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Hiding Nazis in the attic

As Kathy Shaidle likes to remind us, Western countries taking in thousands of “refugees,” – the great majority of whom are Muslims and among whom are estimated thousands of ISIS operatives – is not the equivalent of hiding Jews in the attic.

But I’m sure they’re not that kind of Muslim…Amirite?

A few years ago, our friend Ann published this on American Thinker:

Yes, that’s right, I have become a Neo-Nazi.

Now, I know what you must be thinking, but I want to assure you that I’m not going to be that kind of Neo-Nazi. I am going to be a true, pure, peaceful Neo-Nazi. I’m not actually going to kill anybody. That’s not the kind of Neo-Nazi I am going to be. I am going to be in what is called the Allgemeine-SS. This is the branch of the SS that does bureaucratic party work, and eventually I will do governmental administrative work, once we take over…

I hope that you will not fall for all of the hateful, bigoted, lying propaganda about Neo-Nazism. Remember, that is all a product of the Jewish-controlled media. The number of Neo-Nazis who are actually, personally violent is relatively small, and besides, I am not that kind of Neo-Nazi.

Your son,

(formerly Scott)

Go read the whole thing.


In addition to immigration, the state, federal and local prisons of the United States may be a contributor to the growth of Islam in the United States. J. Michael Waller claims that Muslim inmates comprise 17-20% of the prison population in New York, or roughly 350,000 inmates in 2003. He also claims that 80% of the prisoners who ‘find faith’ while in prison convert to Islam.”


8 thoughts on “Hiding Nazis in the attic”

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  3. matt lusk says:

    The cultish islamic attraction is political power, money, a “dutiful” wife, friends without drugs and as you say, friends in prison. All cults mix the good and bad to gain adherents. This is probably why God hates this way of worship most. Convicts are susceptible to initiation because they want the political power they never had, the money they can’t get enough of, a clean wife who obeys all instructions, and sober friends realizing at least partially why they were incarcerated in the first place, that being their weakness for drugs or alcohol. God’s people want to separate but, Mohammad’s people want to inseminate. God’s people rely on God’s grace. Mohammad’s people rely on earthly leverage and their hope is in audacious domination.

  4. matt lusk says:

    Radical muslims want to kill Christians.
    Peaceful muslims want radical muslims to kill Christians.

  5. Two2trees says:

    Ann saw this at a great distance. Pity I didn’t know to look closely sooner.

    I didn’t know her then but I did read American Spectator and very vaguely remember being introduced to the islam induction in prison matter.

    It is an engine of malice, but it is probably not the main emergency right now. Although it’s very fair to counter that all islam is the emergency.

    When moral equivalence is stripped from islam, it will be much harder to dupe people into it. The depraved, only, will be attracted – which is typical in un-Christian dictatorship.

  6. Barbara says:

    Yeah, they convert so they don’t have to eat the soy burgers.

  7. A. Christian says:

    That whole prison thing has had my imagination for some time now. I have always held that that is quite a significant population, and contended that it is much easier to convert to Islam as a criminal than Christianity, as Islam doesn’t necessarily require repentance and contrition as a part of conversion. Perfect for criminals.

  8. Sur Veilled says:

    These attacks are not being used as lessons for more thoughtful immigration policies, more efficient and effective border controls, more efficacious apprehension of illegals or foreigners committing serious or violent crimes, or a pervasive mainstreamed reconsideration of western self hatred and of demographic/cultural suicide . These attacks are being used to bolster a war posture of governments who have not represented the national interests of their citizens for decades. They are being used to justify more intrusive, more pervasive, and more stifling surveillance and police powers. They are being bizarrely and ironically used to justify importing even more people who don’t want to assimilate.

    However, the secular materialists seeking and using/abusing these powers don’t make a distinction between the Mohammedans and Traditional Catholics. We both oppress women by opposing abortion and contraception. We are both superstitious, irrational throwbacks to pre-Enlightenment thinking. We are both not willing to assimilate to a global materialistic, hedonistic system that absolutely will demand our full support for many things that are anathema to us, the list for which is growing daily it seems. So, the allah ahkbar shouting boneheads will be our cellmates in the FEMA camps (or whatever you’ll call them elsewhere from America). OR, we will first see the conversion / re-conversion of Western nations to the True Faith. Which one do you think will happen first?

  9. Dorothy says:

    Three things about prison conversions. One. It’s easier to survive prison if you have a big gang o’ brothers backing you up against “the others.” Two. Special meals. Three. Some chaplains are doing a great job and some chaplains probably ain’t.

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