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Ann Barnhardt’s final video will be released here. Wanna know what it will be about?


I can pretty much size a person up these days with four words:

“Boy, dark days, huh?”

And “huh” isn’t really a word.

When I meet people, especially anyone having anything to do with the Church, after a sufficient quantity of pleasantries, I lean in a bit maintaining full eye contact and say, “Boy, dark days, huh?”

The sift is fast, clear and decisive.  Either their eyes widen with surprised recognition and the relief of having found a kindred soul, and the conversation takes off at a dead sprint, or their eyes withdraw, darting with evasion and clear discomfort, as denials, equivocations and sometimes genuine blissful ignorance come forth until they can make a sufficiently polite, albeit hasty exit.

There is something terribly, terribly wrong with the world on a scale never before seen.  I’m sure 99% of the people reading this are fully on-board with that statement, and beyond that know it to be true down to their very core.  And yet on every side we are being gaslighted, told that WE are the “crazy” ones.

The problem is, up until now, this overarching problem with the world has never been explicitly defined.  Since those of us screaming have never been able to explicitly describe what it is that we are perceiving, able to speak only in the broadest terms of evil, blindness, and perversity, we have never been able to generate traction, or to help people anticipate and defend against attacks.

I believe that the nomenclature now exists to not only describe the problem, but that in the very act of describing and exposing it, we can, in a very real way, spiritually vaccinate ourselves, enabling us to move freely through plague and demon-infested lands, inoculating and arming others as we go, and even beginning the centuries-long task of the rebuilding of Christian Civilization.

The problem has a name.  It is called “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, or up until a few decades ago, simply “megalomania”.

The missing keystone which illumines most everything we are seeing in the world today, from the secular world of politics, business and media, to the realm of human sexuality, to the auto-destruction of the Church, is the heretofore ignored supernatural reality that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is nothing less than a human being, by a free act of the will, adopting the psychological posture and emotional palate of the DEMONIC.

A person with NPD is as close as a human being can get to being a demon.  They can be thought of as “deputy demons”, prowling throughout the world, seeking the ruin of souls.  People with NPD, like demons, derive malignant satisfaction from injuring or even killing other people’s SOULS. Like demons, people with NPD are animated largely by SPITE, borne out of ENVY.

What is it that they are so envious of?

Very simply, the ability to love.

Given this, my presentation will cover, among many other things:

-The identifying traits and behaviors of individuals with NPD
-The difference between NPD and socio/psychopathy
-The classic synergistic relationships between pathological narcissists and socio/psychopaths
-NPD in government, business, finance, academia, false religious organizations, and the Church
-The psycho-spiritual origins of homosexuality and all abberosexual behavior
-Why the only acceptable psychosexual orientation is heterosexuality, most especially for priests and religious
-Why even “chaste” homosexual or even asexual people cannot be allowed into the priesthood or religious communities
-Why ugliness is considered beautiful today
-How effeminacy relates to NPD
-How feminism relates to NPD
-Why the percentage of individuals with NPD is skyrocketing
-The criticality of re-embracing the ontological fact of the existence of bad, wicked people
-What Our Blessed Lord said about such people and how we should deal with them
-The importance and moral imperative of preaching hell and damnation to the pathological narcissist especially

This is just a very bare-bones outline.  This presentation will be packed with citations, quotes and examples of NPD behavior all around us today.

So, do you think you might find this interesting?


[Here’s where you can do a little preliminary reading. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Traits to look for. Are you the child of a narcissistic mother? There’s going to be a test later. HJMW]