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Slouching toward us…

“The pastoral situation that the bishops are now facing as they consider the question of communion for the divorced and remarried is of their own making. And I submit for your consideration the idea that this happened not by accident, but by design. With marriage all but destroyed, finding a “pastoral” solution is necessary. It just so happens that this pastoral solution razes the infallible teaching of the Church on the Eucharist as it is implemented.”
Smart-Guy Skojec, March 28, 2014



One thought on “Slouching toward us…”

  1. inara says:

    Favorite Bangles tune, even though it’s from the movie that probably most disturbed me in my young life. Robert Downey sure didn’t seem to have much Laetitia for the Amoris. How he got from that role to Iron Man has always been a bit of a marvel to me.

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