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Not the only ones who’ve noticed…

Pope Francis is on another of his political jaunts across the world, having just met with the murderous leader of Iran with photos showing the two men in friendly, cordial laughter.

One wonders what they talked about in private and who is on whose side.Given Iran’s threat to the free world, its treatment of Christians and members of other religions and general human rights abuses, one also wonders what the purpose of it all was.

I hesitate to think it might be just to add to Francis’ resume as a perceived “man of peace.”


Our buddy Steve writes:

“I wish he would stop this. I wish he would tell people that respecting national sovereignty is virtuous, and that legal emigration is the path to true citizenship, which strengthens nations rather than breaking them down. And I wonder why these families of the missing are being ignored, their stories slipping through the cracks. Aren’t they the poor and the marginalized, too? Aren’t they the people on the peripheries?”


I don’t know, but I am wondering which of his habits are more irritating: his base, materialistic political obsessions; his consistent SJW, 14 year-old-girl, Buzzfeed-informed take on the issues; or the whole Papa Banderuola 24-hour Pope Francis Rule: “Don’t like something the pope has said? Wait 24 hours. He’ll say exactly the opposite tomorrow.”

I don’t really have a personal horse in the US Mexican migrant issue, but the principle at stake is important universally. Do states have a right to require immigrants to follow the rules? Do they have a duty to protect their citizens?

Do popes have a mandate to dictate the policies of states in areas pertaining to these issues? And if so, is Francis taking a side in politics that is in contradiction to authentic Catholic social teaching?

Considering how often he gaily re-writes Scripture off the top of his head, I think I know the answer to the last.


5 thoughts on “Pope-politician”

  1. CraigV says:

    All variety of Muslim sects are wrong and potentially dangerous. The point I was making is the narrative given by the powers that be that Iran is a huge threat to the west is bs. These jokers are trying to gin up support for ww3 and it’s all about the petro-dollar and that desire to build an oil pipeline through Syria…it all goes back to filthy lucre.

    And the Muslims we need to be way more concerned about are the Sunnis…specifically of the Wahabbist (sp?) variety that populate our supposed allies.

  2. Netmilsmom says:

    What you wrote is very simplistic. Shi’a Muslims include the Ithnā‘ashariyyah who want chaos to usher in the 12th Imam and would be happy wipe every Infidel off the map. The West was stupid to get involved with it, but is not the cause.

  3. bosco49 says:

    I think Francis fancies himself a Marxist Ronald Reagan. Whereas Reagan cried out at the Brandenburg Gate: “Mr. Gorbachev! Tear down this wall!” The Lawless One rails out from Mexico: “United States of America! Tear up your Constitution and abolish the rule of law!”

    Another Mussolini Mercy moment.

  4. Barbara says:

    Our Lord Jesus paid the tax and told us to pay our tax. We are to obey all just laws, all laws that do not suggest we sin. Immigration laws are just. We must obey. The Holy Father is sadly misguided to urge rebellion against just laws, and he is especially wrong to urge this for some other perceived good.

    Disobedience is at the root of all sin. Every single time any of us disobeys either God’s law, or the just law of the land we sin. Saint John the Baptist told the soldiers of his day, who were notorious for vice and cruelty, to be satisfied with their pay, and do what they were meant to do.

  5. CraigV says:

    The Muslims in Iran are Shi’a, as are the majority in Syria. Christians’ problems are primarily with the Sunni brand such as from our “allies” in Saudi Arabia. The Sunni are the ones who make up ISIS. You know, the one chopping Christians’ heads off and what not. You know, the ones the West is funding and using to topple Assad. Christians were coexisting pretty well in Syria until the West decided to topple Assad using the same tactics with which they toppled Gaddafi. The Christians are getting wiped out in the middle east because of the wicked people controlling the West.

    Just saying

    Otherwise, your commentary was spot on.

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