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10 thoughts on “No, I really don’t…”

  1. antigon says:

    Miss White: Don’t know if you’re aware of the Lepanto Institute expose of the Salesian missions open promotion of Planned Parentismo, but think might find it of interest. Can’t quite figure how to send the link, but should eventually do the trick.

  2. Hilary White says:


  3. Dorothy says:

    You’re such an 80s chick.

  4. Henry Craft says:

    And spare a thought, or even a prayer, for priests silenced because of their orthodoxy.

    Like an Australian priest, a member of an order, who preached in defence of Humanae Vitae back in 1968 and who was then censured by his superiors (following complaints by dissentient parishioners). Or like orthodox priests shuffled off by their bishops to the most obscure positions in the diocese.

  5. Matt K says:

    Likely. I know at least a dozen Bobs in Canada, so I’m sure that would cover him.

  6. Barbara says:

    Gee, I have a cousin who lives in Toronto, name of Bob. Do you two know him?

  7. Matt K says:

    The Matt quoted in this article ( Doubt you’d remember me, I think we spoke for less than a minute. At least I think it was you haha.

  8. Hilary White says:

    Which one were you again?

  9. bosco49 says:

    Here’s a goodbye song (recorded by some young men in knew once upon a time in PA). I suppose the management sang a tune somewhat similar for you when you were cashiered. My crowd were atonal.

  10. Matt K says:

    It’s funny, I remember briefly meeting you at a pro-life rally in Toronto and I gave you a gushing quote about a certain post-Vatican II pontiff…unfortunately it hasn’t been purged from the Internet yet. As I became more traditional and estranged from some aspects of the mainstream Catholic media, I would sometimes wonder what happened to you (and some other Catholic reporters I’ve run into). Well here you are – glad to see you on the self-absorbed promethean neo-pelagianistic side.

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