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The Pope says “Yes” to sex education…

From the mouths of their own propaganda machine

Here’s the actual citation, in case you were wondering:

280. The Second Vatican Council spoke of the need for “a positive and prudent sex education” to be imparted to children and adolescents “as they grow older”, with “due weight being given to the advances in the psychological, pedogogical and didactic sciences”. We may well ask ourselves if our educational institutions have taken up this challenge. It is not easy to approach the issue of sex education in an age when sexuality tends to be trivialized and impoverished. It can only be seen within the broader framework of an education for love, for mutual self-giving. In such a way, the language of sexuality would not be sadly impoverished but illuminated and enriched. The sexual urge can be directed through a process of growth in self-knowledge and self-control capable of nurturing valuable capacities for joy and for loving encounter.


8 thoughts on “The Pope says “Yes” to sex education…”

  1. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    “…ever since Vatican II, the bishops have closed their eyes to the existence of evil, have pretended that all is well.” That pretty much explains a lot. The “positive attitude” position of Vatican II (remember how amazing it was that we had a Council that would “issue no condemnations”) now guides all ecclesial thinking and acting.

  2. inara says:

    Yet when we try to train them up in the way they should go, even at our largest Catholic high school, everybody freaks out. Sister Jane dared say masturbation makes you unfit for marriage & people aren’t born gay, & they wanted her head on a platter.

  3. Jude says:


  4. Aloysius Gonzaga says:

    Kathyleen Wynne and her sex-education promoters would be thrilled!

  5. Hilary White says:

    I think I remember hearing from a bishop at Synod 1 that porn also didn’t get a mention. But given what we’ve got today, maybe that was a blessing.

  6. Henry Craft says:

    Another two elephants gone missing in Francis’ discussions.

    One pachyderm is asceticism. Pontificating about love won’t help kids unless you also teach them about self control. Reminds me of how, when I was an adolescent, a nice lady was confronted by adolescent sex drives and could only talk about providing more sex education; this didn’t work.

    A related elephant is the universal availability of porn through the Internet. It’s a huge problem for most boys and men in the developed world, which means it’s also a huge problem for girls, women, and families. Sure, the last Synod noted the issue in a brief reference. And then it moved on to talk about Mercy and similar warm, pleasant topics.

    Why? Because, ever since Vatican II, the bishops have closed their eyes to the existence of evil, have pretended that all is well, and have taught that sin is not a problem to be tackled. The shepherds won’t stop the wolves devouring the sheep.

  7. Michael Dowd says:

    “Integral development” of conscience means saying yes to sin and feeling good about it. This is what Pope Francis appears to mean by mercy. Should sell well.

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