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Quick! Close the gates! Open the gates! Close the gates! Open the gates!

“If the state will not punish these people and the media will not talk about it the victims will get increasingly frustrated and could be come racist, and then we will have a confrontation.”

“Not only not only is the problem being ignored, the French left and many mayors actively promote the growth and spread of sectarian Islam. For good reason. Muslims have become an important constituency of the left.


Hollande announced on Friday night that he would be closing the borders, but I’m afraid unless he intends to send troops into the no-go banlieues…

There was a little crowing over the weekend about France “finally” being willing to do something. Someone finally stepping up…

ImageSeriously? This guy? This podgy, bespectacled little socialist EU lap-dog bureaucrat?

He’s your Charlemagne..?

“90% [of French Muslims] voted for Hollande in the last election”




Meanwhile, appropos of nothing whatever, remember when Italy’s government was forcibly deposed by the European Union and a puppet “technocrat” government was put in its place without an election in 2011? One of the first things the Monti government announced was a cut in the military budget of about 5 billion Euros as Bloomberg reported in 2013. The total defence budget in 2011, before the EU take-over: 25.3 billion Euros. Since then, the defence budget for this country has been more than halved.

“Italy aims to to reduce the number of military personnel by about 16 percent to 150,000 and civil staff by about a third to 20,000 by 2024.”

More recently, the Renzi government announced it would be further reducing the military budget: “Italy’s defense ministry will have a budget of 13.58 billion euros in 2015, almost one billion euros less than it predicted it would have in a three-year provisional budget issued in 2013.”


Italy is looking to increase funds for security after raising its terror alert in the wake of the Paris attacks, while Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has cooled talk of Italy launching a bombing campaign in Syria.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Monday that the government was looking to boost funding for security in its next ‘stability bill’, which is currently working its way through parliament.

“If parliament wants to increase funding for security, we’re ready to talk about it,” Ansa reported the Prime Minister as saying during the G20 summit in the Turkish resort of Antalya.

Within hours of the attacks in Paris, Isis supporters took to Twitter to gloat about the atrocity and claim that “London, Washington DC and Rome” are next on the list.


Gianluca Buonanno is promising locals in the town of Borgosesia, in the northern Piedmont region, 250 euros ($284; £184) towards the cost of a firearm, La Repubblica website reports. Mr Buonanno, a member of the the right-wing Northern League party and also an MEP, says the cash – dubbed the “gun bonus” – represents about 30% of the cost of a gun. His announcement comes in the wake of a debate over self defence laws in Italy, after allegations that a pensioner shot dead an intruder in his home near Milan on Monday night. Police have now launched a voluntary manslaughter investigation, according to La Stampa.

“I want to increase the defence capability and security of my fellow citizens,” Mr. Buonanno says, adding that he’s tired of seeing homeowners end up in court for using force against intruders. “I say better cemeteries full of criminals than empty prisons.” Private gun ownership is strictly regulated in Italy through a variety of licences. Buyers face a mandatory criminal background check, and must present a medical certificate to show they don’t have any mental health problems.


A Calabrian town is worried about going extinct and has banned people from getting sick or dying…

No, really.



Another dying Calabrian town has decided to just give the whole thing away and be done with it…

…rather than, say, having a few children and trying to maintain their numbers and native culture


Oh yeah, these guys are the hope of the future…

The population of this town located in the toe of Italy’s “boot” is shrinking as its residents get older. The narrow streets climbing the hills of the old town are lined with empty houses marked vendesi — for sale. The central square is nearly empty at midday — just a couple of shops remain open…

Local officials in Satriano are enthusiastically situating refugees in temporary housing, lining them up with jobs and assisting them with their applications for asylum. The hope is that the refugees, most of them men in their 20s, will choose to stay here rather than making their way north to more prosperous parts of Italy or on to Germany, Sweden or the UK. Perhaps they’ll bring their families, buy some of those empty houses and make a life here.

“The presence of refugees can be an opportunity to repopulate the town,” says Satriano Mayor Michele Drosi. “It can create a virtuous cycle.”


From the website of Generation Identitaire [auto-translated from French]:
Aware of the challenges facing us, we do not refuse battle. Proud of our heritage and confident in our destiny, we have only one watchword: we will stop more! We are the lost generation, but not the lost generation. Because we go to war against anyone who wants to deliver us [from] our roots and make us forget who we are. Our ideal is the reconquest, and we will carry through. Generation Identitaire is the barricade on which stands youth fighting for its identity.


9 thoughts on “Quick! Close the gates! Open the gates! Close the gates! Open the gates!”

  1. Katherine says:

    They are.

  2. Fred234 says:

    Unbelievable. Look at that group of low IQ morons. How sad an Italian town with thousands of years of history will finally end up as a third world toilet.

  3. Ab illo bene dicáris says:

    ……rather than, say, having a few children and trying to maintain their numbers and native culture

    The women were strong and independent and needed to work on their careers.

    See the early bits of Idiocracy.

    Or, as the Catholic girls here Stateside say, “Hey, I’M NOT A BROOD MARE!!!!”

  4. billinlv says:

    Stick a fork in it,……..Europe is done. There is no place to which to flee. The civilized, Christian West has so embraced evil that it no longer has the ability to even survive. And you thought that killing babies in utero and embracing homos (so to speak) was going to lead to utopia? For those individuals who know the truth, wherever you are now is the place where you will need to make your stand. It is do or die time.

  5. Dr. Mabuse says:

    Let me give you a better translation of the key part of that French paragraph:
    Aware of the challenges that face us, we do not flinch from battle. Proud of our heritage and confident in our destiny, we have a single watchword: “No more retreat!” We are the generation that’s been sacrificed, but not lost. Because we go to war against those who would tear us from our roots and make us forget who we are.

  6. bosco49 says:

    “I want to increase the defence capability and security of my fellow citizens,” says Mr. Buonanno?

    Then allow EU citizens to own firearms. The Muslims don’t seem to have a problem acquiring them in Europe. Only Europeans do.

  7. dymphna says:

    Good grief. They look like they’re posing with a hostage.

  8. OakesSpalding says:

    Gates. If only.

  9. GW says:

    Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: The West Has Lost the Will to Live

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