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Score cards! Git yer score cards here!




These are going out to Mark Shea, Dave Armstrong and Jimmy Akin…

Thanks for all the help, boys. You’re really making this pontificate hilarious and fun, and we appreciate all your hard work.



10 thoughts on “Score cards! Git yer score cards here!”

  1. Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas says:

    John Wayne never minced words, either, and he also had only one lung. Surely, Bergoglio can find in himself the courage of The Duke!

  2. Henry Craft says:

    Perhaps they should pool their stuff and title it “Adventures in Special Pleading”.

    My favourite line is that Pope Bergoglio is going to Sweden merely to “commemorate” the Reformation, not to “celebrate” it. Talk about subtle fallacies from the doctors of the law …

  3. Cradle Convert says:

    In this case, I would place Dr. Smith’s chip on “You’re an idiot!”

  4. Cradle Convert says:

    He doesn’t have ant problem getting on his knees to wash and kiss transgender and Muslim prisoners’ feet. He has his priorities.

  5. Pearl of York says:


  6. Hilary White says:


  7. Barbara says:

    Poor Francis. History is not going to be kind. For me personally, it’s the ‘bad knees’ thing. Say he does have bad knees, let’s just say. How about a profound bow? Does he have a bad back too?

    I’ve seen an injured priest struggle to use his LEFT knee to genuflect at the altar rather than not kneel at all, and another priest whose knees were really shot bow and adore profoundly – wonderful examples of belief that HE is really, truly present.

    One lung? Francis manages to move an awful lot of air over the larynx with that one he does have. I feel mean saying these things but it breaks my heart to see Francis treat Our Lord in this shabby way.

  8. Murray says:

    In Randall Smith’s article for The Catholic Thing this morning, we get the following hits on the card:

    Jesus dined with sinners too!
    Can’t we be patient and let history judge?
    Who made you a canon lawyer?
    You don’t have to agree with him on everything.
    Why do you disrespect the office?
    He hasn’t declared anything ex cathedra.

    In addition, Dr Smith adds a few more to the card:

    Protestant! [Probably just a variant on Are you more Catholic than the pope?]
    All popes make mistakes.
    You’re just like the mob shouting “Crucify him!”

    Good times.

  9. Pearl of York says:

    So happy you are back, Hillary, and more effervescent than ever. Keep fighting the good fight. You are a holy girl!

  10. thetimman says:

    I love that 2 bingo cards were so easy to make. I’m guessing that 10 more could come…

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