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Bishops set to vote on final Synod document

Our Man in the Vatican spells out some of the more obvious reasons the Final Document (angel chorus) is an irrelevant MacGuffin…HJMW



Singing a new Church into being


The Synod Fathers are set to vote on Saturday on a document they haven’t seen.

Rumoured to be about 100 paragraphs long, the document is the work of a 10 member drafting committee – although as it has been revealed, the actual writing was done by a staff of “experts,” and not by the committee Bishops themselves. Beginning from the Instrumentum Laboris, “working document” (which was severely criticized), the drafting committee, with their experts, evaluated over 1300 proposed amendments. Hundreds of those amendments pertaining to the controversial third chapter were analyzed in just a few hours.

Finally, having incorporated into the text those suggestions they found worthy, the document was presented to the Bishops of the Synod. The document was not read out or explained at any length; the Bishops were simply handed a text and given a perfunctory explanation.

After studying the text overnight, the Bishops were expected to come back to the Synod Hall to discuss the document. A few hours were set aside to discuss this penultimate version. Final suggestions or amendments were accepted, and, in the course of less than twenty-four hours, the drafting committee produced a final document which will be the basis of the final vote.

That final document is what the Synod Fathers will be voting on this morning. The bishops will be allowed to vote paragraph by paragraph, and then a second vote will be taken on the whole document… unless these rules have been changed at the last minute. The bishops, moreover, have been told to keep these documents ultra-top-secret. (They were at first told they were “not allowed” to take the document home with them, but this resulting in “rumblings” so that “rule” was also changed.)

Curiously – or not – the document will only be available to the Bishops in Italian. Now, remember, only three of the small working groups (circoli minores) at the Synod were Italian. Something like two-thirds, possibly more, of the Fathers did not feel comfortable working in Italian. They’ll be asked to vote on a document written in a language they don’t understand well (or at all!) on the basis of an on-the-spot, verbal translation. That is, the final document, on which the Fathers will be voting, will be read out to them once, in Italian, while they listen to a simultaneous verbal translation.

Can they reasonably be expected to be able to give an informed vote?

Remember, too, that there will be great pressure to go along, to pass the document, to show the great “unity” of the Bishops in the the Synod.

Will they really be able to make their voices heard?

Will the final document really reflect the views of the Bishops of the world?

The Synod is a farce.

Sing a NuChurch into being!


14 thoughts on “Bishops set to vote on final Synod document”

  1. Cannonkat says:

    Lefebvre was right. And this was not a “robber synod but “The Sodomy Synod.”

  2. Cannonkat says:

    Because we have entered the time of the Last Days, an antipope, an antipresident & several allied world leaders, such as the new “Justin” Trudeau. They say its about admitting co-habiters without an annullment, but it is ALSO about admitting co-habiting homosexuals – THAT Is the goal, because the clergy, even religious orders have become so full of homosexuals that they want JUSTIFICATION to co-habit, and once you admit heterosexuals in IRREGULAR SITUATIONS then comes STEP TWO, the homosexuals can say WE TOO ARE EQUAL “IRREGULAR SITUATIONS” because they can’t get annullments you see! See? THE WHOLE SYNOD is the admittance of homos to Communion through the back door (excuse the pun!~) but that’s what it is. I’ve spent enough time in monasteries with homos on the AGENDA – THEY WANT COMMUNION, homos do, WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE!!! Sowhat I advise everyone is to begin to go into building secret chapels with precious altarpieces. We are soon entering the Great Tribulation when God’s wrath comes down upon the Great Whore of Babylon – the false church. That’s what its all about!!! This pope is an Antipope. If God were merciful, we’d have the numbers NOW not LATER to INDICT the antipope and DEPOSE HIM based on solid evidence, especially under ecclesiastical trial. WHen did things change? SOme (Lefebvre) says the Vatican Council II. SOme say Humane Vitae – the reaction to it of disobedience ON A MASSIVE SCALE, which has always further repercussions. The message we need to call all to: REPENT!!!

  3. Cannonkat says:

    These things cannot be decided by committees of modernists. This is the fruit of an antipope: “A good tree produces good fruit; an evil tree produces evil fruit.” That is why Christ appointed a Pope in Peter!!! This is again – an Antipope that must be indicted and deposed, based on the experience of the Early Church!!!

  4. VSimmons says:

    I have been trying to keep up with this mess but missed several days’ worth of updates. This is so incredibly disturbing. I am sitting on my sofa, it is midnight in Oregon and I cannot fathom sleeping. Where are we to go for sacraments? Where do folks like me with families go when all that is around me is V2 offerings? I feel angry, sad, betrayed, disgusted. And have been feeling this way for years. I remember pre V2 mass. I remember the sacred, the absolutes of right vs. wrong, the awe and holiness of the church and its teachings. I see none of that now. There is not much difference between my local parish and the local Protestant churches. It’s like seeing your family break up and part of them move out to the other side of the tracks and you and a small gathering try to keep the morals and ethics and truths alive but there isn’t a home and there aren’t enough family members left. Sigh….

  5. bosco49 says:

    They shouldda walked. Now they’ll sit there in televised dumb silence while listening to Bergolio publicly blister their little pharasitic ears during his closing Sunday homily like Fidel Castro or Saddam Hussein and their hours-long harangues spewed out to their captive audiences.

    They shouldda walked.

  6. Catholic_Mom_of_6 says:

    Too bad they couldn’t have written the document in the language of the Church; translation wouldn’t have been a problem. Oh. Wait. Most of our bishops, including the Bishop of Rome, can’t recite, never mind read and understand Latin. Oh well. It would’ve worked in the past. Darned education system!

  7. reconverted idiot says:

    Just to add, if circumstances permit, please please please in your charity, click that donate button at 1P5. Life would really be much poorer for us trads without Steve & co’s wonderful site. If you don’t have means then click some ads, offer a bazillion Rosaries or something.

  8. Barbara says:

    Anyone remember St. Augustine? Here we have a guy, a pretty smart guy, and probably not bad looking to boot. He got himself a young lovely, and proceeded to screw her senseless for years. This loving couple produced a son. The young lovely disappears from the story at some point shortly thereafter.
    Fast forward to the point when God calls Augustine to repentance and faith. Does Augustine say “here I am Lord?” Hell no. He takes ages and ages, angst and more angst, to even contemplate giving up his lust. He simply can’t do it. He writes this all down. We can read this today, and it’s just as fresh as when it was written. He can’t do it. He says the thought of never having sex again is just way to much for anyone, especially him, to contemplate.
    St. Ambrose was one of the major figures in Augustine’s life near the end of this story. So what did Ambrose do? There was no ‘walking with,’ there was no ‘accompanying,’ there was no gradually leading Augustine to the Truth.
    I think Ambrose told Augustine to take a long walk on the beach. Think things over. Come and talk to me when you are ready to stop sinning.
    We know the rest of the story.
    Why the hell can’t even one bishop, or priest, in this public sham of a Synod repeat this little tale?
    Is God so cruel that He expects us to give up sin, yet makes it impossibly hard? Augustine certainly thought so. God also gives enormous graces for those who WANT TO GIVE THE SIN UP.
    Oh, I’m so disgusted with all this. How come, I, a little elderly housewife in a one-horse town can understand this and the theologians (sic) can’t?????????????

  9. Dodger Dickens says:

    I don’t know whether to weep or grab some popcorn. We can be profoundly hurt by the controlled demolition of the Church taking place, and at the same time stand in awe of the terrible artistry at work. Satan is a genius. The only thing we know is that this revolution is going to be addressed in a rather cosmic fashion. The question is, will it happen in our lifetime?

  10. bigfred says:

    All we have left is Hilary and Ann and their small band of followers

    Well, it turns out to be not so small, relatively speaking.

    They’re not doing this to be popular or win some competition, of course, but it helps the resistance to get the word out as much as possible. So it’s interesting to see how successful WUWTS has been in such a short time online — e.g. getting more traffic in the U.S. than other longstanding blogs that I’m familiar with from last year such as from Mundabor, Louie, Angelqueen and Tancred. Aggregator pewsitter has only slightly more than here.

    Of course and unfortunately, the lamestream sites get more.

  11. bigfred says:

    Since this one off blog might close shortly (though I hope not), I’d like to take the opportunity to recommend the absorbing and broad ranging interview done with Hilary at 1P5:

    You get to know who our host here at the blog is. Hostess. Hostmiss… It’s really kind of like, as writers say, bleeding on the paper.

    It wouldn’t hurt to also leave a comment there, as that would encourage a 2nd installment — say, on what it was like to setup and run the blog, the exhilirations and irritations.


    Now what’s up with the synod voting? It’s 7pm there as I write this, maybe Francis is having a tantrum and holding things up.

  12. Evan Thomas says:

    Reading the speech of Metropolitan Hilarion to the Synod I think that traditionalists should re-evaluate the common view that the 1984 consecration of Russia was ineffective ( bearing in mind that Sister Lucia said it was effective)…

  13. Bruceph says:

    It would have been well, perhaps, were one to have asked the bishops… “What is your name?” [Luke 8:30 NAB]

  14. Chloe says:

    In the fantasy world I inhabit, the bishops see all this and now, at the last minute, they walk out. They say “we aren’t signing this. It’s a farce”. Then they walk into St. Peter’s square and give a press conference taking that ‘top secret’ document with them (photocopied to distribute). It’s not going to happen. But sometime soon those bishops will wish they had. They’ll wish with all their hearts they had remained true to Christ and opened their mouths. Because if the Catholic Church fails there is no one to stand between them (and us) and the Wrath of God. All we have left is Hilary and Ann and their small band of followers. (And Our Lady and the Heavenly Host but I’m talking earthly helpers here.) Our Lady, exterminatrix of all heresies, pray for us. St Michael, St Raphael and all the Holy Angels, pray for us.

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