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Making sense of Fr. Paul in a Catholic way

I’ve been forgetting to include this guy in my daily prayers for the conversion of the professional papologists.

There’s only so much willful stupidity one can take… And I’d had a bad day.

He posted Ed Pentin’s latest, quoting “Church philosophers” telling us that Francis IS NOT denying Humanae Vitae… all in line with Church teaching… as long as you’re standing on your head, have one eye closed and have downed most of a twenty-sixer of Jack.

When called out, Fr. Paul doesn’t hesitate to blame the victims, deflect, attack the messenger and attempt gaslighting. You know… the usual.

I’m gratified to see, however, that his loyal readers weren’t buying it.

He responds to the people in his FB list calling bullshit…

Fr. Paul Nicholson: I respectfully disagree with the above comments. I think we have to, and I do mean have to, try to find a Catholic way to understand this. The Pope was speaking off the cuff, and so it is possible he misspoke or spoke unclearly, but we as Catholics have to find a way to respectfully keep the comments in a Catholic perspective. I understand and appreciate everyone’s upset over all this, but let us TRY to make sense of this.

A_____ A___: You can’t defend the pope in the manner you desire, and defend the faith as is your solemn duty as a baptized, confirmed and consecrated man. The sooner you deal with this reality the better for your own soul as well as the rest of us among the sheep.
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D____ W_____: I think we’re jumping through hoops to change what the Pope actually said, into what he must have meant to have said. As Catholics we are called to be truthful, honest and upright. This ‘ spin’ is none of those things. I agree with giving a person the benefit of the doubt, but when they say something and their spokesman confirms it, I think we have no choice but to accept it and move forward in truth from there. The pope is human, he can make mistakes, it’s better to be honest about it.
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Fr. Paul Nicholson: It is true popes can make mistakes. But this is a little bit more than a mistake, and does require some serious effort to interpret it in the most Catholic way. We must pray for some kind of clarification.
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Hilary White > Fr. Paul Nicholson Yes, and the most obvious “Catholic way” to understand this is that it is just one more example of Jorge Bergoglio spewing heresy every time there is a microphone in his face. It isn’t up to you or to me to correct this, but the bishops. It is now in their court since he has vocally and publicly denied a defined doctrine of the Faith. He must retract or risk losing the charism of the papacy and it is up to the bishops to demand that he correct himself. The spin you are so obviously desperate to give it is not helping anyone understand the doctrine or the fact – proven multiple times in history – that popes are as prone to heresy as anyone else and that the dogma of infallibility is being gravely misunderstood and misrepresented. It’s time to stop this absurd farce.

Fr. Paul Nicholson > Hilary White: I could greet your hysteria with scorn and sarcasm as it so richly deserves but it is Lent and reading you is an unusual penance as it is. Again, I am willing to give the Vicar of Christ the benefit of the doubt.
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Hilary White: We’ve been giving him quite a lot of that, and every time, he uses it to hang a little more of the Holy Faith on his trophy wall.

Fr. Paul Nicholson: “We’ve”? You count yourself as doing that? I have read your blog. “We’ve” nothing in common. Pray tell what have you achieved by denouncing the pope? I agree that great men will have to address this, but I have every confidence it will be.
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Hilary White: Carry on abusing the messengers all you like, Father. It certainly pays well and doesn’t hurt my stats either. But at some point, there will come an outrage too outrageous even for you to spin away. And clearly fewer and fewer faithful Catholics are buying into it.
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Hilary White: And yes, “we”. I’m one of those in the camp of the realists who are fighting off the idiotic sedes on the other side. He’s the pope. We’re stuck with him until the competent grownups among the hierarchy can get their act together to do something.
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Fr. Paul Nicholson: Well at least you are honest in admitting the click bait factor of attacking the Holy Father.

Hilary White > Fr. Paul Nicholson: I guess we will have to wait for you to admit the site traffic advantages of trying to gaslight everyone. We see what we see before our eyes, and no amount of spin is going to convince us otherwise.

Hilary White: …just in case..
gaslighting narcissitic supply – Google Search


Actually, I count myself as part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, which is probably what I meant by “we.”

I seem to recall reading something about his bishop in Ontario allowing him to continue his online ministry as long as he promised to have nothing further to do with Mike Voris and Co. And yet, a few months after that, he turned up with Mike at a pro-lifer event I was at in Rome.


Tried to get chummy at that event, and later tried (again) to “friend” me on FB.


No thanks. I’m all stocked up.


2 thoughts on “Making sense of Fr. Paul in a Catholic way

  1. lwhite says:

    Jack, thank you for providing this Psalm as it certainly fits for those of us who believe and defend the true Catholic faith.

    Yet, I recently listened to a sermon by an orthodox priest on loving our enemies. I was inspired by it to consider Francis and all of the Modernist heretics/apostates as my enemies but should love them for their persecution against me because I believe the true faith, as they have given me the opportunity to dig deeper into the realities of my faith thus helping me to understand it better and defend it, to practice it with more humility and purpose, and to suffer the indignities and attacks against me as an act of love of Christ, who told us that we would have to suffer if we loved Him. Even so, I pray daily for their conversion out of the darkness and into the Light of Christ.

  2. Barbara says:

    Of course there is a playbook. Every time Pope Francis speaks, EVERYTHING you hear from the likes of Father Nicholson is from the playbook. We haven’t heard anything new coming out of Modernist apologetics since all this started in earnest with Pope Francis. Mark Shea, Jimmy Akins, Karl Keating, 95% of the world’s bishops, 95% of the world’s priests, and 99% of the world’s Catholics are all using the demons’ playbook.

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