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Hey quisling priest! People are losing their souls!

“Politicians, wisely, refuse to answer hypothetical questions from journalists about what they will do in hypothetical situations. Perhaps one should follow their lead. Why put ones head above a parapet before any conceivable moral obligation to do so is clear? But there seem to be so very many people around who are seriously troubled about what might be God’s will in a hypothetical situation in which some Roman Pontiff or other in some improbable hypothetical future tried to impose upon the Church some doctrinal proposition which was plainly contrary to the Paradosis [the Tradition], or some pastoral praxis which had implications plainly contrary to the Paradosis.”

Sorry, but this is exactly the kind of bullshit that just jacks me. Really. This is why I don’t read Fr. Hunwicke or in fact any of the so-called “good” English priests. Almost no priests, in fact.

In fact, the entire opening of this post just reads to me like it could have been said, a lot less prissily, as, “I’m actually too much of a damn effeminate coward to come out and say what I plainly see is happening, but I’m going to be coy and talk about it in this language because people think it’s cute.”

Really? This is the leadership we are looking to. Really? Does anyone still want to talk to me about how the “good conservative” priests and bishops are going to save us? Anyone? … Bueller?

What kind of men are these priests, anyway?

Why put ones head above a parapet before any conceivable moral obligation to do so is clear?

Ummmmm… because you’re a priest? And because there are thousands, potentially millions, of people being led INTO EVERLASTING PERDITION by the disinformation being spread by Pope Francis and his merry little band of slavering minions. Isn’t that enough “moral obligation” to stick your head up?

…a hypothetical situation in which some Roman Pontiff or other in some improbable hypothetical future

Which part of “contraception can be licitly used in cases where the woman has Zika,” don’t you people understand?

Why did you get ordained? Why? What was it for? Because it sounds to me like the only thing you’re afraid of is “things” “getting back” to your bishop. Buddy, that crocodile ain’t going to eat you last. Maybe if your problem is that you’re taking a paycheque from bad men, you could consider another source of income.






28 thoughts on “Hey quisling priest! People are losing their souls!”

  1. Larry Bond says:

    No, it’s more than that. No amount of persecution halted the early church’s evangelism; the JWs were transported to the concentration camps and are today mocked and stigmatised, yet they’re always out there converting.

  2. louiseyvette says:

    I know. Sad.

  3. Evangeline1031 says:

    I haven’t read Fr. Hunwicke for a while, because of the English slant quite frankly I don’t always understand what he is discussing, but what I comprehend I enjoy a great deal.
    There are no men on the horizon Hilary. We’ve all looked, and they aren’t there, and they aren’t coming. We have a few who have ambled up with some commentary that no doubt raised some Vatican eyebrows, but they did not say the words that would bring on a full scale response like sending someone to Malta to make an example of them to the others.
    Nope. It looks like this is it. This is what we’ve got. No martyrs, no Archbishop Sheens to be found.
    May God provide us the remedy. I can’t imagine what that could be, but He certainly knows.

  4. Evangeline1031 says:

    There must be a weakness, a chink in this armor. There must. We just haven’t thought of it yet.

  5. Hilary White says:

    English Catholicism is blighted by 500 years of persecution, which has taught them all to keep their heads well down.

  6. Dymphna says:

    All the English priests do that “cute” Oscar Wilde-insulting-people- at- a-salon thing with their writing which is why I’ve stopped reading them. The bottom line is this: a priest who fears being shuttled off to a lousy assignment is never going to rock the boat. We are on our own.

  7. RodH says:

    I think you are too hard on him, or rather, off base in your assessment. Fr Hunwicke has a sense of humor that is both cutting and acutely exposes the truth of the situation. He has repeatedly, in fact, more than most every other priest blog I’ve read, addressed the issues with this current Pope.

    Now that latter statement might address the issue you are making…accurately…which is that we have a staggeringly effeminate priesthood that hides and shucks and jives when they face heresy from contributing benefactors {e.g. tithing members of the congregation…} and/or those who can revoke their faculties {e.g. queer bishops and heretic popes}.

    So in the end, I agree with your assessment, I just happen to think Fr Hunwicke is not the best choice by which to make it.

  8. A sharp says:

    Isn’t this kind of like what they say about Papa Bergoglio? That he’s Argentinian, and speaks differently, don’cha know? I actually wonder if these priests stopped blogging, it wouldn’t be a good thing. They could spend more time praying and offering sacrifice. Maybe they would speak more forthrightly after some time doing that. Maybe? I’m only speculating.

  9. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Ok. Assuming you are correct and Father’s erudite postings really do include the equivalent of an a$$ whupping, what good is that if the majority of people don’t get it? If Joe Schmo doesn’t get it, the Pope and his coterie won’t get it, either.

  10. PGMGN says:

    Not to be confused with the dirty word – Hillary.

    You’re welcome ;^)

  11. Newtemplar says:

    No this won’t do. Let your yes be yes etc. The time for dancing round the mulberry bush is well over and the time for girding the loins and micturating or getting off the commode is upon us. Frankly I’m tired of those priests who go along to get along rather than feed their flock. I recall having dinner (in England) with a priest shortly before Summorum Pontificem who boldly declared that once the traditional rite of mass was freed he would not be saying the new mass thereafter. Of course nothing of the sort happened; it is easy to talk but action seems to be beyond them.

  12. Dymphna says:

    I tried reading Fr. Hunwicke and found his style too precious for my taste. All the English priests seem to write the same way.

  13. Brian Miles says:

    They’re also quite tasty and a fine source of protein!

  14. PGMGN says:

    St. Nicholas punched heretics – or at least one.

    Why hate wanting to join such good company? It’s often the slap upside the head that saves the individual and those who look to him/her for example.

  15. louiseyvette says:

    It is way past time for English Catholics and Catholics in general to become militant

  16. Hilary White says:

    Aw. Woogums.

  17. Scott Woltze says:

    Let’s recall that the good Fr. Hunwicke was singled out by the “Magic Circle” or its progeny when he received full communion through the Anglican Ordinariate. He was forced to shut down the blog and keep silent. Worse yet, they delayed his ordination. I’m sure he would accept more humiliations if he felt called to do so.

  18. bosco49 says:

    I see you are inclined to break the bruised reed and quench the smouldering wick, Hilary. It’s a wise as serpents and gentle as doves thing going on here, I believe.

    “He will not quarrel, nor cry out; nor will anyone hear his voice in the streets. A battered reed he will not break off, and a smouldering wick he will not put out, until he leads justice to victory. And in his name the gentiles will hope.” Matthew 12: 19-21

  19. Hatchetwoman says:

    I agree with the overall thrust of your article (that we can rule out the ordained as allies in our battle against the destruction of the Church), but like Tony, I think you may have misinterpreted Fr. Hunwicke’s intent. One of his comment-ers congratulates him as a “master of meiosis,” and I think that’s a correct interpretation (not whether Father is a “master” of it; but that it’s the rhetorical method he used).

  20. PGMGN says:


  21. Hilary White says:

    Not an American. Not an American. And again, I say, not an American.

    English. I get the English thing. I was raised in it. I’ve been known to do it myself. But this isn’t the time for that arch tone that tries to make sure no one feels like anything serious is going on. That English thing. This is the time for dragging people out of the jaws of the devil.

  22. Hilary White says:


  23. Hilary White says:

    The next English person who tells me, “Oh he’s just using that English dry wit thing” will get punched. I’m fecking English, OK?

  24. Hilary White says:

    Eschew is one of my favourite words ever.

  25. Hilary White says:

    I hate wanting to punch priests. I really do.

  26. Pearl of York says:

    Eschew obfuscation, Father Hunwicke! Souls are perishing.

  27. Burt says:

    Feel better now you got that out? …I know I feel better and almost satisfied having enjoyed reading you!
    One of the comments on Fr H’s post was from someone who recommends starting their day with “a good cup of coffee and good post from Father Hunwicke”.
    Having read his indigestible pap I know I much prefer seeing you eat up such sappy pastors for breakfast. Now that went down very well with my Kenyan peaberry.
    I hope Father gets to see it and it makes him take stock.

  28. Tony says:

    Hilary – Great post. My only comment would be that, having read Fr Hunwicke’s post in full with the eye of an English reader, he is rather clearly using dry wit to give Francis and his associates both barrels while remaining loyal to the Church and the papacy as correctly understood.

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