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Pope Francis is what we need; he is Novusordoism, Vaticantwoism, in all its glory


A commenter writes:

As an Irishman, Papism is in my blood. Irish Ultramontanism was pretty legendary and for good reason, but not for the reason most people think…The English had driven out our native aristocracy and over the ages of persecution and disenfranchisement, the priesthood was our only recourse of social leadership, the Pope was the only one who we could find succour and call our king. Was it in error? Perhaps, but you try being a Catholic in Ireland for the past few centuries and not be the same way, maybe you could find your path to Sainthood by resisting the burning need for an anchor amidst the fire and fury.

And so it was up until the abdication by His Holiness Benedict XVI that I had nothing to rely on but the Pope. My only masses were NO (I only first attended a TLM just over a month ago, it simply is not possible for me to make it regular) and were decent enough, no liturgical abuses and the Priest had a healthy respect for Confession and the Eucharist, if not a burning love, neither were spurned even though hardly anyone went to confession regularly if at all. I was lucky, being born in Northern Ireland meant Catholicism was a part of the tribal identity and hence more important in the face of the Orangemen of Ulster. Because the Bishops could not be counted on to stand up against the challenges of the age, silence ruled, politicians could not be trusted, the parties (family loyalty to parties is traditional here) merely used you for votes and didn’t give a toss about you and in many places the priests were all but open heretics and my entire life has been dominated by news of paedophilia scandals that never seemed to end.

My only hope in this mortal coil was the Pope, ‘Don’t worry so long as we have the Pope,’ ‘Its alright, Pope Benedict is slowly changing things around, we’ll see, in twenty years everything may be a little better,’ ‘Its okay, the heretics are dying off, we have Benedict, he will pick good Bishops, when I have children things will be better for them and Ireland will be Catholic again,’ Papism was, in a very real sense, all I had in daily life to keep me going.

With Pope Francis I have nothing.

Sorry buddy, whoever you are, but I’m going to make an example of you for the whole class.

This is everything this website is about. You have learned the painful lesson that all faithful Catholics will have to learn. This, right here, is the good that Pope Francis and his demonic crew are doing.

Yes, we have been lied to. Yes, we have been robbed. Yes, we have had our patrimony reduced to a shell, a sham. Isn’t it time to learn something useful from this?

“My only hope in this mortal coil was the Pope…”

This is not the Catholic Faith. This is the post-Vatican2 reaction-heresy of papal positivism, a caricature of Catholicism that, in a sense, defiantly looked back at our Protestant and secularist detractors and said, “Yes! I do believe that the pope is always right about everything… I do look upon the person of the pope as my saviour on earth, waddya gonna do about it, heathen!?”

Believe me, I get it. I was the same in the early part of my reversion to the Faith, about John Paul II, who was held up as a hero, a saviour even, particularly to those of us who had grown up in the midst of the Cold War. I was a Papal Positivist.

But slowly, slowly as I delved more and more into the Faith, and as I had my liturgical sense more and more gravely offended by the parody that is the Novus Ordo, I started to understand the depths of the trouble we were really in. When John Paul II invited the heathens to place their idols on top of the tabernacle in Assisi, when he bowed and scraped before the world’s princes, when he apologised for the Faith, when he gave pectoral crosses and bishops’ rings to the Anglican laymen dressed up as churchmen…

The cognitive dissonance was enough finally to force me to ask some very awkward questions indeed, and to lead me to some inevitable conclusions based on observation. This thing, this wet dishrag of a pseudo-religion that has been installed in all the institutions of the Catholic Church is. not. Catholicism.

It was painful. I hated it. Who wants to be in the out-group? Not me. But the imperative of the Real was inescapable.

“Papism was, in a very real sense, all I had in daily life to keep me going.”
And fed only with this drug, your strength has withered for lack of real food. You have woken up not only to the falsehood that is the novusorodist/vaticantwoist fraud, but to the ennervating effect it has had on you personally. This is also a good thing. To be cured, a sick man has to understand that he is sick, and find out what is making him sick.

“With Pope Francis I have nothing.”
Indeed, you are right. You have had this poison – that was all you had to eat – taken away and are through the withdrawal and are now faced with the task of rebuilding your strength on wholesome, real food.

Having been forced to abandon your Papal Positivist heresy, you have nothing false, nothing deadly, nothing soul-killing, you are no longer taking a daily dose of poison. With Pope Francis you, we all, have had the glamour stripped away from Novusordoism so that we can all finally see it for what it is. You have had the unworthy caricature of Catholicism taken away from you, as it was shown to be a worthless fraud, a counterfeit. I would suggest that this is a positive step.

To switch analogies for a moment, imagine that the Faith is a life preserver. What if the thing you had been sold – this culturally-constructed, politicised, (in your own words “tribal”) sham Novusordoist pseudo-religion – was in fact a cheap knock-off that not only would fail to keep you afloat in water, but would itself become waterlogged and drag you down to your death had you been unlucky enough to be tossed in while wearing it? Shouldn’t you be glad to know that the thing you had to save your life was a fake before you needed it instead of after? Shouldn’t you be looking at all that and thinking, “Thank God I got rid of that in time!”

If you have nothing, then I strongly recommend moving heaven and earth, or more to the point, selling all you have, and purchasing the Real Thing. I would suggest, moreover, that your life does indeed depend upon it and that there is nothing else, nothing at all, more important. If you are a pauper, living under a bridge and eating out of a dumpster, and have the Faith, you have everything in the world.

 “He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not up his cross, and followeth me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for me, shall find it. He that receiveth you, receiveth me: and he that receiveth me, receiveth him that sent me.”

With Pope Francis, you have seen what all Traditionalists have seen. With him it is no longer possible to continue to be deceived. With him, you now can no longer cling to this illusory “safe” conservative novusordoist middle ground. I suggest that as you confront this more and more manfully, as your strength returns, you will start to see more and more how vast the damage really has been, how deeply infused with the Death Cult our whole world has become. It will be painful and shocking. Confronting evil is like that.

And for heaven sake, stop whining.

There’s a war on. Suit up.


43 thoughts on “Pope Francis is what we need; he is Novusordoism, Vaticantwoism, in all its glory”

  1. Cannonkat says:

    still, i believe i am right and justified to regard john paul II and benedict xvi as brothers, as wheat and not tares, regardless of their public faults in diplomacy. but bergoglio is otherwise, a world of difference from them, because he like an ingrate is systematically attempting to destroy everything that john paul II and benedict xvi built. and so bergoglio is not wheat, but tares:

  2. Stabat Mater says:

    Officially signed, sealed, and slapped! Deo gratias! St. Ignatius of Loyola, ora pro eo!

  3. Guest says:

    Oh so the Church can give evil but make it optional, can it? Nowhere in VI does it condemn sedevacantism. The office of the papacy will endure till the end of the world, but there is no guarantee that there will always be a pope at any given time, as can be seen whenever a pope died. Read this:

  4. Guest says:

    A pope can be immoral, OK. But what if the pope is not even a Catholic?

    I have done reading on this. It is necessary to obey the pope. There is no option to recognise a pope as legitimate but not obey. Commanding something evil is different from commanding something faithless. That is a novel teaching that is actually schismatic. The only Catholic option is to reject his authority.

  5. Hilary White says:

    Rolled up newspaper stings a bit, but it’s just newspaper.

  6. Galloglasses says:

    Its fine Hilary, I admit I was rather taken aback and embarrassed when I saw this post however, which is why I held back from commenting on it.

  7. Lynne says:

    The Church opened its windows to let the World in.

  8. Hilary White says:

    I’m glad you commented again. I didn’t mean to single you out personally, of course, but your post really encapsulated quite neatly the thing I’ve been hearing again and again all over the place, so I thought it an ideal starting-off point.

  9. Zachary says:

    I think without Vatican II, the decline/heretical effects in the Church would have been slower; a example of this kind of effect would be in Poland, where Mass attendance is currently at 40%, i.e the heresy would still be there and the secular culture would still have greater influence over time, but things like Assisi/kissing the Koran and open groveling to non-Christian religions would not have occurred.

  10. parishonerusa says:

    Yeah, one is a contradiction and one of them puts you without a Church and without the Sacraments. So it’s quite a conundrum. I want to go to SSPX but my very logical husband brings up this same point. SSPX has the same Pope and Magesterium as a regular diocese, so what exactly is their deal? I need to just make an appointment with the local SSPX Priest. I think I’m putting it off fearing he has the same reasoning that comes to no conclusion that I hear from all concerned. I guess it can come down to SSPX has the valid Sacraments and they have been the resistance to error since VII and hopefully that won’t change.

  11. What.Ever. says:

    “…scary short haired women running every Flipping Church in this country.” This! Thisthisthis! So completely true. And it’s not just the short hair…’s the scary, butch part. I know lots of beauties with short hair. It’s the crew-cut that is the problem.

  12. Galloglasses says:

    Can I just say, given it was my comment Hilary used for this post, that I did not in fact worship the Pope? Yes it was my hope that if nothing else in the Church gone mad, I at least hoped the Pope at the very least would remain faithful and restore the faith, like so many other Catholics today hoped as well. Its one thing to say I was in error, or even in heresy for my misguided papism, and you’d be right, but I am not and have never been an idolater worshipping the Pope as if he were Christ.

  13. JohnCalla says:

    If I had the choice I’d take Benedict back this very minute.

  14. JohnCalla says:

    It’s punishment for the sins of the people.

  15. Ad Orientem says:

    A two-part answer, maybe too simple, or maybe spot on:

    1. “An enemy hath done this”, and;

    2: Men are weak.

  16. Newtemplar says:

    Nil point. The answer is actually nothing. The second Vatican Council obliges no Catholic to believe anything he did not believe prior to 1962. John Lane is a sedevacantist and therefore not trustworthy concerning any analysis he might offer as sedevacantism was anathemised by the first Vatican Council. They knew what they were about in those days.

  17. RodH says:

    Seriously, and this is a question from a convert who acutely sees the wreckage…would it have been a lot different if V2 hadn’t happened? I wonder, as what I am asking is, as you say it looks like the Church was in a mess BEFORE V2 would not the same or similar collapse have happened with or without the documents of V2. Can y’all speculate a bit for me?

    I can for sure see how the docs of V2 have been used to further the aims of the heretics, but I’m curious nonetheless.

    IOW, did V2 swing a wrecking ball against the Church or were many Catholics just itching for an excuse to apostatize and/or chase after heterodox teaching? A very devout and dear friend and “convert” of sorts to the Latin Mass who is a Kenyan Priest {he at first didn’t like the TLM but after seeing how messed up the US Church is, has come to love it} told me that the vernacular really WAS a very important change that has helped the Church to grow in Africa.


  18. Chloe says:

    This is exactly why I said elsewhere ‘don’t you dare go off into the woods! We need you!’ Can’t manage right now without you to keep me sane. Bless you for this!

  19. RodH says:

    Seriously, and this IS a serious question?

    As a convert, having studied and continuing to study the Scriptures and the wonderful teachings of the Church, just why, in a paragraph or less, is the Church so darn messed up?

  20. RodH says:

    Another grand slam {or whatever that is in cricket} from Hilary!

    I am a convert who was raised in the United Methodist Church where I saw the same envirohomopaganism foisted on the folks there 35 years ago.

    Praise God for the FSSP and a local {a little less than 2 hours away} parish!

    This Pope really does represent the penultimate expression of Christ-misquoting, Scripture misstating, homo-favoring, liturgy junking, economics bungling, adultery-catering, sacrilege celebrating rubbish all too common in the Novus Ordo culture.

    In a way it is refreshing. Like flipping the lights on in a Mississippi diner at three in the morning. You always KNEW the place was crawling with cockroaches and you even herd them scurrying under your feet, but catching them all squirming around dead center in the kitchen floor really helps put things into perspective.

    Time for the spiritual Orkin Man to clean the place up.

    As for the poor fellow who worshiped the Pope, well, we preach Christ crucified. HE is Lord, Savior and God.

    Not Mother Earth-venerating Jorge Bergoglio.

  21. Aaron Baugher says:

    Yes, the position of “We think he’s the pope and we say Mass in communion with him, but we reject his teachings and his liturgy and pretty much everything he says” makes no sense at all, from a Catholic perspective. It really has to be one or the other, though deciding which can be very difficult.

  22. Chris Ferrara says:


  23. Michael Dowd says:

    Excellent Hilary. It all began 50 years ago for my wife and I trying to teach the Catholic religion to the 11 kids in the Detroit diocese. Catholic schools were corrupted. CCD ditto. Bad Masses in abundance where we had to walk out. Finally, my wife started her own CCD program with 100 participants. An order priest was found to be the chaplain. For confirmation the kids had to be driven to another diocese. It was all very bad. Now only a few of our kids practice their faith. Vatican II was devastating for the Church and devastating for it’s members. There will be hell to pay for those responsible.

  24. Guest says:

    Praying with non-Catholics is not mortally sinful but good. Religious liberty is not an error. The Church and Pope must come to terms with the progress of the modern world. The Church must search for truth together in dialogue with false religions…

    Actually, have a look here:

  25. tallorder says:

    John Vennari, in a two-part audio series, said it well. Benedict is a liturgical conservative but a post-conciliar liberal.

  26. parishonerusa says:

    How about salvation outside the Church? What about worshiping false gods? Muhammed was dictated the Koran by a demon from Hell but we are obliged to believe that Muhammedans are first amongst those who acknowledge a creator. I don’t think Lucifer himself would deny a creator and he lost his place in Heaven.

  27. parishonerusa says:

    She Is Catholic had the sweetest presentation on modesty in dress and then she went in to the Convent and I guess you can’t access her videos anymore at all. Such a bummer, she was a wonderful role model for young women. But she just presented the archaic rules that a Pope layed out clearly back in the day and strangely enough they would still work today. I don’t even think most women would be opposed to them, they literally just don’t know them. Shirt collar no more than two to three fingers below notch of neck, sleeves to elbows, skirt covering your knees. Very simple and I swear it would just never in a million years occur to people; modesty is just not part of our culture at all anymore. The women distributing Communion at my NO literally dress like street walkers and they are old and they are not prostitutes, they just think that’s how you dress. They think that they are getting dressed up for Mass.

  28. Stabat Mater says:

    Whaaaattt?!?!? Not even amongst New Orleans Latin Mass goers. LoL Oh my!

  29. antigon says:

    Precise, Miss White, perfect really.
    And indeed each day, for all the pain of his bringing the disease fully to the surface, one grows more grateful for the manic Argentinian, for due to him, we need no longer pretend the disease is somehow part of the Body; & by finally & fully recognizing it for the poison it is, we now have the clarity, as you say, to suit up for the fight either to cure or expel this clericalist poison that but pretends to be the Faith, in the demonic hope, not to say delusion, of killing Her.

  30. Dodger Dickens says:

    The pope is still the visible sign of unity with the will of Christ — no one else has been promised the keys — therefore, the insistence that the Holy Spirit cannot, will not, allow him to solemnly declare a heresy, acting as the voice of Peter. If Jorge Bergoglio contradicts doctrine, he’s not speaking with the voice of Peter, and does not enjoy infallibility. End of story.

    That doesn’t prevent him from doing catastrophic damage and driving men and women away from the Church or enacting “pastoral” practices that spit all over the Deposit of Faith, but, regardless, we owe fealty to the papal office. That’s a difficult balance, because we also believe that obedience to legitimate authority is extremely holy. Jesus was obedient to Pilate, who would not recognize his divinity. Saints like Mary MacKillop and Faustina were obedient to those who used their power for unjust purposes, and praised by God. We owe obedience to the papal office, unquestionably because it is backed by the Holy Spirit. The horrible circumstance of a pope who seems bent on pushing the Church to the precipice of destruction is a trial and a storm we must endure — to betray the office of Peter would be to betray Our Lord. And at the same time, we are called to be witnesses to the Truth, out of love for our neighbor, when abuse and heresy are floated as trial balloons by even the highest members of the hierarchy.

    They don’t call things like this a crisis for nothing. It’s unpleasant and frightening because it gives the Enemy a path to manipulate us with fear and loathing and the impression that you’re the crazy one in the room. Pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen Peter. Don’t let dislike of Jorge Bergoglio become dislike for the papacy. That’s why we have the Eastern Orthodox.

  31. Martha says:

    The ‘short skirts and cleavage’ bit made me chuckle, as I’ve sadly seen that at TLMs as well. A strange dichotomy, that; especially when paired with a mantilla!!! The poor victims of the modern age can be slow on the uptake.

  32. Newtemplar says:

    What does the Second Vatican Council oblige us to believe that we did not already believe for two millennia previous to it?

  33. S Armaticus says:

    Agree. As someone who never bought into the VII cult, (liturgy changed the year I was to become altar boy, memorized Latin responses only to never use them) I have come around to see Francis as the best thing that could have happened in Novus Ordo land. If he wasn’t such a crack pot and a caricature of the uber neo-Mod, the scam could have gone on for a while longer. But with him, once he is gone, the Yeltsin papacy will be upon us. Francis has aborted the Gorbachev papacy in the womb.

  34. parishonerusa says:

    And one more thing, these SOB’s used the two things that men who generally have a spine would just flee before. Short haired women and effeminate men. And I do have short hair but I am cute not scary and I am growing it out now in defiance of scary short haired women running every Flipping Church in this country. And it won’t look cute at all but I now despise short hair on women with every fiber of my being. No more Ms. and no more short hair, ever. Maybe if women and sodomites were used as tools to orchestrate this VII mess they can fix it. Sodomites aren’t monsters, they’re just men committing mortal sin, they can stop. They can become great saints!

  35. Guest says:

    This is my predicament. If you criticise Francis someone could just say that he’s just doing what the other Vatcan II popes have done, and if you look at it objectively they are right. Calling for a New World Order? Check. Pretending that false religions are paths to God? Check. Saying that prosylitism is nonsense? Check. Reject scholasticism and rigorous thinking as outdated and far from the reality of modern life? Check. If I reject Francis I have to reject them too, or just shut up and pretend that everything is rosy.

  36. parishonerusa says:

    My goodness, well said and I agree with you 100%! I am very uncomfortable and I could write a book here about why I still don’t feel like I have answers. Just leave NO and go to SSPX seems oversimplified, like it doesn’t quite get to the root of the problem. Maybe just another way to bury one’s head in the sand and ignore that the Universal Church has a big problem. No offense to anyone at SSPX, I think your way more heads up than I have been but I didn’t even know that you existed until five years ago. So this remnant idea is a little bit elitist; there are people sitting in the pews of the Church of their Father’s and Grandfather’s and they love God and they know their faith and they don’t necessarily know that you even exist. Totally get that you work out your own salvation first. But…something is just not adding up here. I wish I could express it but it isn’t quite clear to me. I guess maybe that SSPX and FSSP and whoever else don’t really address the fact that apostasy has been coming from the Magesterium? Ummm, what’s up with that?

  37. Maggie says:

    I have my spiritual battle armor on. The sacramental life, prayer, adoration, rosary….will fight on my knees. I see the machinations and corruption. I see the most faithful denigrated, exiled, criticizes, ridiculed, and demoted by the present pope who has his own agenda. I see the trus Catholics, be they clergy, religious, or lay shunted aside while sin is compromised with and the Truth set aside. Let us cling to Our Lord and Our Lady and the true teachings of the Church. And wait for God’s intervention.

  38. Aaron Baugher says:

    Great article. For me, and I think for many traditionalists, the hardest part of dealing with Francis — and the reason for much of our anger — is what it says about Benedict and JP2 — and us. We projected our hopes and beliefs on them, seeing them as something they weren’t, shrugging off things like Assisi that we’re not willing to shrug off with Francis because he doesn’t give us anything to balance it.

    I used to look at quotes from Benedict, one about the “fabricated liturgy” of the Novus Ordo, and then one about being a man of Vatican II and how great it was, and think, “He can’t possibly believe both of these things. Which one does he really believe? Is he saying one of them to placate one side or the other, and if so, which?” And because I liked him, and was grateful to him for Summorum Pontificum, I went with the interpretation I hoped was true — and didn’t look any deeper.

    Once you get fed up with Francis, you start asking yourself uncomfortable questions, like, “Okay, so then how did we get here? How did the same men who elected ‘arch-conservative’ Benedict elect this guy?That doesn’t make sense, so what am I missing? What happens now to my theories that Benedict was trying to ease us back to the ancient liturgy? What about his ‘hermeneutic of continuity,’ which we interpreted to mean dragging the Church at least partway back from Vatican II to Pius X?”

    If you go digging for answers to those questions, it gets unpleasant, because you find out it wasn’t just Assisi, but lots of different prayers with and praise for unbelievers, especially Jews. And maybe you actually read some of those Vatican II documents that you were assured could be perfectly orthodox if interpreted in the light of tradition, and find out how true or false that was. You discover that even documents praised by many traditionalists, such as Humanae Vitae, planted seeds for some of what we’re seeing today. You read about Hegel and some of the other German philosophers that influenced Benedict. Eventually (it took me two years) you realize that Francis is not an aberration after all, except perhaps in terms of his personality, but a logical continuation of the past 50-60 years. He’s not a mistake, or a bad dream that’s going to go away. He is, in a sense, the personification of Vatican II.

  39. Stabat Mater says:

    Amen! I have just driven 8 hours to another state with my hubby & children to have my 11 yo receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Tridentine Rite in a tiny FSSP chapel. With my pastor’s full knowledge & permission, of course. Feel like we are a bit underground, however. Praising God that both my children will have been Confirmed in a reverent ceremony that does not look like a nightclub. Yes, that’s how the chickeepoos in my diocese dress for the Sacrament as they embrace being “the young church.” (Title provided by our local bishop.) Guitars, drums, contemporary “Christian” music, short skirts, cleavage, and street walker shoes are the typical uniform.

    Novus friends think I am ridiculous to not “just wait” until my son is 16, a junior in high school, and has undergone 3 years of CCD and “service hours.” Ah the fruits of social justice… withholding sacraments that are all about God’s grace & mercy until we have made ourselves worthy of it. Nothing anthropocentric about that ideology?!?! Ummm I kinda thought that our “worthiness” is rather impossible, and the point of the sacraments is to remind us that we will never be able to survive on our own work & merit. (I am NOT at all talking about being in a state of grace & properly disposed for the reception of sacraments. This is common sense and typically NOT emphasized in CCD, and if it is, it is observed by VERY FEW.)

    For the record I was born in the 74. No sentimentlaity about the TLM. I never knew anything about it until it ROCKED my world 5 years ago.

    This ship has been hijacked by infidels, and we of the Church Militant, had better start manning up. I pray that is what I am teaching my boy to do. I will not send him to battle without full armor. And I want him nice and comfortable in battle gear before he has to come out swinging. My hubby doesn’t quite get all this, but he is man enough to know that his wife wants Heaven above all for our little family. I trust God will make use of all the man has honored for love of His Savior and his extremist wife, whether or not he ever fully grasps it here, in time and in eternity.

    May we begin to reclaim all of which Holy Mother Church has been plundered. Restore ALL things to Christ! May God grant my boy a life of holiness and a battle cry that makes liberals tremble and flee!

  40. A. Christian says:

    This is good stuff. And it is right on the money. Being a true Papist still requires us not to trust in Princes, but Jesus.
    I am just a smidgen worried that this chap can’t “make TLM regularly.” I will pray for him.

  41. Guest says:

    I don’t see how one can reject Vatican 2 without necessarily rejecting the men pretending to have to have the authority to promulgate it. There’s this idea floating around that a pope can be an unquestionable apostate and blasphemer but as long as he doesn’t speak ex cathedra he’s still pope. Is the pope the rock of unity or just a figurehead? Is this idea genuine Catholic teaching or a reaction to a grave crises?

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