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Bet early; bet often

Because it’s the only game they know.

We all know the drill by now, so who wants to lay bets on the next steps:

A.) an embargo’d copy of the Exhortation will be released before the real one drops
B.) no Latin copy
C.) homosex is loving and valuable but all soft-peddled with vague/fuzzy language
D.) communion for the divorced and remarried is crypto-legalized by being kicked downstairs to the national conferences

Post your odds and any new bets in the commboxes (trifecta and superfecta are allowed).

Personally, mine is: the Italian will be released/leaked and the Vatican will let it sit for 3 weeks to really get settled in the press before getting the official one out.

10-20 weeks for English. No Latin.

That’s my five bucks right there.

Bonus: an offering from a friend of mine who works inside and is very experienced with all this:

A. No embargoed copy will be released; a bunch of trial balloon rumours will start making the rounds.

B. After the news cycle outrage has died down, a Latin copy will eventually come out, which will tone down some of the more egregious problems, leading to a new round of neo-con apologists explaining how everything is awesome.

C. PF is fine with sodomites, but has a South Americans disdain and contempt for the act. No, he is neither logical nor coherent. Something will be said about the personal dignity of sodomites, and the need to love them. Nothing (or very little) will be said in condemnation of their acts.

D. 1) I think the plan for the divorced and remarried is more insidious — hinted at by PF in the latest interview. Holy Communion just isn’t that important (!). He said clearly, keep doing what you’re doing, jsut don’t go to Communion. That way, you keep them “in” the Church, they remain in their sin, and you slowly strangle even their desire to be united to Christ – THAT is diabolic.

2) That becomes a trasitory stage. There are still too many people (from their point of view) who realize that their situation is objectively wrong, and they abstain from Holy Communion. This deadens their consciences.

3) In the meantime, with no real permission given, Communion for the D&R becomes de facto allowed (even more so than now); soon, various documents will start laying a documentary groundwork for it.

4) Ultimately, a document from Rome makes it more or less official, with just enough duplicitous wording to give neo-cons a not really very plausible opening to excuse it.

In other words, not with a bang but a whimper.

Sweet Meteor of Death,
deliver us.


3 thoughts on “Bet early; bet often”

  1. Hilary White says:

    Actually it’s not really much of a leap to guess this. Kasper more or less admitted that this was the plan early on in one of his US interviews. He talked about how Humanae vitae was handled and said that they were goign to be using that as a template from now on. Or had been all along, or something like that.

  2. bosco49 says:

    “3) In the meantime, with no real permission given, Communion for the D&R becomes de facto allowed (even more so than now); soon, various documents will start laying a documentary groundwork for it.”

    In short, the way Communion in the hand, altar girls, Eucharistic ministers, etc. crept into the post-VII Church, ‘gradualism’.

    I’ll posit another bet for you, Hilary: To the nearest 10, how many men, women, and children will be walking the face of the earth come the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s 13 October 1917 Miracle of the Sun at Fatima?

    Meanwhile, pray the rosary every day and pray for poor Francis and the Bride of Christ.

  3. James C says:

    And tomorrow the Italian Senate is prepared to throw in the towel as the last country in Western Europe not to have homosexual unions. The Guardian puts the blame (credit) where it belongs:

    “While the bill will be far from perfect, Renzi will have managed to achieve what his predecessors did not.

    “This could ultimately reflect not just Renzi’s political manoeuvres, but the fact that another important change has occurred in Italy since the last time such legislation was tried and failed. Pope Francis, who was elected in 2013, has publicly stated his desire to stay out of Italian politics, despite his concern over gay unions.

    “While the Catholic church has certainly been influential in the political battle, including vocal opposition by members of the Italian bishops conference, it has not killed the bill.”

    And once that foot is in the door, the flood will come. More Guardian:

    “Riotta said it was likely same-sex couples would eventually win parental rights, but that they are likely to win the concessions in court, not parliament.”

    All under Pope Francis’s watch. And there’s no going back after this. But as Donald Trump will assure you, Bergoglio has strong, sincerely held beliefs that popes must stay out of politics. Can’t violate those principles, can we…

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