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Like a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour…


“Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist ye, strong in faith: knowing that the same affliction befalls your brethren who are in the world. But the God of all grace, who hath called us into his eternal glory in Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little, will himself perfect you, and confirm you, and establish you.”

1 Peter 5:8-10



There were a couple of images of religion though, like this one of a woman in a burka. #VaticanLightShow


14 thoughts on “Like a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour…”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Sure seems that way, doesn’t it? He’s very worldly. Creepy.

  2. Lynda says:

    It is all part of the NWO globalist, eugenicist, tyrannical agenda of control and oppression. The one world religion is essential part of this.

  3. dcm says:

    Don’t be afraid never give up – when we see these times such as now we
    should rejoice as the time of our heavenly mother is near – here’s a
    little “southern comfort” —

  4. Chloe says:

    Feeble it ain’t! It won us the Battle of Lepanto for starters! And didn’t an African bishop have some sort of vision that it would defeat Boko Haram? “More powerful than an atom bomb” was one description I read. And I rather think that applied to one Hail Mary, let alone the whole rosary. Grab your ‘weapon of mass construction’. Start praying.

  5. JTLiuzza says:

    Sure. Nothing to see here.

  6. Edison Frisbee says:

    Is that the spirit of Cecil the Lion?

  7. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    Hey relax people. They were only pictures of fish, plants and animals, to remind all the people that we shouldn’t trash the earth. That’s not anti-Catholic. It could have been much worse – if they had projected images that were pornographic – that would have been real sacrilege!

  8. Barbara says:

    “woman in a burka” eh? Anselm of Lucca in a meditation on the Salve Regina praises Our Lady, “because Thou alone hast been the Mother of God, Thou alone has destroyed all heretical crookedness.” (from an article on Our Lady: Conqueror of all Heresies, CFN for December)

    I guess we are to reach way deep into our Catholic treasure box and bring up the Rosary (again). It just seems such a feeble gesture though. Praying the same old thing. I want action! I want someone to storm the Santa Marta, or whatever the heck that brothel is called, and grab Francis by the scruff of his neck and fling him into the street.

    But because I’m a Catholic I guess I have to be merciful. So I’ll just take up that old tried and true Rosary and beg Our Lady to bring us a holy pope.

  9. JTLiuzza says:

    For a guy who deems proselytizing “solemn nonsense” and sees no need for anyone to convert to Holy Mother Church when it comes to the eternal disposition of their souls, he sure is gung ho in proselytizing and converting the world when it comes to “climate change.” I suppose he considers one more important than the other.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Unreal. Chilling.

    Sign the petition at Remnant Newspaper.

    (All the way at the bottom of the page)

  11. Kate McAuliffe says:

    Hilary ~ I was looking at your Remnant article which has in the title Eve of Destruction and this song kept popping into my head so I thought I would share it.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  12. Guest says:

    The only thing keeping me doubtful about MDM is the fact that it is illogical to reject Bergoglio as a false prophet when his predecessors supported the same basic heresies.

  13. Steven Cornett says:

    None of those religious images are Catholic, I take it?

    Another sign from the Great Clarifier that Catholicism is not welcome in the FrancisChurch, perhaps? The primary artist behind the vatican light show, as well as the ghastly display on the Empire State Building, states explicitly that the “deities” of the Greeks, Romans, and Indians guide his work and that he contacts them through drug use.

    Many exorcists have met these persons as well, but they well know the truth written in Psalm 95:5 as rendered in the Vulgate, “For all the gods of the gentiles are devils, but the Lord made the heavens.”

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