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Ann Barnhardt’s final video will be released here. Wanna know what it will be about?


I can pretty much size a person up these days with four words:

“Boy, dark days, huh?”

And “huh” isn’t really a word.

When I meet people, especially anyone having anything to do with the Church, after a sufficient quantity of pleasantries, I lean in a bit maintaining full eye contact and say, “Boy, dark days, huh?”

The sift is fast, clear and decisive.  Either their eyes widen with surprised recognition and the relief of having found a kindred soul, and the conversation takes off at a dead sprint, or their eyes withdraw, darting with evasion and clear discomfort, as denials, equivocations and sometimes genuine blissful ignorance come forth until they can make a sufficiently polite, albeit hasty exit.

There is something terribly, terribly wrong with the world on a scale never before seen.  I’m sure 99% of the people reading this are fully on-board with that statement, and beyond that know it to be true down to their very core.  And yet on every side we are being gaslighted, told that WE are the “crazy” ones.

The problem is, up until now, this overarching problem with the world has never been explicitly defined.  Since those of us screaming have never been able to explicitly describe what it is that we are perceiving, able to speak only in the broadest terms of evil, blindness, and perversity, we have never been able to generate traction, or to help people anticipate and defend against attacks.

I believe that the nomenclature now exists to not only describe the problem, but that in the very act of describing and exposing it, we can, in a very real way, spiritually vaccinate ourselves, enabling us to move freely through plague and demon-infested lands, inoculating and arming others as we go, and even beginning the centuries-long task of the rebuilding of Christian Civilization.

The problem has a name.  It is called “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, or up until a few decades ago, simply “megalomania”.

The missing keystone which illumines most everything we are seeing in the world today, from the secular world of politics, business and media, to the realm of human sexuality, to the auto-destruction of the Church, is the heretofore ignored supernatural reality that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is nothing less than a human being, by a free act of the will, adopting the psychological posture and emotional palate of the DEMONIC.

A person with NPD is as close as a human being can get to being a demon.  They can be thought of as “deputy demons”, prowling throughout the world, seeking the ruin of souls.  People with NPD, like demons, derive malignant satisfaction from injuring or even killing other people’s SOULS. Like demons, people with NPD are animated largely by SPITE, borne out of ENVY.

What is it that they are so envious of?

Very simply, the ability to love.

Given this, my presentation will cover, among many other things:

-The identifying traits and behaviors of individuals with NPD
-The difference between NPD and socio/psychopathy
-The classic synergistic relationships between pathological narcissists and socio/psychopaths
-NPD in government, business, finance, academia, false religious organizations, and the Church
-The psycho-spiritual origins of homosexuality and all abberosexual behavior
-Why the only acceptable psychosexual orientation is heterosexuality, most especially for priests and religious
-Why even “chaste” homosexual or even asexual people cannot be allowed into the priesthood or religious communities
-Why ugliness is considered beautiful today
-How effeminacy relates to NPD
-How feminism relates to NPD
-Why the percentage of individuals with NPD is skyrocketing
-The criticality of re-embracing the ontological fact of the existence of bad, wicked people
-What Our Blessed Lord said about such people and how we should deal with them
-The importance and moral imperative of preaching hell and damnation to the pathological narcissist especially

This is just a very bare-bones outline.  This presentation will be packed with citations, quotes and examples of NPD behavior all around us today.

So, do you think you might find this interesting?


[Here’s where you can do a little preliminary reading. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Traits to look for. Are you the child of a narcissistic mother? There’s going to be a test later. HJMW]


77 thoughts on “Ann Barnhardt’s final video will be released here. Wanna know what it will be about?”

  1. Ghostrider says:

    This would be a good clip to include in your new vid release:

  2. slcraig says:

    Look, WE battle kingdoms and principalities for the Glory of God and the deluge of rumors of wars and calamities are no more prevalent now than at many other times through the ages.

    WE are tempered by the fires of life so that chaff is burnt from us leaving only that which GOD seeks of us

    Be troubled and fear in humility before GOD, for the MEEK shall inherit the earth, in faith and in the full armor of GOD.

    Evil is as Evil does, know it when you see it and call out for it to be gone in the name of Christ, in the dark of night and light of day where ever you may be.

  3. Kent Clark says:

    I totally agree. Perhaps if she has some rest and relaxation she can look to the future and how she can best confront and explain the evil forces that are surrounding us. She does such a great job explaining the intricate and complex in simple terms. It could save a multitude of souls.

  4. matt lusk says:

    One flew into the cuckoo’s nest but, never flew out again.

  5. matt lusk says:

    She could be the next Carolyn Keene or Rex Stout if she put her mind to it. I think she would do best as an historical author correcting current propaganda. Perhaps she could mine the historical schism behind Sabbath vs. Sun-day worship or the 2000 year history of Catholic finances, Tithes and Expenditures.

  6. matt lusk says:

    You forgot to connect the dots, switch–>butt.

  7. HenryH says:

    Since when did God give you permission to give up fighting? (Said in the nicest possible way)

  8. Maxime N. DiGent says:

    Not to be confused with NYPD. But what does this have to do with Muslims?

  9. Cannonkat says:

    oh, you mean Trump. here’s the video i think we should be watching: the locus of many if not most of our problems is pretending to sit on peter’s chair…

  10. Marcia Keck says:

    I can hardly wait! But no Ann, not the final video, please no!

  11. nancyveronica says:

    Everytime Ann Barnhardt writes something scathingly scalding, I always am ashamed because I do see myself and think,”good grief, she’s talking about me again (always about me?)” But I appreciate your comment. I am glad more folk are paying attention to her candidness 🙂

  12. CraigV says:

    I agree with the other poster. ..that looks like a typical anti-Christian/anti-white-man/anti-western article.

    I have seen some good articles on that website every now and then…but ya gotta be wary. For the most part they come from the secular atheist angle.

  13. Dr. Mabuse says:

    Yes, I think if you’re worried, it’s unlikely you have the problem. Just like the people who go to the doctor’s office saying, “I keep forgetting things, and I’m very worried I might have Alzheimer’s!” almost never have the disease. Not realizing that one is deficient in some way is the hallmark of narcissism; it’s everyone ELSE who is wrong, never you.

  14. Dawg_em says:

    If conspiracy theories are just that, conspiring would not be a felony.

  15. Kent Clark says:

    Yep! Jim Bakker is a piker compared to our Narcissistic-in chief Obama!

  16. Kent Clark says:

    Yes, why a final video? I know the old girl has a few years left in her.

    And, i would love it if Anne turned her talents to writing some uplifting novels. She has a certain grasp of words that are fun, intelligent and thought-provoking. I learn something new from her blog every week.

    She can be a bit rowdy at times but, who can’t love someone who loves bacon? And, as a garlic necklace keeps vampires away, I am sure a bacon one will keep the muzzies away.

  17. Richard Chiu says:

    What about Antisocial Personality Disorder?

  18. Richard Chiu says:

    We’re pretty close to “TEOTWAWKI”. Of course, the world as I knew it ended a while ago, but we’re coming up on the point where the internet is going to stop working, along with the electrical grid and transport infrastructure. Indications are that the economic collapse is going to be picking up steam by the end of the year and lead to cascade failure even if we don’t have a major military debacle first.

    Even if nobody targets Ann personally first, which we may or may not ever hear about.

  19. Logic says:

    You should watch the interesting 5 minute video online “Homosexuality and Logical Standards.”

    King Lord Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Session 9, March 23rd, 1440: “…the Spouse of Christ is uncontaminated and modest…”

    Lord Pope Pius XI,Mortalium Animos (#10), Jan. 6, 1928: “…the mystical Spouse of Christ has never been contaminated, nor can she ever in the future be contaminated…The Bride of Christ cannot be made false to her Spouse: she is incorrupt and modest.”

    His Holiness Lord Pope Hadrian I proclaims the same Dogma at the Second Council of Nicaea in 787 and His High Majesty Lord Pope St. Siricius in his Feb. 10th, 385 epistle (1) ‘Directa ad decessorem’ to Himerius and His Holiness Lord Pope Gregory XVI in the Encyclical Mirari Vos (#10) Aug. 15th, 1832 repeats the same Dogma that the Church is incorruptible (i.e. indefectible).

    The Church cannot be corrupt and is ever faithful. Those who rebel against the Dogmas of the Church are outside the Church (i.e. heretics and apostates).

  20. What.Ever. says:

    Parenting by “connection” — not kidding. It’s a thing. “If we can change parenting–even a little bit–together we can change the world.”

  21. Margaret Costello says:

    I think people also have to recognize that up to a third of the US population is chemically lobotomized on psychiatric drugs which shuts down reason, logic, ‘out of the box’ thinking, the ability to detach emotionally and deal with reality. We’ve also been brainwashed into thinking objective truth doesn’t exist, that love is ’emo, go along to get along’ and that “happiness” is the goal of life, not goodness and sanctity. Mix all of that in a pot, and yes, people are looking like emo, materialistic, hedonistic, narcissists that have been enabled by their parents, grandparents, leaders, clergy etc. for decades. They trusted that people who knew better would tell them what they were doing or thinking wasn’t right…but the people supposed to pass on and uphold the truth dropped the ball.

    Looking forward to your video:+) I too walk around thinking I am Marilyn Munster, drastically different from the rest of my environment. The difference being I don’t want to become a Munster/Monster. It’s two different realities that are being lived out: truth and delusion.

    God bless~

  22. Steady Steve says:

    And demons will roam the earth in the guise of men.

  23. antigon says:

    Just might, Miss B.

  24. Two2trees says:

    If I understand your concern: Read the supporting background stuff. But just a note: your concern most likely rules you out for full blown npd.

  25. Gwynn Ap Nudd says:

    I like raccoons. They have a very joyful approach to life. Some people have them as pets – which apparently is a lot of work and overall a mistake.

  26. Gwynn Ap Nudd says:

    There are doubts. She’ll never mention Bishop Lefebvre because he was critical of the Jews.

  27. Gwynn Ap Nudd says:

    Also check out Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie”. He thought that such people were actually possessed by demons.

  28. JefZeph says:

    I’m not sure I understand the use of your link, fast996.

    Are you holding this Apologist for Jihad up as an example of one who embraces lies, or are you claiming that his propagandic tirade is an “example” of Western evil?

  29. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    I’m tossing in a comment now, before I go off to read the linked articles. (Quick, before I find out how wrong I am!!) 🙂

    I think a lot of the idiocy we’re seeing “out in the greater world” is due to loving (but consumed-by-guilt) parents who believe all the claptrap and psychobabble that “Modern Science” has been spouting about child-rearing over the last several decades (- and since said “claptrap” comes from the Ivory Towers of Academe, it’s well-leavened with Commie propaganda, too).

    Short version of the New Rules for Parents: “DON’T damage your darling children’s delicate psyches by telling them “No”! Use only positive words and encouragements! Never hint that they have disappointed you. DO NOT, EVER!!, tell them that what they did was wrong. It is sufficient to tell them they “made a mistake”, and that you are sure they “will learn from it and do better next time”. Praise them and they will live up to your positive expectations!!” — and so forth.

    Kids who don’t get a lot of “No” don’t learn to recognize limits and boundaries. When Mom-and-Dad dutifully follow the “psychological best practices” of the day(*), so that they carefully use only “positive reinforcement”, and turn the typical “test-of-wills” stage of toddlerhood into a crash course of bargaining-for-compliance, and resolutely “employ non-confrontational ways of directing their child’s focus toward desired behaviors”, their kids grow up NOT understanding that their little precious egos do not mandate Reality, and that their whims, beliefs, and moods are not the only yardsticks to use when judging How Things Should Work.

    “No.” —-> a very GOOD word for children to hear. Short, sweet, non-negotiable “NO”. Civilization will thank you.
    – – – – –
    (*) PS- for a clue as to how correct ‘Expert Pronouncements’ are on ANY subject: just think how often the Federal-Guidelines-for-Food-Consumption have been upended and reversed: margarine, eggs, fats/oils have been reviled as “bad for your health”, but then (a decade or so later) reinstated in the lists of “healthy foods” — at this point, “Eat a variety of things and limit processed foods” is probably all we REALLY know.

  30. Louise says:

    Right on. It lines up pretty well too with the vision of Pope Leo XIII I think. Satan has a lot more control than usual over people. I say “we live in Chinese-interesting times.”

  31. lzzrdgrrl says:

    NPD may have been the normal historic human personality profile until Judaism and then orthodox Christianity changed it. G_d touching our world and then following through in His Son, Jesus Christ, created NORMALITY, which didn’t exist for the western world before Christianity and apparently……. won’t survive long without it……..

  32. Sur Veilled says:

    “Taking a vow of silence?”

    THAT was a good one!

  33. Sur Veilled says:

    That’s what I was wondering, too. Goin’ somewhere, Ann?

  34. Donald Anth says:

    The term moderate Muslum is an oxymoron.

  35. Janet says:

    That second link was actually very helpful for me… The site author’s also into some crazy acupuncture BS, but I’m the scapegoat child of NPD parents with whom I still have to live because I can only afford the rent for a housing project… But the baloney with my mother’s literally impacted my ability to relate to women period, so I’m going to be going over this site a lot in the near future….

  36. Mxpctlk says:

    I know this will be great and it can’t come soon enough. Thank you Ann for tackling this and for using your God-given talent in such an instructive way.

  37. Terence says:

    Excellent news! Herd immunity from these human predators is more urgent than ever for the remnants of Christendom.

    I wrote a book about one of these vermin to thicken the non-fiction part of his résumé and put a digital noose around his neck before a real one might be fastened. One (Of many) useful techniques is to informally diagnose them using Dr. Hare’s PCL-R psychopathy checklist (Which I do in full color on page 165 of the book I wrote about my adopted human spider). It also helps for the writer who adopts each specimen to have no ties whatsoever to his subject. Human cooperation confuses the living daylights out of these creatures. Anyway, so glad to hear of your new project!

  38. PlushGrizzly says:

    Looking forward to it. Why final video?
    I will recommend it, before I walk away from some very painful relationships. It won’t help wake these people up, I do not think, but it will be (I know it) a good final statement from me.

  39. Doug Quinones says:

    Thank you, now all we got to do is make people watch it, believe it, and act upon it. Our work is cut out for us.

  40. Saint Vincent of Lerins says:

    A strong personality like yours needs an occasional catharsis. This new video will help you do that. Lay it on us, girl.

  41. Chatillon says:

    “So, do you think you might find this interesting?” — from the posting

    Yes. Yes indeed.

  42. Breitbart InOhio says:

    Another grand slam anticipated by Barnhardt. Hold on to your seats folks it’s about to be another bumpy ride through reality.

  43. gregtuco says:

    That’s wonderful, Ann, but the nomenclature for defining today’s evil has been accumulating over the course of the last two millenium and beyond if one cares enough to read something other than their Facebook page. I’m certainly willing, though, to listen to anyone who thinks they can break new ground on the subject.

    At any rate, I’m glad that you’ve been using your powers for something other than chasing dust bunnies out of the corners. Spending your days ‘mopping up’, honorable work though it is, does not make very good use of the grey matter that God has gifted you with.

  44. ucankwit says:

    Thanks for the Masses!

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  47. Two2trees says:

    Looks facinating! Have noted npd growing as well like others commenting here. Visiting the dsm seems like a natural course of action given the degree of craziness that seems standard today.

    However: what of this connecting? That it’s Isiah 6 (et al.) type blindness. And improbable as it seems, I can back that up some.

    Here’s the basis (evidence is more complex): there is a growing contrast between normalcy and perversity. Those who choose not to see evil (for convenience, say,) seem to get all the more blind and then do ever more horrible stuff. This spirals and reaches a point where, to the rest of us, it seems like they’re fine with stuff like vivisecting babies and then selling body parts. Which they actually are.

    Or perhaps npd is a choice — which would fit everything together very neatly indeed — but I expect not to be able to guess your thinking so easily.

    Anyhow, I hope that I offer a useful/interesting idea and, regardless, I wait eagerly the fruits of your new labor!

    God Bless you Ann!

  48. Stabat Mater says:

    Bring it on!!! I think it is appropriate to say that I have been waiting my entire life (and one tragic childhood with a narcissistic father) for this! Of all the things about which to be so ridiculously giddy… LOL

  49. Nautigal says:

    She’s divinely inspired. There’s no doubt.

  50. nancyveronica says:

    I am afraid….that I will see myself.

  51. Rick says:

    Final video, why final?

  52. Agata says:

    Yes!! Looking forward to this!! Did you look into “People of the Lie” by M. Scott Peck?

  53. aodh macraynall says:

    i look forward to your perspective on this. i have long held that this is the defining characteristic of the age in which we live. i was raised with a parent who would have been diagnosed with npd. For years i puzzled over her symptoms, unable to put a name to what was clearly a syndrome and was so different from the ‘everyday’ pathologies of simple sinners, strugglers and weak Christians. When i was finally able to see it as a personality disorder and later as a serious spiritual malady i was relieved. Don’t let anyone discourage you from pursuing this because you are not a licensed therapist, lay people have often made the best diagoses and analyses of questions in many areas of knowledge. Besides, the anointed ones are often able to analyze a problem perfectly but cannot diagnose a remedy or solution. i look forward to spiritual growth on my part from seeing this.

  54. fast996 says:

    Ann…chew on this a while. I have noticed the same,as St.Paul said there would be a time when people would not understand veritas but embrace lying….wholy psychotic behavior which is a sign of the embracing anti-christ principles.

  55. Jack Lee says:

    Final video? Never say never again….

  56. Dr. Mabuse says:

    I’m looking forward to the video. A book I regularly read every other year or so is Charles Shepard’s “Forgiven: The Rise and Fall of Jim Bakker and the PTL Ministry.” It was written 25 years ago, but that was my first exposure to the term “narcissistic personality”, and in the years since, I’ve seen the phenomenon spreading over the world like algae. Jim Bakker was a very classic case, but back then the concept was new to non-professionals. Now, I think Bakker would come across as a rather small-scale crook, compared to the brazen grandiosity of today’s megalomaniacs. It’s indicative of how the general social atmosphere has decayed since the 1980s; simple immorality was enough to shock and alienate people then. Now, having the guts to declare degeneracy unacceptable is treated as shocking.

  57. Robert Wolske says:

    Why is it your “final”video? Are you going into hiding afterwards? Entering a convent? Taking a vow of silence? 🙁

  58. Bruceph says:

    You named it, my dear. Less mirrors, more mops and pales…

  59. Anton5 says:

    This should be epic.

  60. Joanc57 says:

    You rock.

  61. Randi Gordon says:

    I look forward to this. NPD has had devastating consequences in my own limited social circles and I have been trying to learn and understand it.

  62. susan says:

    DAAAAAAANG…..when’s this coming out?…And why is it your “last” video???

  63. Linda Clerkin says:

    Not here yet?!

  64. Ann Barnhardt says:

    I haven’t been this excited since the time the raccoon got stuck in the copier. This is gonna be way messier than that, too. Lots of hissing and the putrid stench of burning fur….

  65. kono859 says:

    I’ll admit…I’m a bit nervous to hear it….but know that I must and will. Hope it is soon. Thanks to your obedience Ann, I am now a traditional Catholic and (learning) to love our Lord and His Church.

  66. OnlyEwe says:

    Simply cannot wait for this ammo! I have been surrounded all my life by such. I especially appreciate the encouraging words on the importance of preaching heaven and hell to the pathological NPDer! Sometimes I feel like the crazy one for doing just that!

  67. Near Doowhaler says:

    Yes indeed!
    Thank you Ann!

  68. Dawg_em says:

    Calling it as it is; can’t wait.

  69. russellstjohn says:

    Yes, might help to tie together a few more tangled strands of truth. Will be watching for it Ann.

  70. Lsymn says:

    How has reason been replaced by critical theory, Group think, political slogans and conspiracy theories? The ‘why’ is because sin makes you stupid, but the way it metastasized will tell us about how we can fight it.

  71. Andy says:

    I. Can’t. Wait.

  72. A. Christian says:

    I haven’t been this excited since I got a bb gun for Christmas. I was 7. I still have both eyes. (a couple more guns as well) It’s time to go on the offensive, and that may be offensive for some.

  73. bosco49 says:


  74. GW says:

    I’m looking forward to your insights.
    FWIW, I think all the destruction we see around us are due to the lie “You shall be as gods” and boiling down to the rebellious “Non serviam”.

  75. VeilOfTiers says:

    I’ve lived with an individual like that. After reading this, the light has dawned–why didn’t I see what is so obvious about current times?

    Bring it on!

  76. Barbara says:

    I’m looking forward (in a sick kind of way) to reading this too. I’m one of those who always make excuses – “he can’t know what he’s saying,” “but the Pope just doesn’t understand how he’s leading souls to hell – not possible – he really believes what he says.” And on and on. So there really are evil people who do evil? They’re not just stupid, or mis-led, or mis-informed, or blinded by lust? Evil?
    I’m afraid if Ann Barnhardt is writing this it will be so plain and unequivocal that even I will have to believe.

  77. Elizabeth says:

    Looking forward to it, Ann.

  78. Will says:

    I know I will find it interesting, and I am looking forward to it. Thank you Ann!

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