalling mass slaughter, that has turned the whole world into a charnel house, did not merit a mention in any of the deliberations of 270 bishops of the Catholic Church convened to discuss the future of the family?”

    I will tell you what it means. 50 million babies a year die unbaptized. According to a large body of Catholic doctrinal teaching these little ones are damned. And the bishops don’t give a damn about that..

  54. TF says:

    Translation of the Polish text in the Gorecki:

    My son, my chosen and beloved

    Share your wounds with your mother

    And because, dear son, I have always carried you in my heart,

    And always served you faithfully

    Speak to your mother, to make her happy,

    Although you are already leaving me, my cherished hope.

    (Lamentation of the Holy Cross Monastery
    from the “Lysagóra Songs” collection. Second half of the 15th

  55. GW says:

    Perhaps the personae dramatis consider abortion too “divisive”.

  56. Guest says:

    Hey, people don’t marry to do the will of God but for personal feelings. Even the bishops seem to think marriage is about feelings. Many married people neither feel like having more children nor feel that the unborn are children. Some people feel the need to remarry to feel happy.

    Thinking is for neo-pelagian doctors of the law. Feeling is what matters in day to day life. As long as we feel good and don’t hurt others feelings we deserve heaven for being such nice people. All generations before us haven’t evolved to our virtuous society where even evil men are coddled with good feeling mercy. They had death penalties, crusades, inquisitions, social roles for the sexes–all which don’t feel nice. In fact, the Church no longer wants to hurt the feelings of sinners by making them feel like they sin, so our merciful pastors are changing their language.

  57. VeilOfTiers says:

    When there has been a major loss of life from natural disasters (earthquake, tsunami etc) or terrorism (9/11) I can feel a sort of supernatural sadness in the world.

    If this is not just my imagination, what can the ongoing loss of life from the abortion holocaust be doing to the state of our spiritual world?

  58. Grace Clark says:

    So terribly sad.

  59. Karen Hall says:

    Hilary White, you are helping me retain my sanity.

  60. S Conner says:

    Was there any condemnation of IVF, that odious reproductive intervention whereby embryos are produced in excess and abandoned in a deep freeze? Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of our brothers and sisters are consigned to this fate. How many Catholic couples, desperate for a baby, engage in this profound evil? Was this discussed?

  61. Dawg_em says:

    What’s a family without children? I don’t know; what’s a bishop without Christ?

  62. Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. says:

    Wonderful points, well made, Hilary. I also feel obliged to note that your musical selections are improving. 🙂

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