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8 thoughts on “Any time you guys are ready to step up…”

  1. Barbara says:

    Part of the problem is effeminacy – not feminism or homosexuality, although lots of homosexuals are effeminate. Effeminacy is softness in the face of difficult things – partly. It can be seen in women as well as men – women will no longer to the hard job of motherhood and wifehood. Bishops have caught the effeminacy bug big time and they are hiding it under the GentleJesus mantle.

  2. Linda Clerkin says:

    The ladies will step down when they see they don’t have to step up…
    We. Are. So. Tired.
    To having to step up.
    Because we don’t see men doing that.
    Defend us.
    We will if no one else will.
    Bu we are tired. Of having to do it for ourselves
    If no one will, we will pick up ourselves and do it.
    But for God’s sake. Help us and defend us.
    We’re getting beat up out here.

  3. erucolindor says:

    The name of the person you are looking for is Bishop Donald J. Sanborn.

  4. JohnCalla says:

    There are no bishops (or nearly none) with leadership instincts.

  5. Hilary White says:

    we are addressing bishops here

  6. JohnCalla says:

    random thoughts

    – The 80s were hilarious.

    – The type of men you’re looking for are out there, but unfortunately most are not Christian.

    – Somewhere along the line the Christian religion became very much anti-male. I don’t know the cause per se. This is well before Vatican II it appears, though you see the sentiment manifested heavily at and post VII.

    – Many of the men that have the natural instincts, abilities and strengths to lead are almost completely repulsed by Christianity in its contemporary form.

  7. Dymphna says:

    I never realized how bad that was…

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