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And it’s TWO HUNDRED pages long!

How many hundreds, Eminence?

That’s right.

You guys read all of … ummm… what was that thing called again? Evangelii Gaudium, right?… yeah, I bet we all read every single world, right? Because Pope Francis is such a joy to read.

94. This worldliness can be fuelled in two deeply interrelated ways. One is the attraction of gnosticism, a purely subjective faith whose only interest is a certain experience or a set of ideas and bits of information which are meant to console and enlighten, but which ultimately keep one imprisoned in his or her own thoughts and feelings. The other is the self-absorbed promethean neopelagianism of those who ultimately trust only in their own powers and feel superior to others because they observe certain rules or remain intransigently faithful to a particular Catholic style from the past. A supposed soundness of doctrine or discipline leads instead to a narcissistic and authoritarian elitism, whereby instead of evangelizing, one analyzes and classifies others, and instead of opening the door to grace, one exhausts his or her energies in inspecting and verifying. In neither case is one really concerned about Jesus Christ or others. These are manifestations of an anthropocentric immanentism. It is impossible to think that a genuine evangelizing thrust could emerge from these adulterated forms of Christianity.

95. This insidious worldliness is evident in a number of attitudes which appear opposed, yet all have the same pretence of “taking over the space of the Church”. In some people we see an ostentatious preoccupation for the liturgy, for doctrine and for the Church’s prestige, but without any concern that the Gospel have a real impact on God’s faithful people and the concrete needs of the present time. In this way, the life of the Church turns into a museum piece or something which is the property of a select few. In others, this spiritual worldliness lurks behind a fascination with social and political gain, or pride in their ability to manage practical affairs, or an obsession with programmes of self-help and self-realization. It can also translate into a concern to be seen, into a social life full of appearances, meetings, dinners and receptions. It can also lead to a business mentality, caught up with management, statistics, plans and evaluations whose principal beneficiary is not God’s people but the Church as an institution. The mark of Christ, incarnate, crucified and risen, is not present; closed and elite groups are formed, and no effort is made to go forth and seek out those who are distant or the immense multitudes who thirst for Christ. Evangelical fervour is replaced by the empty pleasure of complacency and self-indulgence.


Hooooo-BOY! Just imagine 200 pages of that!

Are you imagining it?

Are you?


11 thoughts on “And it’s TWO HUNDRED pages long!”

  1. LionelAndrades says:

    Deacon Augustine,

    You have to understand one basic thing: there is no salvation outside the Church.There is no KNOWN salvation outside the Church. No one in the present or past could have seen, known or met someone saved outside the Church. Since IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE FOR ANY ONE to have seen someone in Heaven without the baptism of water.Neither could any human being know someone on earth who would be saved without the baptism of water.

    The new theology is based upon there being salvation outside the Church. This is irrational.

    Once you have identified this irrationality and avoid it, you can look at VC2 with a different perspective.It kind of changes before your eyes.

    Try it.

    Look at LG 16. It refers to someone saved in invincible ignorance and with a good concience.

    Is this a reference to known salvation for you in March 2016? Do you know any one saved as such?
    So does LG 16 refer to a visible or invisible cases for you?

    For most Catholics it refers to a visible case but not for me.

    Let me know what you think.


  2. LionelAndrades says:

    Pope Benedict, Cardinal Kaspar’s false arguments for Synod Report : Vatican Council II agrees with the dogma extra ecclesiam nullas salus as it was interpreted by the 16th century missionaries

  3. LionelAndrades says:

    Pope Benedict’s heretical interview to Avvenire prepares Catholics to receive a sacrilegeous Synod report after Easter

  4. LionelAndrades says:

    It will support salvaton outside the Church?

    Rahner’s Anonymous Christian is main line Catholic theology : coming back full circle

  5. SJ Green says:

    Apparently it was signed by Francis on the Feast of St. Joseph – ultimate family man and faithful husband. I would really like to be surprised for once (in a good way).

  6. Knish says:

    Remember when Evangelii Gaudium taught heresy on the Jews? I remember.

  7. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    “…replaced by the empty pleasure of complacency and self-indulgence.” If you ignore most of what was written before that, you have the perfect description of most religious orders today in the Novus Ordo!

  8. Maggie says:

    Yeah, the modernist interpretation of the ‘gospel’ has been so successful in evangelizing the world…

  9. Stephen Lowe says:

    I agree…the Mystical Body of Christ must be dismembered! At least it seems that is about to happen.

  10. Michael Dowd says:

    Next step will be to excommunicate these self-absorbed promethean neopelagianists who are have cultivated an ostentatious preoccupation for the liturgy, for doctrine and for the Church’s prestige. There is something about all this that is both profoundly appalling and humorous at the same time.

  11. Deacon_Augustine says:

    If its printed on toilet paper there might be a use for it.

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