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Good. At least someone out there’s still doing it right.


It’s not the Church that is trying to trap you in an eternal prison of sin.

“Church makes gay lives hell”


once you have decided to “self-identify” as “gay,” you have left the moral universe (ahem) behind you and have entered a wonderful new world of self-indulgence and self-delusion where you can do anything you want with your own or someone else’s body parts. If that is what you really want, I suggest you get on with that.

But if you want to be a member of the Body of Christ, you have to give that up.

I submit that it is not the Church that makes your life “hell” but the moral dissonance you experience while trying to have it both ways.

Also, your eternity in actual Hell will be a great deal worse than you can possibly imagine. Please give up the buttsecks before you die. When you’re ready to do that, give us a call,

we’ll still be here.

The Catholic Church


10 thoughts on “Good. At least someone out there’s still doing it right.”

  1. Guest says:

    It’s a long shot. People are crazy. But if you can convince people that the purpose of sex is children, then you can convince them that both sodomy and purposefully sterile sex twists the natural purpose of sex to achieve a selfish end. If there is a God, and He made everything, including male and female, then sodomy is spitting in his face for personal satisfaction.

  2. Silvia Aldredge says:

    Oddly enough, the Muslims don’t have beer and pulled pork suppers for people who ‘struggle’ with these requirements of being Muslim. They are unlikely to institute such a thing. Why are we even having these discussions???

  3. @FMShyanguya says:

    The way to hell is already hell.

  4. Hatchetwoman says:

    Same kind of “logic” they employ to claim that *all* they want is a monogamous “marriage” — sleeping around, having one-night stands, even inviting a third person into their relationship are all forms of “monogamy” to homosexuals. And that’s according to several polls taken of men who are homosexual.

  5. Barbara says:

    Here is an article in two parts by Randy Engel on homosexual clergy, within which she gives a good synopsis of St. Peter Damian’s report on this way back when. Nothing new under the sun.

    Here’s part two:

  6. OnlyEwe says:

    How did this guy ever pass the test to become a priest with logic like his?

    (i.e. Charamsa says he has stayed faithful to his vow of celibacy because he has ‘never touched a woman’.)

  7. dymphna says:


  8. Barbara says:

    But how do we convince any of this mass of men and women that there is something better for them than the great sex they now experience?

    When many of us were given the grace to convert from lives of sin to our lost Faith, it was a direct intervention by Our Merciful God. Absent that, how do we tell objective sinners that there is something beyond the great feelings, the bonding, the comfort of surrounding arms (albeit the wrong arms), the friendship and companionship,and the affirmation the world gives?

    When I think of my own sins am I able to convince myself that the ‘pleasure’ I get from committing them is nothing to compare with the bliss I could have in heaven? I think we are asking sexual sinners to imagine something they have no reference for.

    So what to do? Yes, we have to keep telling them that what they do is against God’s natural order. And Holy Mother Church still has to explain what God’s natural order is, what remedies she has to offer, and show the examples in lives of the saints etc.

    But what words can we use to explain the reward in the future, when the reward of now seems so much better? Not sure where I’m going with this but it struck me when I read your post, Hilary, that there is something missing from all the talk, talk, talk about what homosexuals think, say, and do.

    Bottom line, we must pray for their individual conversion. I ask myself if I pray for individuals. Can we pick a person, who may even be repellant (like Dolan, or Weurl, or Cupich, or Rosica, or Forte, or that gay guy up the street, and storm heaven with our prayers?

    I’m usually way behind in all this and all here already to this, but I’m still on the left of the curve.

  9. tallorder says:

    The comment the BBC probably will not post:

    How sweet. Rectal prolapse, syphilis, HIV, depression and suicide, all the wonderful candy-coated fruits of the lifestyle choice of men who place their generative organ inside another’s excretory organ. Completely natural, you see.

    If you do not cease to abuse yourself, others, and are intent upon having the Catholic Church stop preaching the truth, well… the Episcopagans are calling you home.

  10. Cecil Harvey says:

    Link is broken. Correct link is here:

    Also, I’m happy to see that we have one fewer gay priest. I do think it’s hilarious that he thinks he ought not be chastised at least to the same level of a priest in a sexual relationship with a woman. And I agree with him on one point: the clergy is full of homosexuals. I hope more of them come out and flaunt their partners; hopefully they’ll be kicked to the curb for violation of their vows.

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