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“Hey… how long has this elephant been in here?”

Robert_Sarah_Synod_810_500_55_s_c1Cardinal Sarah, whom everybody sane likes very much…but seriously?

Cardinal Sarah has become known all over the world for the extraordinary interest raised in recent years by his book entitled “God or Nothing.”
A book that right from the title puts at the top of list of vital questions facing Catholicism the crisis of faith that it is going through.

Readers of Sarah’s book have sent him many comments, favorable and unfavorable. And in the dossier that is about to come out in “L’Homme Nouveau,” the cardinal responds to a good number of the objections he has received.

But it is precisely what these objections reveal that has convinced Cardinal Sarah even more that the serious case of the Church today is none other than a crisis of faith.


I hate to sound all shouty, but…


Seriously! What. The. Eff?!

Have you just come home from a 50 year vacation on Mars?!

How are you just figuring this out now?

There’s a crisis of Faith in the Church and the world…

Gosh! You don’t say!

Think about it for a second. This is Robert Cardinal Sarah, who is pretty much the only one in the Curia who both seems to have the faintest notion of what is going on and seems to care and has the guts to stick his head above the parapet (I know of a few others who know and sort of care but are keeping their heads well down).

That is to say, he’s more or less the only guy in the Vatican who has any clout who isn’t either a heretic himself or willing to allow the heretics to continue damning millions of souls to everlasting hell. And. He’s. Only. Just. Noticed there’s a crisis of Faith in the Church.

This is as good as it gets, folks.


11 thoughts on ““Hey… how long has this elephant been in here?””

  1. Guest says:

    The crises is Vatican II. It contradicts magisterial pronouncements. If you say it’s not infallible then you say that the Church can potentially give evil. If you say it’s orthodox you have to ignore the fact that the promoters of Vatcan II, the popes themselves, interpret it in a heretical way. They invite demon worshippers to pray with them, blaspheming the martyrs who died to avoid false worship!

  2. Cannonkat says:

    is it not more likely that its rather the return of the Lord which can be the ONLY thing that will successfully deal with the Great Apostasy and the Antichrist that will come from it? Study your Holy Bible, because it agrees with me…

  3. Two2trees says:

    Isiah 6 type blindness. Together with so many, starting around Vatican 2, the Cardinal was kept from seeing – now he does. But there is a choice involved. Choosing to see is not pleasant at all.

    It’s frustrating but it’s a good thing. If more bishops suddenly follow, remember: “as the sun rises from the west to the east, so it will be ….” perhaps even one might hope (fear) that the apparant coming horror will be “cut short.”

  4. @FMShyanguya says:

    V. Let us pray for Cardinal Sarah and for all the faithful Bishops and Prelates.
    R. May he and they stand courageously and tend your flock, O Lord, in your sublime name.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Hey, he’s been surrounded by clerics, and he’s been most of the time in Africa with some trips to Asia, and he spends a lot of time in prayer. Give him a break!

  6. bosco49 says:

    You’d think those with nostrils wide open from sniffing about for the smell of the sheep might have caught a whiff of this stink long ago.

  7. 3C4 says:

    Scary, right?

  8. GW says:

    I noticed the quote you posted included the words “even more”.

  9. Sur Veilled says:

    Like you, Hilary, I am also glad that there are still a few hierarchs like Cardinal Sarah around. Unfortunately, even if men of his principle and integrity were in the majority among our Bishops and Cardinals, I do not think they could restore the Church from apostasy. They have all been drinking from the same poisoned well for too long, and are willing to waste time battling with heretics and apostates over crumbs of the Faith left behind in the aftermath of the Evil Council.

    I will believe that the church is near its time of glorious restoration when somewhat disabled but good or great men like Sarah, Schneider, Burke, Chaput,… give up quibbling with the obsessed queers and modernist zombies who control the buildings and the microphones. We will be on the precipice of victory when, instead, these good men relentlessly lead a growing universal restoration of First Saturdays, Rosaries for the intention of the Pope (we need rather than the one we deserve), and deafening calls for the Pope and all the Bishops to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in precise conformance with the instructions she clearly gave, and similar devotional activity. I believe that we’ve been clearly told that there will be no peace except under her mantle and through Her Immaculate Heart so that all might believe. It seems that this is an act of mercy so that all people of good will can understand what has happened and will know Who is in charge.

    Until then, it seems that we can cheer on the cleanest shirts in the laundry.

  10. fxr2 says:

    I’d like to throw Cardinal burke into the mix as well. Oh, I guess he’s no longer in the curia!

  11. Long-Skirts says:

    “And. He’s. Only. Just. Noticed there’s a crisis of Faith in the Church.”

    He needs to watch a little T.V.

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