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Daily Archives: April 6, 2016


“Conservative” is getting like those funny pics you can’t figure out what you’re looking at. Bunny or duck? Bunny or duck? Bunnyduckbunnyduckbunnyduckbunnyduck… Steve lines up a few helpful statements from Cardinal Yes-I’m-Conservative Schonborn, just to keep handy… In His Own Words: Cardinal Schönborn on Exhortation’s

But, secks…

Ann helpfully helps with: “Interestingly, Francis’ last spewage, Laudato Si, was written and released in Italian – NOT Latin – to great fanfare. Now, we go back to the Latin. Could it be that these diabolical infiltrators went back to Latin because only in Latin

Pre-emptive interpreting

So, Cardinal Brandmuller, one of the “good guys,” has just issued a statement telling everyone to “interpret” the Joy of Secks according to traditional Catholic moral teaching. [Auto-translated] “In view of the previous discussions will find special interest those paragraphs of the post-synodal letter, which