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7 thoughts on “Here’s the text in English”

  1. BillyHW says:

    I can’t wait for Jimmy Akin to translate this into Catholicism.

  2. Hilary White says:

    This has been specifically crafted to “move the Church beyond” Fam. C. I think in the last week or so, someone from the Pope’s inner circle said as much out loud. I’ll look it up later and see if I can find the quote.

  3. Gary says:

    What happened to Familiaris Consortio?? Has that been tossed into the memory hole? Is Francis the beginning of the whole new and improved Magisterium? I need some coffee, I’m losing it!

  4. Hilary White says:

    Barbara, you’ve given me a brilliant idea for a hilarious headline for my summary post (tomorrow, probs). Hint: it’s a Monty Python sketch.

    Keep the faith. It’s only what we’ve been expecting.

  5. Barbara says:

    I have not read the complete text, but the summation on Rorate has chilled me to the bone. It’s all there. The Devil’s agenda. But wrapped in such a sweet package it will be very, very easy to believe this document is going to lead us into a new world of love and mercy.

    I’m sick. This pope actually says that while Jesus spoke of an ‘ideal’ we must realize that we are not all there yet. Priests must treat sinners with gentleness (like Jesus did) but unlike Him they are not to insist they ‘sin no more.’ This is too harsh – not for now but for later. For every treacly statement there is a lie.

    Hilary, this is truly a diabolical document. There is poison at the centre of every chocolate. Dear God, I’m just a know-nothing Catholic but even I can see this is awful, awful, awful. The world is on fire and our voices will not be heard.

    What the heck do we pray for now? Don Bosco’s vision of the bark of Peter almost swamped, but being righted through the passage between the two columns – atop one the Blessed Sacrament, and atop the other Our Lady brings some comfort, I guess.

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