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Let’s talk about what we’re talking about


No, not funny Homer Simpson, jokey-Hell; not Farside Hell; not nudge-nudge-wink-wink Hell, where it’s more fun than Heaven because everyone’s smoking and playing cards and having a ball. Not polite Hell where the punishment is fitly ironic.

More like this kind.

Utter, utter, neverending despair, horror and hatred as well as shrieking agonies that you can’t imagine.

This kind. Only for real.

She opened Her hands once more, as She had done the two previous months. The rays [of light] appeared to penetrate the earth, and we saw, as it were, a vast sea of fire. Plunged in this fire, we saw the demons and the souls [of the damned]. The latter were like transparent burning embers, all blackened or burnished bronze, having human forms. They were floating about in that conflagration, now raised into the air by the flames which issued from within themselves, together with great clouds of smoke. Now they fell back on every side like sparks in huge fires, without weight or equilibrium, amid shrieks and groans of pain and despair, which horrified us and made us tremble with fright (it must have been this sight which caused me to cry out, as people say they heard me). The demons were distinguished [from the souls of the damned] by their terrifying and repellent likeness to frightful and unknown animals, black and transparent like burning coals. That vision only lasted for a moment, thanks to our good Heavenly Mother, Who at the first apparition had promised to take us to Heaven. Without that, I think that we would have died of terror and fear.”


4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about what we’re talking about”

  1. Hilary White says:

    I’ve recently become a big fan. I have downloaded a bunch of his talks on mental prayer.

  2. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    What you forgot to say is …our fearless leaders don’t believe in it anymore.

  3. Sir Catholic says:

    Hilary – I’m a quiet fan in the sidelines for years now (both this and O’s picnic). Just wanted to affirm you and ask, if you would indulge me:
    1. Love Fr Ripperger. Perhaps the best theologian on the planet. His talks and writings made me a traditionalist. Have you heard / read much by him? His website with all of the multimedia is AMAZING.
    2. As we await the meteor, how do you feel about The Smiths? I have an odd feeling you’re a fan…

  4. Maria says:

    Thank you. Someone needed to say it. I only wish it were a bishop.

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