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“This is the beginning of a new Church.” . . . #Bishopsgotthis

Just a little collection of comments from the Synod Fathers and friends, helpfully helping to summarize what the hell all that was about…


“The Synod is putting an end to the Church that judges people. We are not a church of judgement. We are a welcoming church, listening to the people and speaking in clear terms. Tenderness is the word of this Synod. This is the beginning of a new Church.
—Archbishop Lucas Van Looy, Ghent, Belgium

If the process of respectful listening and dialogue endorsed and experienced at the Synod of Bishops on the family were applied at the local level, it would mark the end of an era of judgment and the beginning of ‘a church of tenderness toward everyone,’ said a synod father.”


We don’t believe that [continence] is the only way.” Cardinal Schonborn, Vienna…following the publication of the German language group: “…Asked by the influential Vatican Insider if the only appropriate method of access to the sacraments for such couples was to live as “brother and sister”, refraining from sexual intimacy, he said: “We do not believe that is the only way.” He added that he believed there was a “need for discernment”.”

“‘The axiom’ every marriage contract between Christians is itself a sacrament ‘should be revised’. In no longer homogeneous Christian societies or in countries with different cultural and religious patterns, you cannot assume a Christian understanding of marriage even among Catholics.”




Photo by Francis DeBernardo: intrepid New Ways Ministry reporter!

And for our “The Africans Will Save Us!” file…

New Ways Ministry isn’t worried.
Synod Final Report: Not Much Is Said, But A Lot Has Changed
“In paragraph 76, the synod’s final report focused its discussion of
homosexuality solely on families with lesbian and gay members in them. This is
a step in the right direction, but it must not be the last step.”


At one of the last press conferences, New Ways very helpfully asked Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace:

“Last week, Archbishop Palmer-Buckle said that African bishops were reluctant to oppose criminalization [of homosexuality in their home countries], but that they were growing in awareness of lesbian and gay people. Do you see African bishops outgrowing their reluctance to oppose criminalization laws soon?”

The cardinal responds:
We are all growing in this regard. When we come to meetings like the synod and listen to one another, we learn from one another. We hear bishops telling stories of their relatives’ pain, and we grow.

Western countries have grown in regard to this issue. When I studied in the United States in the 1970s, science considered [homosexuality] a sickness and a disease. Over the years that evaluation has changed. Other countries have to grow in the same way and it can take time.


24 thoughts on ““This is the beginning of a new Church.” . . . #Bishopsgotthis”

  1. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    “Growing in awareness” of lesbian and gay people, can only mean, “we will gradually come to accept homosexuality as something normal, we just need to listen to you white people talk about this more and more.”

  2. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    Ah, brilliant Your Excellency! Just brilliant!

  3. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    Does anyone know where to find this “Church of judgment”? It seems to me that naming sin and calling sinners to repentance is the one thing MISSING from the New Church of Vatican II.

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  6. VeilOfTiers says:

    Isn’t this the one where they project the words on the wall so you can sing along?

  7. Samantha says:

    UPDATE: I am now officially blocked from posting on – gee, I wonder why? XD

  8. BabyBoomerCatholic says:

    It’s the beginning of the newly paved and widened highway to hell, for those who like to drive that route. It’s faster than ever before, with fewer tolls and exits, and you’ll be there in no time.

  9. Michael Dowd says:

    They sure did. Ripped down the Gothic Church, replaced with a domed concert hall, stuck the tabernacle away on the side, turned the altar around, get rid of most statues and other reminders of a by-gone era, and made the priest a performer to the tune of some Protestant hymns. Really gets you in the mood–for something other than prayer and reflection. Sometimes I wonder if these people have any idea what they have done: turning something glorious into something insipid.

  10. OnlyEwe says:

    You should have been writing for this blog all along! 🙂

  11. SJ Green says:

    Sadly, I’ve found this to be all too true. Protestants sing much better in church than most Catholics I’ve heard the past twenty plus years. It should not be so. Even the most beautiful Protestant hymns are no match for Palestrina, IMO (to use one particular example); and yet here we are.

  12. Samantha says:

    You should see the firestorm going on at over the latest Vortex, in which MV places all the blame on Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for all the chaos in the church nowadays, trying to pin the blame on anyone but Pope Francis. I got my comments deleted for telling him off XD. So long, ChurchMilitant, it’s been nice knowing ya!

  13. VeilOfTiers says:

    Isnt the melody based on the composition of a Protestant?

    To get that bad taste out of your head (sorry for the mixed metaphor) use this–

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  16. Barbara says:

    Gee, remember back in the good old days (like, a few months ago) when Turkson and Napier were on our side? What a joke. The tsunami rolls over us and they smile, smile, smile.

    As well, those others who were brave enough to vote against the crap in the final document should be ashamed of themselves. Their voices were so weak! Bleating sheep. Wimps. There are no words….

  17. rkat says:

    The beginning of a new Church that ain’t Cathoilc.

  18. Cupich's Inviolable Conscience says:

    Dear Ms. Whit, thank you for sharing this tender, life-enriching video, and also the thoughtful (and tender!) words of my fellow Listeners of the People of God. It makes the permanently weepy corners of my eyes want to droop all the way down to the floor, and weep even more tender tears of Mercy — which they are not unaccustomed to doing, let me assure you. I was just saying to Comrade — oops, I mean, Cardinal — Marx last night at our little post-Synod party in his very posh, and tastefully decorated Roman apartment: “Karl,” I said (that’s my little brotherly joke, calling him Karl, which he never seems to fully appreciate, but I digress), “Karl,” I said, “was not the last three weeks of Listening to the Spirit of the People — was it not almost as if we are at last approaching the Omega Point of Merciful Tenderness? I feel as if our dear Teilhard was immanently present in the very tables and chairs that we sat our tender derrieres upon! His Spirit was certainly accompanying us on our Synodal journey, was it not?”

    Do you know what Comrade Marx replied? I am fain to tell you, it touches me so. He said, “Pascal,” that’s his little joke name for me, you see, “Pascal, stop your blabbering, and pass the prosciutto!” Which I interpreted to mean, “Dear Blasé, let us not waste more time than necessary in stuffing our already well-rounded gillets. Let us go out as soon as possible and accompany the elderly, the lonely and the gays of Rome this very night!” Such began the Church of Tenderness born this very day!

  19. vixpervenit says:

    Either the Holy Ghost no longer preserves the Pontiff from error in matters of faith and morals, know…maybe Bergoglio the freemason, is not the Pope.
    Oh Fr Cekada, I have a question…

  20. Aaron Baugher says:

    More and more, their open statements sound like my friends and I when we were snotty teenagers (and terrible Catholics): “Don’t judge me, man! I don’t need your rules. God loves me the way I am, so get off my back, man.”

    And even though I already knew that’s how they felt, it’s still amazing to see them coming right out and saying it. They really think they’ve won.

  21. susan says:

    HEY!…A LITTLE MORE WARNING ABOUT THAT VIDEO (and the quotes) PLEASE! I threw-up all over my breakfast!!!…I threw-up my breakfast! I threw up yesterday’s breakfast!…and something I ate 4 months ago. You really ought to have flashing banner at the top “WARNING!…no seriously, WARNING!…… still here?…W.A.R.N.I.N.G.!!!!”

  22. michaelpjc says:

    So, what was it all about? I suppose we mugs might at last begin to operate on the principle that if there is any ambiguity, then there’s no ambiguity.

  23. Michael Dowd says:

    Doesn’t “New Church” really mean Protestant church? It would be interesting to hear what Flannery O’Connor would say about all this when one thinks of her novel ‘Wise Blood’ and the
    “Holy Church of Christ Without Christ”. I wonder if that is the direction we are headed?

  24. SD says:

    ” We hear bishops telling stories of their relatives’ pain, and we grow.’

    Same old story from these inverts. Apparently, self pity and self absorbed narcissists are now the proper standard of moral correctness. Who knew?

  25. bosco49 says:

    So Cardinal Schonborn does not believe that continence is the only way? If he’s ever changed a nappy he would understand the results of incontinence. Very messy.

  26. SJ Green says:

    Scary video. I remember hearing that song in an Episcopal church in the late 80’s (before I became Catholic), but the picture of the Earth is just a few years old. Will this ‘praise’ music never die?

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