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Shoulda walked out, boys, while you still had some credibility: “one month before the opening of the Synodal assembly, the Post-Synodal Exhortation was ready”

First, let’s just get this out of the way…



Today Rorate helpfully helps to clarify

“Will there be a Post-Synodal Exhortation … it was already completely ready before the Synod … blah blah blah… usual suspects... yadda-yadda… Baldisseri, Bruto Forte, Paglia (one of the “good guys” under Benedict… tee hee!) blahblablabbity-blah… well-constructed plan … instrumentum laboris… blahblahblah…

“…without waiting for the meeting of the Synod at all, the Pope published a double text, … greatest secret … reform the Code of Canon Law …procedures of the declarations of nullity…Shocked canonists…grounds for ‘mercy’ were prepared…”

“But the most important element of the Baldisseri Team’s plan was this: the group was working in great secret on the document that the Pope was to publish after the Synod, whose crucial point would hinge on the famous ‘penitential path.’ or ‘path of mercy,’ presented in a maliciously ambiguous way, in order to open up a liberal gate with the pretense of not changing traditional doctrine. In such a way that, in the month of September 2015, one month before the opening of the Synodal assembly, the Post-Synodal Exhortation was ready.”

Right, you get the gist…

Who called it?

We called it.

Laurence England here on WUWTS.

And Pat Archbold

and Steve Skojec.

And to be fair, so did Ed, rather more substantially than any of us.

Then we said, leave the Synod boys because your presence and participation is being used to lend legitimacy and cover for what’s coming.

We are, in effect, calling for a vote of no-confidence. We have no confidence in this “synodal process”. We have no confidence that the pope and his group of hand-picked manifest heretics will suddenly, magically, produce a Catholic rabbit out of the Synod’s hat. Let’s face it, there has been no secret about what these people intended to do from the first day. Since that day. Since the day that the hand picked representative of the pope told the cardinals and the whole world what they intended to do.

What did we say?!

Come on… What. Did. We. SAY?!

We said that if you didn’t, we were going to hold you, not the pope and his clot of hand-picked heretics, accountable. You are the ones the Faithful expected to act.

We warned you that if you stayed and went along to get along,

smiling for the cameras and posing for selfies with the Perp,

We. Were. Going. To. Hold. You. ALL. Accountable…

But noooooo… oh don’t be ridiculous… silly little laypeople…Don’t go sticking your noses in where your betters are working…




Trust us, we know what we’re doing…

The Godfather

Trust us, we know what we’re doing…

“…there’s no ground for anyone to walk out on anything.”
“Australian Cardinal George Pell, who heads the Vatican’s Secretariat for the Economy, told Crux on Friday that by the midway point of the Oct. 4-25 synod, concerns about stacking the deck circulating in some quarters have substantially been addressed.‘”

Oh, also …

i-dont-have-1k1c08 Shut up.

Pat just authorized me to offer his comment: “It isn’t hard to be prescient these days. They aren’t very creative. They seem to be genius manipulators, but they really only have one playbook. It is just that everybody is so unwilling to see it.”

And from Skojec:

“I told you so,” intoned Steve Skojec, publisher of, in a sing-songy voice. “I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!!”



16 thoughts on “Shoulda walked out, boys, while you still had some credibility: “one month before the opening of the Synodal assembly, the Post-Synodal Exhortation was ready””

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  3. Grandpapa Tyler RJ Lorge I says:


  4. Katherine says:

    But, how, practically speaking, does one hold a bishop accountable?

  5. Guest says:

    You sound like yet another Neopelagian, rosary counting, calumniating fundamentalist. You are an abomination to the God of Surprises. If you don’t get with the program, you will be surprised. This God forgives every sin except being against Pope St Francis the First and his Vatican II pals of the Order of the New Pentecost.

  6. Yankeegator says:

    Sad days. The Bride of The King is on her knees.

  7. Deacon_Augustine says:

    Seems like the time is coming for another petition – calling for the Pope’s resignation this time. Failing that, a march/crusade on Rome by pro-life/pro-family groups might do the trick. Its time to make the gaucho sweat.

  8. HRpuffinstuff says:

    I have but one word for the faithful but apparently spineless “Synod Fathers”:

  9. bosco49 says:

    You’re right, of course. I signed the petition and am proud to have done it. For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield 1967)

  10. Laurence England says:

    Told you so! It can’t be said enough.

  11. Hatchetwoman says:

    I was reading another blog yesterday, in which the author examined the question, “Is Pope Francis Catholic?” I agreed with his opinion that Francis is a leftist humanitarian rather than a Catholic. Now I have to add to my own prior opinion of him as being dismissive, sneering, authoritarian, and micromanaging the charge of being a deeply dishonest man.

  12. Aaron Baugher says:

    Whether or not the actual document was written, it was obvious what Francis wanted to do. You don’t need a Synod to repeat already settled doctrine, so he wanted to change something. He needed the Synod to provide cover for the changes he wanted to make, so you can tell what those changes are by looking at the instructions he gave and the recommendations that he insisted by included.

    One way or another, if he’s not stopped by the Holy Ghost or by his lieutenants, he’s going to open up Holy Communion to non-Catholics, starting just with baptized Catholics who have placed themselves outside the Church, but eventually extending to Protestants and further. That’s what this has been about, and almost every statement he’s made lately has contained hints in that direction.

  13. Guest says:

    I think his “good guys” versus “bad guys” act is just Hegelian. Both sides, “good guys” included, don’t say that Vatican II contradicts Church teaching. Whoever wins we lose. At best the “good guys” sink more slowly then the “bad guys” but they’re all heading in the same general direction.

    A good watch for those who are not scared of the truth.

  14. Little boys walk away says:

    Walking out is for cowards. SSPX is paradigmatic cowards, now they cry from the sidelines while a few good Catholic Bishops fight to he end. The author et. al. at 1panzy5 are right up there with the millenials who cry when their feelings hurt. They walk out and go wah wah wah all the way home

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  17. Murray says:

    Yeah, they’re like Bond villains. They can’t resist telling you all the details of their nefarious plan before they drop you in the shark tank. The only difference is that Bond didn’t have a partner tied up beside him yammering his ear off about how Blofeld really didn’t mean it that way, but even if he did, we should just relax because good always wins and you wouldn’t want to be seen as unreasonable, would you James?

    Those photos are classic. I particularly like the balloon one, but that picture of Daneels on the Loggia may be the emblematic image of this papacy.

  18. MaryKJ says:

    Yes. You (all). Did!!!!!!! And many of us knew you (all) were right.

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