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Further to lying Jebbies…

Fr. Zed seems to have done some digging…

It’s not an urban legend, it’s a LIE: Paul VI did NOT give permission to nuns to use contraceptives.

Yeah, it’s not an urban legend until someone loses an eye…

Zed writes:
[It] reads like a soap opera, the one hand. It reads like a vicious campaign of lies and disinformation designed to confuse the faithful and undermine the Church, on the other…

…So, same ol’ same ol’ from NuChurch, then…

This whopper doesn’t pass the smell test. Paul VI told nuns they could use contraceptives… riiiiight.”

Notice, the more you go back in time, the more “Paul VI” becomes, more vaguely, “Rome”. Dig deep enough and you will find that “Rome” turns out to be just an article published, you guessed it, in Rome, precisely by the magazine Studi Cattolici, n° 27, in the year of our Salvation 1961. Title: “Una donna domanda: come negarsi alla violenza? Morale esemplificata. Un dibattito” (A woman asks, how to subtract oneself from violence? Exemplified morals. A debate).

Yes, I can hear you yelling at the monitor. Paul VI ascended to the Throne of Peter only in 1963.

And now I want somebody to tell me, with a straight face, that St. John XXIII allowed contraception. Above all, I want them to show me where and when he did it.

But he’s the God of surprises, right?


3 thoughts on “Further to lying Jebbies…”

  1. Barbara says:

    Satan knows us so well through our past actions and our temperaments. What works now has always worked – otherwise why would Catholics still believe the lies told about 2,000 years in Church history? How’s about those Crusades!

    The demons know about Shepherds and Sheep too. Take away the Shepherds and all you’ve got left of the Sheep is the “smell.”

  2. Lisa_Ann says:

    Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s sites are all down. but here is the article below…on another site here ………….This is the site that was taken down – It’s not an urban legend, it’s a LIE: Paul VI did NOT give permission to nuns to use contraceptives. | Fr. Z’s Blog……………..

    also at the moment all Father John Z’s sites are down

  3. tomsyseskey says:

    A man well-know for his work in public relations once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” That was Josef Goebbels, Nazi Minister for Propaganda and Public Enlightenment

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