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Hey Europe! You’re being gaslighted.

“Camus accuses French media of covering up the situation in the name of political correctness. Essentially telling the French that the Islamicization they see happening with their own eyes is not happening. ‘Television is saying every day and school is saying every day that what is happening is not happening. That it is all in your head. That it is an optical illusion.’

‘Practically every week, Catholic churches are attacked, and people received stones in a very old Muslim tradition. So they say, ‘No this is not happening or it’s not important.’ Or if they can’t deny that it has happened, they say that this is a result of racism.”


Yes, you do see what you see, and no, you’re not making it up.

It’s a classic case of “Gaslighting.” The thing you see and hear doesn’t exist. What you see happening isn’t really happening; it’s all a product of your own paranoias.

Gaslighting is a common form of mental and emotional abuse used by sociopaths and malignant narcissists to control their victims. It was named after a brilliant 1938 play, (and subsequent brilliant film with Ingrid Bergman,) “Gas Light,” in which a controlling husband uses various tricks to convince his wife she is insane so he can control a fortune in gems he believes is hidden in their house.

Psychologists have identified the manipulation technique of Gaslighting as particularly harmful for the children of narcissistic parents. Simply described, (by Wikipedia) it involves “information is twisted or spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception and sanity.”

Something we will shortly be hearing more about in this space is “malignant narcissism” and how it has infected the media and political classes in Europe. Gaslighting is one of the main tools of a M. Narcissist to control a victim and prevent him from rising up and rebelling.

What’s the cure?

How do people avoid allowing themselves to be Gaslighted? Wikipedia helpfully quotes psychologist Hilde L. Nelson in her book, ‘Damaged Identities, narrative repair,’ who said that the victim’s ability to resist depends upon ‘her ability to trust her own judgments.’


12 thoughts on “Hey Europe! You’re being gaslighted.”

  1. Chloe says:

    The Animal Kingdom with Leslie Howard is almost totally immoral. I was greatly disappointed as I had always loved Leslie Howard as an actor.

  2. Martha says:

    That video was fantastic, thanks. Good to know there are some sane people out there!

  3. Dr. Mabuse says:

    You know, there was an earlier “Gaslight”, made in England in 1940. It starred Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard; when MGM remade it with Boyer and Bergman, they tried to buy up all the copies of the earlier movie and suppress it! I actually prefer the British version, because Walbrook is such a handsome cad. Charles Boyer always seemed to me such an obvious phony, I couldn’t really respect a woman who’d fall for his act, but Walbrook was dangerous and evil.

  4. Dymphna says:

    Actually, the Pre-Code movies in the early 30s are pretty louche. In Dodsworth, the hero commits adultery and the audience cheers because his wife is such a silly fool. In The Letter, the heroine enjoys adultery and gets away with murder. In the decency Code era remake she gets killed at the end but in the original she’s defiant and unrepentant. In Letty Lynton, the heroine kills a man and everyone lies for her because the victim was such a jerk, he deserved it. It wasn’t until the Church began condemning the movies that the studios cleaned up.

  5. ruralCatholic says:

    I used to take my son to see Tom Mix serials at our local college every Friday night…the same westerns my dad enjoyed as a boy!
    The film I recommend for all kids is How Green Was My Valley…my favorite since age 12 and Fiddler On the a Roof …both honor families, tradition and fatherhood,Amen.

  6. James C says:


    It’s not that the stars of that time were all saints. They certainly weren’t! Even my beloved Ingrid Bergman (star of Gaslight and my favourite film as a kid, Casablanca) scandalously took up with a married man, Roberto Rossellini—an adultery that almost destroyed her career. But never for a moment would Bergman have contemplated creating a film that justified such immoral behaviour with a positive, consequence-free depiction. Even those dirty old Jewish men running the studios had a sense of grave public responsibility about the powerful medium in their hands. They didn’t need the government to step in—they censored themselves.

    But around the time of the Asteroid, the next generation of dirty old men and their obscenely paid film prostitutes decided that the public’s views on decency were not only outdated but contemptible and merited a slick and relentless re-education.

  7. James C says:

    Watching old movies showed me the Real when I had no other exposure to it during childhood. They showed me that the relatively recent past was a foreign country and led me to ask questions about why fundamental things had so fundamentally changed. It was my search to answer these questions that led me to discover the existence of the Asteroid, at which point it all fell into place and my darkened, pathetic little life was put on the path to light and salvation.

    Parents: feed your kids good old movies, and do it young before their peers inoculate them against anything in black and white. It is not enough to forbid them to watch the rubbish getting made today—fill it with good stuff from a time when artists and entertainers in their work aimed for a higher purpose (or at least a wholesome good time) and not to flatter their subjective narcissistic selves.

  8. Galloglasses says:

    Gaslighted is certainly one word for it. Its been going on for decades but the last two the ruling elite have gotten very Politburo about it

    Just for an example, Ireland, the remote corner of Europe and one of the countries least affected by mass immigration (we still get it but nowhere NEAR the suicidal rates of other countries). In secondary education I was thought to view Ireland not as a Catholic country or even as an ‘Irish’ one, it was a land of hundreds of cultures and languages and the most iconic image I recall of that was seeing a poster in our geography class of Ireland made up of numerous flags from all over the world. Sans Ireland’s own flag of course.

    Of course I was born and raised in Northern Ireland and knew as an intrinsic truth about the world that you cannot peacefully share a land with a people intrinsically opposed to you, your culture and religion, not peacefully and not truly. And if that was true when your belligerent neighbor shared the same landmass with you for centuries and was practically identical to you in comparison to other disparate cultures, how the hell was I to be expected to believe the Ishmaelite was my brother and meant me peace and good will?

    There is no way to reverse this without a radical change in the leadership and the ruling elite of society, as the Church simply WILL NOT rediscover itself long enough to get the job done from the inside of the nations. Another post on this site remarked that people will be forced to resort to fascism and other dangerous ideologies because the effeminacy of the Catholic Church leaves them with no option for self preservation, as a European this is quite true and is already happening in many countries. It will be bloody and terrible. But honestly, it will probably be better for everyone if Europe descends into another bloody conflagration to purify itself, even if that means going into, yet another, totalitarian dark age. So long as it also eradicates the Mohammedan threat long enough for the Church to recover, if only a little. Maybe someone could pull a coup in Ireland before our own Quislings sell us out to the goat marrying barbarians.

    Another, better alternative is to hope that prophecy of the Great Catholic Monarch is true, but I’m not placing my bets just yet on that one.

  9. Barbara says:

    And the difference between assimilation and ghetto should be remembered. There are some cultures that are so completely un-mixable as to ghettoize themselves by choice. You can eat pirogies in Winnipeg and tortiere in Quebec City and all join in at Mass on Sunday (obvious simplification alert). Muslims, not so much. Multi-cultie only works when there is a common goal.

  10. Hilary White says:

    Charles Boyer, but yeah. It’s amazing how much of our cultural history you can learn from old movies.

  11. ruralCatholic says:

    Well said! Having been fortunate to have grown up when old films were available every night after the eleven o’clock news and parents were asleep in bed, I watched dozens of classics like “Gaslight”. I remember James Mason’s chilling performance as he drove His wife mad…and it opened my eyes to how people can be manipulated…I just didn’t realize it at the time. That’s the best explanation I’ve read yet that explains how our media is utterly, insanely manipulative in controlling information. It’s not so paranoid as my view that massive funds from oil-rich Muslim counties were bribing the failing media and universities to promote and redefine the Arab view and castigate everyone else, especially the Catholic Church and Jews. It’s always been my understanding that most people will do anything for money, but I agree that rampant narcissism permeates our society as well. Whatever it is, we can all agree that our free press is no more and has become the voice of Sauron.

  12. Dorothy says:

    The multicultural experiment (for example in Canada) depends very much on mutual respect. In Canada, it worked pretty well for decades. Mass migration is the norm; what changes are the groups emigrating on masse. People bring their problems–Serbs and Croats were fighting on the factory floors of Hamilton, Ontario during the Yugoslav civil wars in the 1990s–but they settle down. Their problems have hitherto not been with Canada, per se–although when I was young, it was obvious a lot of immigrant parents had a problem with what they perceived as unchastity among “Canadian” (e.g. everyone not their group) women. It was something to watch out for. However, there may be something new going on: people digging to the bottom of our “food-and-folk-dance” multiculturalism to start picking at the British bedrock, fighting against the never-before-questioned right of citizens to see each other’s faces, to be easily identified when in public or when carrying out a public act. This is an attack on bedrock notions of security, bedrock notions of public life, bedrock notions of freedom that went unchallenged until now.

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