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This city needs a slap in the face…

“An unfortunate clash of ideals”

Gavin McInnes summarizes the Parisian narrative: “An Israeli train, made in America, crashed and killed a bunch of people.” And the Parisians are saddened, so they’re doing what people do when there’s been an accident.

“It’s time for irrational hatred. It’s time for vehement patriotism. It’s time for France and the entire western world to be nationalistic.”

“It’s like the war’s already been won by Islam.”

Yep. All they really need to do now is go around and collect their jizya.

“This city needs a slap in the face… murdering them isn’t helping.”


11 thoughts on “This city needs a slap in the face…”

  1. Sur Veilled says:

    “fine prose dipsy-doodling” – huh?
    “clearly you have answers in mind.State them” – I do not have answers, I have guesses, and I will not post them.

  2. Guest says:

    Yes, Islam is dangerous. But don’t become a dupe of the Talmudists. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

  3. Sur Veilled says:

    “Clearly rational, righteous anger is what he had in mind.”
    No Two2trees, that is most certainly NOT what he had in mind.

    The guy writes and reports for a living, so I think we can take his recorded, editable, broadcast words as the accurate intentional expression of what he had in mind. He repeatedly made statements along these lines, and my comments above are, in part, a response to their bolded re-emphasis in this article, as if they contain a shred of wisdom that might righteously guide our actions. They do not.

    Citizens generally and Catholics in particular should soberly consider the most appropriate, effective civil/national responses to crimes and acts of war, no matter how horrific. WWI accelerated into a cataclysmic confrontation from which Europe has never recovered (and which gave birth to WWII, etc.) because too many gullible citizens were duped into defending the crown, killing the savage Huns who were murdering babies in Belgium, etc. Our Blessed Mother clearly told us at Fatima near the end of that war what that war actually was (look it up), and why there would be another even worse in our future. I’d rather pay attention to her than to some populist chickenhawks who almost always rouse folks to have their countrymen go abroad and spray hell all over them.

    The loathsome muppets chanting allah ahkbar while anticipating their virginal rewards have a just surprise waiting for them. But I would rather identify their puppeteers. Who’s buying all that oil ISIS is selling to finance their activities? Who’s transporting it? Who’s banks are being used to launder that money? Who’s orchestrating/coordinating/enabling the “refugee” invasion of once Christian lands? Who’s providing the massive volumes of armaments they are using? Most importantly, who is looking the other way when it is their job to answer and respond to these questions in the national interests of the people they are sworn to serve? The REAL enemies are among us, and they look more like us than those Syrian shooters tend to. THOSE are the guys that, in my gut, I’d like to tie to my bumper and take them on the last, wildest ride of their lives! But, I’d prefer and gladly settle for a diligent investigation and just prosecutions, for once. THAT would be “righteous and rational”.

  4. Cannonkat says:

    I think all he meant by it was to advocate the men of France to have some BALLS.

  5. Two2trees says:

    They have not been awakened. But the French are notorious for being a bit groggy when awakened by threat of extinction. America has a different track record.

  6. Two2trees says:

    But the guy wasn’t actually calling for that. What he meant was what Ann Barnhardt speaks of as any of the leaders of WW2 thought: how do we win? And, aside from that, damn the torpedoes.

    In other words, we need to think of survival as being won through full victory, not dialogue or surrender. We dont do violence for its own sake. And that if we negotiate about victory and the other side does not (they won’t) then we lose.

    That is sanity. Not propaganda.

    Sure. Propaganda uses truth. But that does not change the absolute right to defense. Try some Thomas if that seems problematic. Maybe around the violence and war questions.

  7. Two2trees says:

    Hoping for irrational hatred is a poorly thought out use of ideas. Clearly rational, righteous anger is what he had in mind. And that is actually not a bad thing.

  8. Two2trees says:

    I was actually looking for an excuse to post this very same clip here. Found it in a comment on another blog and thought. It’s difficult. This is really messed up!

    There is such massively pervasive acceptance of so many false premises. Why? I answer because of Luther and the thinking that lead up to him (a few proto – existentialists.) How? Because of the interjection of the fruit of the tree of knowledge — being able to decide what is good and evil. So long as the Church maintained fidelity to Tradition, as basic as the canon of scripture to the authority to speak on morals — while that rock was in place — things were clear. More of that fruit was kept out of reach.

    The use of the word “rock” is not accidental I think. But it is the rock that lost its foundational quality, NOT the cornerstone. The cornerstone remains for those who would seek it.

    So the answer is Christianity, Catholicism as the lost form. But how do we get there from here? How do we fix the foundation? Do we (and the people if the world) know where the cornerstone is?

    Europe is ahead of us on this slide. Poland, Slovakia and Hungary are being preserved, all three were involved with the fighting, loss and then the ultimate defeat of the turkish caliphate into and out of europe. I wont cite history, one can look it up. They came in through Hungary and were stopped by Poland. There’s a certain nexus there that still echoes.

    Another striking thing was a video I read described but did not yet find: A child talking to his father and a reporter. The kid wanted to know how to stop the bad men. His dad pointed to flowers. The kid was incredulous, but on the dad repeating it, he accepted that flowers would stop islam (not in those words but that was the content.)

    So horrible ideas are as teachable as good ones. Most people (probably all) lack the intellectual candle power to differentiate between them. Good ideas must be promulgated now, so that when the slap comes, the slappee will have in his recollection a good idea that will help make sense of the lousy ones that got him slapped in the first place. Goodness knows that the Sunsteens of the world have planted many more bad ideas to fall back on but the good one is missing far, far too much. That choice of how to think is the sort guided by the Holy Spirit, but His job requires that first we tell of Christ crucified and risen — the Gospel.

    Can we do much better than what He told us to do? And what can anyone do without Him?

  9. faustinaagatha says:

    Sur, I see from your profile that we see similar things. Yes irrational hatred will cause people to be led by the nose to whatever the political class finds expedient. Both left and right want to jettison reason. Jesus told us that there will be wars and rumors of war…. these are birth pangs and don’t get too disturbed.

  10. Sur Veilled says:

    “It’s time for irrational hatred. It’s time for vehement
    patriotism. It’s time for France and the entire western world to be

    Hmm, how’s that working for the Americans? …or for those on the receiving end of their “irrational hatred”, or, more accurately, the cunning massive manipulation? Maybe if we destabilize the region even more, we can get EVERYBODY to leave and move to Germany.
    Maybe if we thrown even more hundreds of billions of our unborn grandchildren’s future earnings into the “defense” contracting and munitions industries, the people might not notice that we’ve stolen their future and sold it to international oligarchs who will be enslaving them in a global dictatorship that will know and sanction their every move.
    Yes, that sounds like a prudent move.

    “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of
    the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter
    to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist
    dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no
    voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.
    That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked,
    and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the
    country to greater danger.”

    — Herman Goering

  11. Linda Clerkin says:

    Their friends, neighbors, mothers, fathers, siblings are butchered in front of their eyes.
    And they don’t care.
    They don’t care.
    Their womenfolk – mothers, sisters, wives, daughters are raped to death in front of their eyes…And
    They. Don’t. Care.
    They won’t defend.
    Lord, I know what I want done with these reprobates.
    What will You do?

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