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Well, that’s that problem solved!

Holy crap, you guys!

So, the thing I was all worried about is no longer worth worrying about. And I am very grateful.

Heck, I might even reinstate my innernet at home… Oh wait, no.

Too many to send notes to individually, but y’all know who you are. I shall proudly be paying the full bill to Unigas next week. And it’s just in time to have spring arrive and resolve the problem for several months. Yay!

We managed to get through St. Joseph on this side of the pond without an exhortation, so we’re off the hook for a few days at least. Maybe we’ll even get through Triduum without any overt blasphemy from Rome. You never know.

The weather was fantastic today, and all the  (Italian) world is celebrating St. Joseph. In Italy, you do this by eating a bun. It’s a profiterole filled with creme anglaise. I have one in little bag waiting to get home and be eaten with my tea.

I decided to take a day off all my (our) troubles. I was going to write today, or paint or do something grown up and responsible, but it was so beautiful out… first really nice day we’ve had in March … and I just opened all the windows and stomped outside in my rubber boots to disturb the dirt all day. Sunny, warm, just a little breeze to keep it interesting, and the kitties romping around like they’re new to the world.

Turned over the compost, dug a bunch of it into the veg patch, filled up three planter boxes ready for marigolds and mint, and set up my rose arbour, an idea that worked brilliantly. We’re ready for planting. If the weather holds and there’s no frost in the next week, I’ll go down to the Agridea and see what we’re going to have this year.

I took pics, but of course when I came down the hill, forgot my camera. Duuurrrr…

(In case you’re wondering, the pic is of my billhook on top of a bundle of rose canes I cut for the garden a couple of weeks ago, on the last sunny day we had.)






3 thoughts on “Well, that’s that problem solved!”

  1. Stephen Lowe says:

    Would love to see photos of the Rose arbor. Just sayin’.

  2. Grace Clark says:

    Happy for you Hilary……fewer worries now!!!

  3. Stephen Lowe says:

    What no basil?

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