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Where we’re going from here: Forward! Always forward!


You may have noticed that the Synod ended on Monday, and we’re still posting.

This is not a mistake.

You may also have noticed that something on the masthead has changed: pope-francis-pointing-255x192







I’d like to start by sharing with y’all a little photo screen captcha kind of thingie that our doughty IT guy, Patrick, gave me the other day.

These are the stats for WUWTS from our first day on October 4th, to, I think, Oct. 25th. That’s you guys.

Now, I don’t know much about these technical things, but 260,000 page views seems like a lot to me. And I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark here, and say that perhaps, just maybe, 70.8% of nearly 30,000 people visiting this site multiple times would like us to keep going.

If we compare this with the nice little tea party numbers I have enjoyed on my personal blog, Orwell’s Picnic, which I started counting in about 2007 (after I had been blogging there for three years). We topped a million PVs at O’sP a few weeks ago, and I was very proud. But I don’t like a crowd. Longtime readers will affirm that whenever there has been a big stat spike, I have sort of panicked and shut down, gone on hiatus, for long enough for all the interlopers and weirdos to go away again. I hate having big numbers over there and have a longstanding policy of refusing link requests. I also shut off all the “feed” thingies I could. We’ve all been very happy there with our steady stream of about 450 to 500 a day to a site where I mostly talk about gardening and hiking and recipes and post photos of flowers and bugs and the kitties.

So, imagine my surprise when I learned that at WUWTS, in 21 days, we had had over a quarter of the number of PVs I have had in more than ten years of blogging. I would be willing to call this little effort a grand slam success!

Naturally, I was wondering all through the last grueling three weeks what we were all going to do once it was over. I floated the idea among my little team of contributors, consultants and helpers, that maybe we could just keep going, and there was general agreement.

We do seem to have hit upon a winning formula here. I told each contributor that the point of the thing was to make people laugh at the whole disaster long enough to slip them a little perspective-inducing truths. Post short; post funny; post often. We looked at this appalling Synod and its ancillary disasters from a perspective that few in the wider Church are hearing from. And we don’t do what most Trads do. That is, we don’t moan, we don’t freak out or be all doomy-and-gloomy. Our readers are mostly taking care of that end of things themselves.

I explained that the “tone” we were looking for in posts was this:


and this:


and quite a bit of this:


Now, my buddy Steve Skojec, the founder and proprietor of One Peter Five, who is on that little Greek Chorus of advisors and consultants, likes content. He has a degree in theology, so he likes to interview theologians and professors. He likes to play it straight most of the time. That’s fine. I don’t begrudge him his “content”. Each to his own. I’ve done a couple of contenty things for him, and for Mike Matt at the Remnant. I suppose it has its place. But I’ve really just kind of had it with that stuff. I did my time. I spent four years producing the kind of meticulously documented material that gets used in parliamentary committees. And then I spent eleven years interviewing and looking things up. I still know how to do it, but I’m done. I learned some diplomacy, and I’m telling you brothers and sisters, diplomacy is bunk.

Now, frankly, I want to use some of that capital to say and do things that no one else seems to be saying and doing. And yes, maybe say a Bad Swear now and then. I just don’t think I can stand any more polite tip-toeing around. No more weaselly circumlocuting, no more hints and sly winks. If it’s Pope Bergoglio’s fault, we’re going to say it’s Pope Bergoglio’s fault.

Over the years of my involvement with the political end of things in the Church, I gained a reputation as the Bad Kid, the kid who inevitably sticks her foot in it by saying out loud what she really thinks. Now sometimes that was valued, sometimes people would just roll their eyes, and sometimes I’d get the stuffing beat out of me. But I still think there’s a valuable place in “the discussion” for people like me, and Ann Barnhardt, and Patrick Archbold, and Dorothy Cummings McLean and Laurence England … the kind of people who might be amusing enough to get invited to the right parties, but who now will never, ever, ever get a paying contract with the National Catholic Register or EWTN. (Well, maybe Dorothy will; she’s the nice one.)

So, we’re just going to go it on our own. It’s too late to back down now anyway. I started this ‘blog because I knew from many years of close personal observation, that we had now gone way, way WAY too far to turn back in the Church. The election of Jorge Bergoglio was the moment I knew we had, as a Church, committed ourselves to strapping in and plunging to the bottom. Do you worry about being polite and diplomatic in an emergency? When someone is about to wander out into traffic or walk in front of a train?

I’ve talked to Patrick and we are just going to stick with the current domain name. I can change the title of the blog to open things up a bit, but mainly we’re just going to keep talking about it, and making our jokes and tossing out short posts.

Towards the end of the Synod of Doom, some of the bishops and cardinals started talking about changing the Church to be more like a neverending Synod. The “synodal process” was going to be taken from now on as the model for the entire Church forever. Yep, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is now in the hands of the kind of people who…

like. meetings.

Indeed, the Holy Father himself told us in his memorable speech on the 50 anniversary of the Synod of Bishops that he is giving us a whole new Church. This, ladies and gents, is the Synodal Church:

A synodal Church is a Church of listening,” said Pope Francis…

The Synod of Bishops,” continued Pope Francis, “is the convergence point of this dynamism – this listening conducted at all levels of Church life,” starting with the people, who “also participate in Christ’s prophetic office” and who have a right and a duty to be heard on topics that touch the common life of the Church. Then come the Synod Fathers, through whom, “[T]he bishops act as true stewards, interpreters and witnesses of the faith of the whole Church, which [they] must be able carefully to distinguish from often shifting public opinion.” In all this, the Successor to Peter is fundamental. “Finally,” explained Pope Francis, “the synodal process culminates in listening to the Bishop of Rome, called upon to speak authoritatively [It. pronunciare] as ‘Shepherd and Teacher of all Christians’: not on the basis of his personal beliefs, but as the supreme witness of the Faith of the whole Church, the guarantor of the Church’s conformity with and obedience to the will of God, to the Gospel of Christ and the Tradition of the Church.”


Well, that sounds like almost a mandate from heaven, don’t you think?

You want a “listening Church”?

Well buddy-pope, have we ever got stuff to say!

47 thoughts on “Where we’re going from here: Forward! Always forward!”

  1. Jaclyn Muthana says:

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  2. Guest says:

    Can the Church teach heresy? Why should we resist the Church if it cannot? Because is clearly does since Vatican II. Since it teaches heresy it cannot be the Church that we are resisting, since the real Church is indefectable. If we can go to heaven following the NO then why don’t we? Because we are convinced that the NO can’t give us salvation. But the Church is pushing the NO on everyone. How can the Church be an instrument of damnation?

  3. Guest says:

    It’s a very hard saying. Even I still sometimes think I am doomed. It’s like staring into an abyss. But before we say that “God surely wouldn’t allow this” we know that at the end times: 1) false teachers and prophets will teach their own doctrines rather than the faith; 2) the apostasy will be great; and 3) anyone who doesn’t love the truth will be deceived by a grand deception, fooling the elect if possible.

  4. Martha says:

    Interesting! I’ll have to look into the argument a bit more. I just can’t imagine what the ramifications of that would be. Also have a hard time believing the Church would be left without a valid pope for so long!

    What times we live in!

  5. Guest says:

    There’s a difference between an ass of a pope and a heretic. One can be the worst of sinners and still be a pope. What we have here is different. Pre-Vatican II teachings say that a heretic automatically loses his office. The article of Robert Siscoe at The Remnant uses a lot of ellipses–for a reason. With Bergoglio we even have the case that he was never a pope in the first place–because he was a heretic/apostate/non-Catholic even in Argentina. Only a Catholic can become pope.

    This guy’s heresy is so manifest (public and notorious) that there is no way to excuse it. If a heretic loses office ipso facto the recognize and resist position falls apart. Even “conservative” cardinals subscribe to modern errors–so how are they going to declare that the seat is vacant due to heresy? They don’t believe that those heresies are heresies! The Church has no way to defend herself against this man–unless a heretic loses office even without a declaration. That seems most probable.

  6. antigon says:

    Yup. Keep on posting, uncircumlocutionistly.

  7. Donna Ruth says:

    Which begs the question: Why then do parishes still accept stipends for announced Masses while having declared the soul of the deceased to be in heaven ? It seems clear souls of the 21st century no longer need Masses …

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Do you mean the “Synod Send Off…End of the Church As We Know It” video? I loved that one.

  9. Elizabeth says:


  10. Elizabeth says:

    Woo Hoo! I’m thrilled you all are keeping this site going. You definitely hit on the right format and style. I love it.

  11. Linda Clerkin says:

    When the fall is all there is, it matters.

  12. Linda Clerkin says:

    This is big.
    Like … Mayor-big.

  13. Michael says:

    It’s good to find fellow travelers…since we no longer have certainty to cling to.

  14. Stabat Mater says:

    Pardon me of this is a repeat. Or delete me! Not sure what happened to previous post in between orthodontist and piano lesson. I use a great deal of LCC, but Campbell’s methods lit a fire in my kids and the book adventure has full of surprises ever since. OLVS is my top pick for high school theology, with added spiritual works. Their elementary religion books are solid, but I also supplemented withof Catholic children’s stories. Neumann Press offers many. Know Your Mass (SSPX) comic & St Joseph or Neumann 1st Communion prep is essential. I do think Seton’s Religion for Young Catholics is substantive for grades 3-6 or 7. Vision books & DeWohl for lives of the Saints.
    I could talk books for days!

  15. Martha says:

    If the see of Peter is vacant, why wasn’t it considered so during the Medici pope/ nepotism nonsense (it was common knowledge they had mistresses and children), or during the Arian heresy, for example? Or the crazy double-papacies that existed for a while in Rome and Avignon? Sedevacantistm doesn’t make sense to me; seems like the easy way out. I admit I’m not familiar with the argument, but our situation doesn’t seem singular enough to warrant that kind of talk.

  16. parishonerusa says:

    I liked Seton Home Study School Religion book and all the Father Lovasik books. Good luck and God bless you!

  17. JP Cahill says:

    ” Yep, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is now in the hands of the kind of people who… like. meetings.”

    Hahahahahahaha. Scary and funny and true all at the same time. Not everyone can do that.

  18. Newtemplar says:

    I remember seeing a poster around twenty years ago with the legend “God so loved the world…that he didn’t send a committee”!

  19. JP Cahill says:

    I think I may be able to go you one better. There is a little piece of business that some of the reverend clergy out here on the west coast of the Benighted States employ on occasion: they use the third EP so they can insert the deceased as the saint-of-the-day. So much more official than just a homily mention.

  20. HRpuffinstuff says:

    HR is tickled at this good news. When it’s so bad you have to laugh ’cause you can’t cry anymore. This is the place to be.

  21. Stabat Mater says:

    Yes, Jude, both top choices!
    OLVS is my top pick for high school theology. Their elementary levels can be nicely supplemented with additional Catholic children’s books.
    Treasure Box Books are truly a treasure. Baltimore Catechism First Communion prep book, Know Your Mass (comic book), and Neumann Press has an abundance of good stuff. I do think Seton’s Religion for Young Catholics is a substantive spine for grades 3-6 or 7.

  22. Mary Artin says:

    Cardinal Burke to the rescue! He is the head of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, and they have materials for children.

  23. Carolyn C says:

    I’m all for calling out Jorge Bergoglio, but to say the church is plunging to the bottom is an error. The holy apostolic Church remains in the faithful and traditional priests and SSPX. I think it’s important to highlight the beauty in their parishes to give hope to those who are confused. It took me two years of research, study, rosaries to fully understand the crisis. Note well, it is important to speak bluntly as tip/toeing often just creates more confusion, but please share with your audience the beautiful videos from SSPX. They are inspiring.

  24. Chloe says:

    I thought of the Riders of Rohan, so close to your idea. Those lines keeps coming back to “if we meet them we cannot win. Not we cannot, but we will meet them in battle nonetheless”. Ride on Hilary. We’re behind you. Faint but pursuing, as my mother used to say.

  25. Barbara says:

    I’m struggling with the funny part. I don’t feel funny. But I guess I’ll learn because the alternative is too awful to contemplate. Loved John Rao in his rant with Michael Matt the other day. He calls those who refuse to hear the truth, or who actively promote heresy as THE MOB! And he says we don’t explain ourselves to The Mob. For those who are confused, or who are even curious, we have answers. The Mob? They can just go to hell.

  26. Jude says:

    This happened at the last funeral I attended as well. My husband and I were sitting there in disbelief. During the HOMILY the deacon told everyone there that he just KNEW that the deceased had already received his final reward and was in heaven right then with this daughter. What the heck? I mentioned it to a couple of people in attendance, and they thought it was harmless. Oh, okay. Guess he doesn’t need anyone praying for his soul, since the deacon has made it clear that it isn’t necessary.

  27. Barbara says:

    Love this.

  28. Jude says:

    Check out some of the materials at OLVS. Solid and pre-Vatican II.
    If you’re looking to go true Catholic classical (starting Latin early and adding Greek by fifth or sixth grade), “The Latin-Centered Curriculum” by Andrew Campbell is a fantastic guide for putting together a curriculum on your own. He keeps it to the essentials and isn’t out to sell a lot of workbooks.

  29. Stabat Mater says:

    Rose, the “perfect” curriculum doth not exist. But I can give you a long book list that happened upon our homeschooling journey.

    I come from the Church of “fuzzy Jesus” with burlap & butterflies as well. Not to mention the bucket of confusion from my own “c”atholic family of origin. My daughter has a learning disability, but is gifted in Latin & History, and that was the main catalyst (and starving for worthy liturgy) that led us to the Tridentine Mass. Totally Holy Ghost driven because I am a disaster at most everything!

    Is there a way to swap email addresses without publicizing it to the world? Not very tech savvy!

  30. Stabat Mater says:

    And Dorothy’s What a Silly Lash! is a fave here because for all the Latin I don’t know, even a silly uneducated girl from the bayou can figure out that Cupich is full of bologna and other indecent waste products!

    Another fierce writer to whom I am so grateful to have been introduced via this blog. Keep on keepin’ on!

  31. Mary Kangas Jones says:

    When you mentioned ‘Where do we go from here?” this is the song that came to my mind. And it’s brilliant, by the way… 😉

  32. Rose says:

    Stabat mater: I too am a homeschooling mama to one little 7 year old firecracker of a girl:)

    If you don’t mind sharing, what religion curriculum do you use and are you happy with it from a traditional perspective?

    I am having two troubles:

    1. I was raised in the Novus Ordo church of bongo drum Mass, happy happy joy joy and precious little doctrine, so I don’t personally KNOW a lot of what I’d like her to learn (and therefore, cannot create my own curriculum as I have with many other subjects like geography and math). I need a curriculum that has been vetted for nonsense by people who actually respect and adhere to Catholic dogma and tradition. The official church has become so watered down that they seem to approve almost anything, sort of like our FDA giving the green light to allowing paint additives (titanium oxide) in our food. When the watchdogs are sleeping, you need to become your own watchdog, or at least find another authority that can still be trusted.

    2. I am finding that an awful lot of the “Catholic” curricula read a lot more like “Jesus loves me, yes He does” and not much else. Which is fine, He most assuredly does and I certainly want her to get that message loud and clear, but I’d like a little more substance to feed her soul and inform her of her duties and responsibilities within God’s Plan according to the teachings of the traditional Catholic Church.

    Please, let me know if you’ve found something you like and that accurately jives with teaching children true and traditional Catholicism. I’m trying, but I think my efforts are falling far short of what’s needed.

  33. TMoreJFisher says:

    Henry VIII would have loved the Papal Babel coming out of the mouth of BerGOGlio and his America mouth Cupich!
    Levity does comfort the distressed! Thanks for keeping the blog alive!!!!

  34. Beppo says:

    Wonderful news! This site literally got me through this synod from hell. It was and still is, a refreshing and comforting escape from the gloom and doom of the other traddie sites I visit. Thank you so much, Hilary!

  35. James C says:

    Yes! Onward we go. To continue the comparison, we might call informally ourselves Éomer’s Éored, keeping up the fight across the Riddermark whilst Meduseld is paralysed by the powers of darkness.

    Passivity won’t do in such times. ¡Hagan lío!

  36. Guest says:

    All the arguments of sedevacanists make sense to me. But I still have nowhere to go. If I am wrong about sedevacantism I will be missing the chance of confessing my sins. And if I am right about sedevacantism I will have to stay home and hope God gives me the grace of perfect contrition. Even the private revelations, except for Akita, can be interpreted either as supporting sedevacantism or the idea that the Vatican II church is in some mysterious wayside still the Church. As for Akita, if the Vatican II church is of the devil then approval of heretical bishops means nothing. It’s as questionable as the canonisation of the two Vatican II popes.

    The recognize and resist position seems incoherent to me. It seems more like an argument made up to avoid facing the terrifying truth. And God did say that at the end of time those who don’t love the truth will be deceived. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong. I don’t want to go to hell. I beg Jesus every day that I don’t want to go there. But if He sends me there it means that I deserve it for being a coward and lacking zeal.

    Is the Synodal Church satan’s anti church, or is the Vatican II church already the anti church?

  37. Hilary White says:

    He’s not important enough.

  38. susan says:

    In the immortal words of Mr. Burns….

  39. bosco49 says:

    So delighted you’re going to stick your chin out for the duration, Hilary! A real tough cookie, as they say. Well put another notch in your lipstick case. This one’s for you:

  40. Deacon_Augustine says:

    You have to continue with this blog out of obedience to the Holy Father. This is where the true synodal future of the Church is taking shape. It is a virtual synod where all are free to spout forth with parrhesia. All you need now is for the Bishop of Rome to fill it with his apostate placemen to make it a true synodal experience.

  41. S Armaticus says:

    Yes. But think about renaming it to something like the Rosica Block Party. 😉

  42. Dorothy says:

    AND I’m as cute as a button! Hee hee!

  43. Donna Ruth says:

    Happy to hear the musings of the Catholic Christie Blatchford will continue.

    Listening Church. Snort. Guffaw. Would love to see a graph of (choose the title that is not offensive to reader: faithful, orthodox, conservative, trad, traddy) Catholics who have written politely (operative word) to their bishops and been ignored, condescended to, or chastised. At this point I would settle for a terse email: “Got your letter, you pathetic whiner. Go away. Best regards, Bishop Mushymiddle.” At least I’d know he’d seen my righteous snivellings.

    Currently I am over 3 months in wait-age for a reply to a letter (followed by a polite Um-did-you-receive-my-letter email). What was I going on about? Well, it seems at every funeral I attend (and I sing at them) it is announced from the pulpit that the deceased is in heaven, and all the mourners present will one day join the deceased for the happy reunification party on the clouds with Jesus. Now, this funeral revelation is nothing new, I know. Universality has replaced the Four Last Things as the received Catholic wisdom of the 21st century. But, I thought, well, since I see more funerals than the average Cath I should let my bish know. It seems the laity mantras, We r the Church, Canon 212, and my status as one of the “children, children of the light” carry no weight. What next?

    The phone call to the bishop’s gatekeeper I suppose.

  44. Stabat Mater says:

    AMEN!!! This place is my favorite. I am a Catholic homeschooling mother who checks this site each day immediately after my morning offering. And then while my kiddos eat lunch. And then when they go to bed.

    I attend a NO parish that offers TLM. The only 1 of 2 in my entire diocese. And amongst those who attend that TLM, I feel isolated, as to them traditionalism is only defined by the Mass one attends. I think that is where it begins.

    I appreciate this hang out more than you know. When I read the likes of you broads, I know I am not the only one seeing what I see. (My head can be a scary place to be!) I read Hilary & Ann daily, too. Can’t get my fill!

    Thanks for all the straight-shootin’, which I appreciate as I educate 2 kids on stuff I never learned thanks to a church & public school system infiltrated by commies years ago. I tell my peeps often that I am making this “classical traditional Catholic education thing” up as I go along and battle the anxiety that I am running out of time. I get one shot after all. They are 16 & 11 and dig you people, too! Maybe it’s just a relief to know there are people who see it like we do. Of course I can only share with the 11 year old when there aren’t too many explatives, as he tends to lean toward having his mother’s potty mouth if not restrained. May God have mercy on us both at our Final Judgment!

    Yeah, I fret over teaching my kid swear words. My kid who doesn’t yet know what “homosexuality” is. So please tell me how these priests & Cardinals sleep at night?!?!? Oh, I do know the answer to that… the Cool kids don’t really believe any of that shit anyway!!!!! Silly me.

    Deo gratias– and thank you witty ones for keeping this going and keeping me sane in an insane world. My husband & children shall thank you some day!

  45. Paul Goings says:

    A church of meetings? Count me out! I don’t to go to meetings where we talk about stuff, or read about other people having meetings, or talk on the internet about stuff. I want to do stuff–Solemn Masses, Vespers, Matins, processions, litanies, etc., etc. Sadly, we seemed to have moved on from that.

    To paraphrase a wise friend of mine, the church lost the plot when she stopped preaching the sky god who does magic, and reinvented herself as a social services organization.

  46. Lynne says:

    I was hoping you’d continue the blog! Yay! Now I only need to visit two each day, you and OnePeterFive (oh and Orwell’s Picnic to see the kitties).

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