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Oh yeah, he’s just seething with righteous Catholic outrage…


I’m sure he’s going to jump right on out and rescue us…

Aaaany minute now…

Aaaany minute…

“I saw the relationship between the two Popes. I saw how baleful would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome). ” – Anne Catherine Emmerich

[H/T to Pat Archbold, via Facebook]


30 thoughts on “Oh yeah, he’s just seething with righteous Catholic outrage…”

  1. antigon says:

    Of course a bishop can, including the bishop of Rome. Given the particular portentousness of the latter, however, the argument for its potential invalidity(unrelated either to the eternal quality of Orders vs. the temporal one of Matrimony) is comparable to those made abrogating the validity of (the still more portentous) confecting of a Sacrament: for tho people thought they were thus confecting, various circumstances in fact rendered that effort invalid.
    Accordingly such circumstances as prevented the Sacrament from taking hold might also apply towards rendering an abdication invalid.

  2. Two2trees says:

    It is interesting how Benedict literally warned of literally a Francis-like calamity, yet he let’s all of it be. Either he received one extremely loaded private revelation (as I recall reading he claimed lead to his decision) or he really is a V2 believer. I doubt the latter is an adequate explanation. Bergoglio and he were at odds at every turn. Benedict spoke against his favorite Marxist heresies. Benedict affirmed the Latin Mass.

    Aside from having aged tremendously since bergoglio came in, I can’t see him cheering any of this. He must have a reason.

    There is something in 2 Thesalonians about Michael being held back. Christ bore his scourging and crowning with thorns and carried His cross mutely save a very brief few words to Pilate.

    It even fits the ccc he edited at 675.

    Does anyone know where that comes from?

  3. Two2trees says:

    Holy orders are eternal, I believe, per Malchizadech. Matrimony is only for life being based on a covanant between a man and woman.

    While both convey Grace, matrimony, as I hear Christ say it, is not eternal: in heaven they are like angels and do not marry.

    How would a papal abdication be invalid? Can’t a bishop retire to be replaced? If any apostle’s heir can, why not Peter’s?

  4. Lori says:

    Benedict in his Caritas et Veritas called for global governance, redistribution of wealth the UN to have sharper teeth. He finished his encyclical just in time to give Obama. It was the play book to redistribute wealth through Catholic channels. Universal healthcare..which the USCCB lobbied for, as well as their hospitals, with”abortion neutral language” of course! They lobby for immigration and for refugee’s all redistributing our tax dollars into their coiffures.

    Please, Benedict might have spoken out on morals but he’s certainly not innocent. Remember he was head of the doctrine of the faith during all the sex abuse issues and did nothing.

    In First Things he wrote an article, Europe and It’s Discontent, which he said the closest thing to Catholic thought is democratic socialism. Isn’t that what Bernie Sanders calls himself? UGH!

  5. antigon says:

    Suspect you’re right Lynda, tho would be curious to read the views of honest & Catholic canonists – nowadays if there are any, or pre-Council otherwise – as regards the specifics of what can & does render the matrimonial Sacrament invalid because it never took.
    And if any of those might be applicable to Benedict’s abdication.
    Whether or no, however, the promiscuous grounds by which post-Council tribunals & ecclesial practice have declared marriage vows never to have taken hold can also be applied to said abdication, thus introducing at the very least ambiguity as to its legitimacy – & that’s leaving aside Padre B’s recent regs, which paradoxically renders them invalid in that as their principles are manifestly applicable to Benedict’s abdication, they thus also invalidate Padre B’s alleged papacy & all its acts.

  6. Paul Goings says:

    If he is acting under duress, then it is a virtual certainty that he is still the pope, and Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope and usurper.

  7. Dr. Mabuse says:

    Or maybe he just had his heart set on that cozy retirement writing books, and was going to get it come hell or high water. So he believed what he *wanted* to believe, that there was nothing to fear from retiring, the future was assured, all those “hand-picked” cardinals would do the right thing, and he sold us out. If he’s such an old, sick man, he could easily beg off these jamborees, but somehow he finds the strength to show up and help drag Bergoglio’s Vatican II victory chariot down the aisle. Well, he has his reward, but I’m done with him.

  8. Lynda says:

    We can only focus on our personal holiness and spiritual battle and pray for a holy bishop to lead us in defence of Gos and the Holy Faith. Until we have bishops willing to speak out and suffer the persecution for God’s glory and the good of the Church and individual souls, we pray, make reparation, fight the evils in our own sphere (there are so many). Fr Michael Rodriguez’s blueprint for the restoration of the Church on the Remnant is sustenance and wise counsel. Hope you’re well, Barbara (within the suffering of this terrible apostasy). God bless.

  9. Lynda says:

    The reference to marriage is false – an attack on the integrity of marriage, both natural and sacramental. If of age and reason, and no undue pressure, one consents to marriage and the marriage is valid.

  10. Lynda says:

    But he ought not be giving his public endorsement to Francis by participating in such rituals, etc.

  11. Lynda says:

    Reparation! Reparation! Reparation!

  12. antigon says:

    ‘Who the heck is this guy anyway – some foreigner eh?’ has been a standard & predictable reaction to every missionary who’s ever plunged into the confused morass to evangelize the world.
    But neither very astute nor very Catholic.
    Leaving aside the portentous name by which his parents baptized him, t’is clear that Bishop Atanasio Schneider has a fuller grasp of the crisis at hand, & no less if not in fact more important the willingness to confront the false prophets promoting it, than any other apostle in this grevious hour; & like his namesake, he clearly not only has the Faith, but recognizes Her importance above all else.
    So instead of, as you say, but whining & venting, time to be grateful God has indeed granted us a faithful & forceful bishop, & thus both to pray for him & recognize that the Faith he upholds is the goal, while recognizing also the continually growing & comprehensive resistance to the clericalist effort to destroy Christ’s Church, & the Faith He bequeathed to Her.
    But of course the Figure around Whom the faithful must rally is their Savior. Yet as to such imperfect men as can assist that struggle, rather than facile dismissal of a true Athanasius, far better to stand with & be grateful for him & the Light he upholds, rather than panting after another when there is one, not to say One, already among us.

  13. Susanne says:

    Maybe Pope Benedict XVI chooses to be summoned by pope Francis because the homo mafia has threaten to murder an innocent person or people if he doesn’t show up. Anything is possible…just saying! I can’t believe that Pope Benedict is in collaboration with this StGallen mafia and other Masonic satanic groups …they hate him and he knows it…. The missing 300 page doisser? Things are so far gone …those who should of rallied around Pope Benedict XVI didn’t because they were scared and still stuck in mud. Pope Benedict XVI save me liturgically speaking… I’m blessed to attend the Latin Mass! There is no way Pope Benedict XVI is a betrayer or a Judas as this post alludes. I’m very sad for those who are turning in on him. Things are hitting rock bottom folks for the whole world too see! The Church is going to go through the Passion just like Our Lord did. We are all being tested! Catechism #675 comes to mind. You have in Las Vegas Nevada supposed “ex Muslims” turn “Christians” disrupting Catholic Churches calling the pope satan and mocking Our Blessed Mother! The elderly are petrified!

  14. Louise says:

    Pray for the arrival of The Prelate. (Our Lady of Good success/Our Lady of Quito).

  15. pearl87 says:

    What is the source of this prophecy you mention?

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I know what you mean Barbara. For whatever it might be worth, have you read The Remnant’s Appeal to the Pope, with a space at the bottom of it to add your name to it? It’s powerfully and beautifully written.
    But as we all know, that’s not going to have any effect on Francis. At least I doubt it. But it’s something. It’s a form of resistance.

  17. antigon says:

    From a post, here slighted edited, to the Remnant:
    Folks who confect the Sacrament of Matrimony with no undue pressure are nonetheless later declared to have had insufficient grasp of their action to render it valid, thus annulling the validity of their vows.
    The principle applies to Benedict who – like folks who thought they had confected a Sacrament but didn’t due to insufficient grasp of their undertaking, even when one of them believes otherwise – likewise had insufficient grasp to render the abdication valid, even if like some of those whose marriages were annulled, he thought otherwise or even still thinks thus.
    Miss White here disparages the idea that Benedict will recognize this & rise to the occasion as he should. And fair enough.
    But that still doesn’t negate the principle, nor the legitimacy of any act taken under the regime of a man who was from the nonce never in fact a pope since, by the same reasoning that grants certain annulments, Benedict’s abdication was never valid.
    That said, or in any event proposed, one shares her view that Bergoglio is a significant historical figure in the Faith’s history in that through, by embracing it, fully bringing the clericalist pus to the surface, he presents the means of repudiating all its foulness since the Council in a way that popes who allowed it while themselves fundamentally yet holding the Faith, would never be able to do, or in any case never did.

  18. Dr. Mabuse says:

    I’ve no hope of anything from Benedict the Chickenhearted. When he lends himself like this as a prop to Bergoglio’s antics, Elizabeth Scalia proceeds to throw his name in our teeth. “See? Even YOUR Pope Benedict is on our side!” He’s little more than a Vatican court jester now.

  19. Barbara says:

    I’m feeling a great need for a figure around which faithful Catholics can rally – as of now, the resistance is diffuse, and even fractious. Burke? No position from which to act. Schneider? No, who the heck is this guy anyway – some foreigner eh? Benedict? What, we storm wherever he lives and carry him on our shoulders to his old digs and prop him up again?

    But this need is urgent! There are a dozen or so really solid Catholic blogs and good centres of information – but with no rallying point all that energy doesn’t seem to be effective. Of course, first question is always: what is the goal? Are we all just whining to each other, and venting? Do we expect a result? Are we waiting for someone to step up?

    Is it too soon to be asking these questions? But when does the real resistance begin if not now?

  20. ArthurMcGowan says:

    So, an 88-year-old man is to be mocked because he’s not on the front lines? BXVI is the best Pope since Pius XII. Francis is the worst Pope since Paul VI, Destroyer of the Roman Rite.

  21. terry says:

    maybe he’s just standing to close to the picture?…’s not necessarily true that with age comes wisdom?…oh heck I give up…

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t see any other possibility. If Benedict felt enraged on behalf of Christ and His Church, he’d come out forcefully and scream it out. After all, what can anyone do to him if he did such a thing? Hence, what other conclusion can we come to but that he’s okey-dokey with it all?

  23. Guest says:

    The problem is if we reject Bergoglio as a heretic we have to reject his successor for subscribing to the same heresies, and his successor’s successor, and so forth until John XIII. Without getting too emotional about the presentation style difference between Ben and Berg, we can see that intellectually they promoted the same errors of false ecumenism, modernism, NWOism, etc.

  24. HudsonLink says:

    Look at the photo of Benedict carefully. Look at his mouth, vs. Francis’ mouth. Benedict’s mouth is turned down, and he is not looking at Francis, who is smiling and looking at Benedict. Benedict is holding a cane, and he looks terribly old, pale and frail.

    He is sick. His butler, who had physical access to him, was suborned. You may make whatever hypotheses you like about why he was in so much pain, and too mentally confused to do his job (which is what he said).

    He is a retired pope. The only way he can save us now is on his knees, in prayer to God.

    The prophecy is that there is a great and holy pope in our future, who will turn everything around. It does not say what will happen before that.

  25. bosco49 says:

    Ah well. When it all comes down I hope it doesn’t land on you. Have a nice day.

    Hoyt Axton (1971)

  26. Josh Himself says:

    In fairness, if you’re going to quote Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, it might be appropriate to mention her perspective on the pope in exile:

    “Last night I was taken to Rome where the Holy Father, immersed in his sorrows, is still hiding to elude dangerous demands (made upon him). He is very weak, and exhausted by sorrows, cares, and prayers. He can now trust but few people. This is mainly why he is hiding.”

  27. John Laws says:

    Sadly, we may need to trace out the history and re-emergence of the German-Argentine Axis to understand recent developments:

    Modernism has again brought us to the brink of totalitarianism, with nuChurch in collusion.

  28. Elizmary says:

    Poor pope Benedict lets pray for him our true Pope

  29. michael ortiz says:

    Benedict is an old man who has given everything he has for the Church. Do you think he’s going to go all-St. Nicholas on the Pope and box his ears? Come on. Let’s be realistic.

  30. Dymphna says:

    Nah. Benedict has left us. I guess his convictions weren’t as deep as we were led to believe.

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