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A bicycle pump, a jam jar and thou…


My latest for the Remnant…

Sra. Bonino herself has never repudiated the claim of 10,000 bloodied and smashed infants of her early career. It’s one of her big selling points on the left, in fact, the sacrificial offering for her later stellar political success.

“But never mind…”

The scrubbing of her Italian Wiki page means having to dive into the Italian press archives to find the infamous photos of her conducting abortions with her home made machine. The photo has resurfaced on Italian websites, indicating at least that the Italian public has not forgotten what Emma Bonino is all about.

In 1973, abortion was a crime, punishable with two to five years imprisonment. Bonino founded the “CISA,” the Information Centre on Sterilization and Abortion in order to change all that. Through this illegal organization, Bonino recorded herself having committed 10,141 abortions. The group claimed in 1974 to have conducted about 4000 a year.

“But never mind…”

The CISA brochure that included the photo, carried a quote from Bonino herself describing her machine that included “a bicycle pump, a plastic dilator and a vase [jar] in which you create a vacuum, and it ends the contents of the uterus.”

“I use a two-pound can that had contained jam. Women do not care about that. I do not use a vase purchased at a health store, in fact is a good reason to laugh.”

“But never mind.”

This month, Bonino is quoted by Radio Radicale responding to Pope Francis’ nice compliment, saying, “These words are what have pleased me most in my entire life.”

“That is what I have tried to practice with my radical teammates my life, namely that you can speak even if you have different ideas. I do not think I need to say more, it would be disrespectful.”

Well, as long as you feel good about yourself…


4 thoughts on “A bicycle pump, a jam jar and thou…”

  1. Eugene says:

    I feel like throwing up, Come Lord Jesus, soon please.

  2. John the Mad says:

    My opinion of Pope Francis has evolved with each outrageous comment he utters. I have gone from surprise to concerned, to disbelief, to alarm, to going horror, to (now) disgust. Had anyone said five years ago that I would be disgusted by the Pontiff I would have laughed in derision. Regrettably, Francis is a disgrace to his office. Maranatha.

  3. Barbara says:

    “…that you can speak even if you have different ideas…” That says it all – this woman, and many, many people inside and outside the Catholic Church, has been taught that all ideas have equal merit.

    Pope Francis might imitate St. Francis de Sales. It was said of him: “Francois’ method, both in preaching and private conversations with Protestants, was to explain, in his own clear and gentle way, the simple truths of the Faith. He always said that Truth in its graceful purity is attractive and can penetrate even the hardest hearts. In practice, this approach worked so well that if he could be granted a quiet and uninterrupted audience, he rarely failed to impress deeply those with whom he had conference.”

    Pope Francis wants to be gentle, kind, merciful and this would be the way St. Francis would act. The Modernist heretic Francis forgets that the words he uses must be the Truth.

  4. Stephen Lowe says:

    O Lord come to our assistance…make haste to help us…

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