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At last! The bishops have begun to defend Catholic orthodo…

pope-francis-philippines…oh wait…

Louie ends with:

“At present, the best they can do is pretend that it has always been the case that the Church considers contraception morally permissible in anticipation of a violent act that has yet to occur and may never occur.

“The very idea is entirely ludicrous to be sure, but that’s all they got, folks.

Keep a close eye on just how vigorously this ridiculous proposition is put forth over the next few days and weeks – on the one hand by ignorant pawns, on the other, by those directly involved in the deception.



But just as we thought it was hopeless, Rohan has come…!!!


Philippine Bishops Back Pope’s Remarks on Zika Contraception”

(Can’t WAIT to see what’s in the exhortation, can you?)


2 thoughts on “At last! The bishops have begun to defend Catholic orthodo…”

  1. Mark says:

    Is that photo of the pope and the bishop doing the sign of baphomet genuine?

  2. JP Cahill says:

    Of course, self-defense via contraception has always been church teaching. And Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

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