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Burke throws his biggest fans under the bus

Must be Monday…

Nothing to see here…

The secular media and even some Catholic media are describing the recently-issued post-synodal apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia, “On Love in the Family,” as a revolution in the Church, as a radical departure from the teaching and practice of the Church, up to now, regarding marriage and the family.

Such a view of the document is both a source of wonder and confusion to the faithful, and potentially a source of scandal not only for the faithful but for others of good will who look to Christ and his Church to teach and reflect in practice the truth regarding marriage and its fruit, family life, the first cell of the life of the Church and of every society.

But don’t worry! I’m sure the Africans will save us!

13007258_10156812409795615_2349605849457712675_nAnd sure enough, the hyenas are going for it, without delay.

Here’s Longenecker with his.

Steve writes:
Faithful Catholics around the world love Cardinal Burke. And in truth, there is and has been much to love. He is a good and holy man who loves Our Lord and His Church. He has, for a very long time, been one of the few voices of doctrinal sanity in a hierarchy gone mostly off the rails. Our coverage of him in these pages has, for this reason, been universally positive.

But during the Synods, I noticed an alarming thing happening. Whenever Cardinal Burke made a strong statement about Church teaching that appeared as though it could be construed as a criticism of the pope, he would quickly and urgently seek an opportunity to put such a notion to rest. This happened not just once, but several times. Here’s an example from October, 2014. Another from April, 2015.

Steve, I’m sure, doesn’t want to be the one to say it, so I will: Burke has never been the great white hope everyone imagines him to be. It was mostly a case of the Catholic conservatives believing the secular press when they called him a “hardliner” and all that. We were desperate for it to be true, but I think they mostly did it because they didn’t have Ratzinger around to call nasty names anymore. The “liberal” paradigm requires a villain, no matter how ridiculous it is in real life.

I am acquainted with Cardinal Burke, at least a little, and honestly folks, he’s a good guy but a company man to the core. In all the outrages of the last three years, he has done the same thing over and over. He has either remained silent (Lalalalala Laudato Si… I can’t heeeaaar  yooooouuu!) And, as Steve said above, each time he has said something publicly that has been taken by the press or anyone else as critical, he has instantly dived for the phone to backpedal as fast as he could.

I know people who have worked with him, and who probably will continue to do so. He did some pretty fun stuff at Synod 1, reportedly calling Walter Kasper a liar to his face in front of a bunch of other bishops, but he’s not the Guy. He never was. The really hard truth is, there isn’t one. The clericalist impulse in modern churchmen is just too strong. No one is coming to save us.

I realize it’s a hard habit to give up, but we really, really have to stop looking for a superhero to rescue us. We hate the idea that we’re it. We’re the ones stuck with the task of calling it like it is. The only bishop I think I still have any respect for (for the moment) is Athanasius Schneider, and he came right out and said recently that the task of defending the Faith is being laid on the lay faithful.

I got this tonight in an email from a longtime reader and FB chat-buddy:
This pope makes me ill. I have many atheist friends. They love him, and they endlessly attempt to stuff him into my face declaring that I must now side with them because my Pope said so, and as Catholics have no choice but to believe what our Pope says, unthinkingly.

I respond:
This all sounds very good to me. He is exactly what we have needed all this time. He is forcing the remaining believing Catholics to learn and defend their Faith, and even the simple laws of rational thought, something we have not had to do in a long time.

[Btw, Steve T, this is what you say to someone who says that to you: “If you’re an atheist, and the pope agrees with you, there’s something pretty seriously wrong with the pope. He’s not supposed to be confirming you in your grave sins against the first three Commandments. Popes are supposed to be Catholic. If you like him because he’s not Catholic, that kind of logically just makes him a bad pope.”]

We’re it, guys. Sorry, but it’s true. We’re just going to have to get on with the task at hand as best we can.

On yer bikes, lads.


44 thoughts on “Burke throws his biggest fans under the bus”

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  3. MSDOTT says:

    I hear you about the untold story, but will there be enough orthodox cardinals in the next conclave so that there will be a correction?

  4. Two2trees says:

    I offer an alternative. Burke was the first. Could it be that his words were a kind of raising of a flag? No enemy is defeated by raising a flag, but it is a pivotal moment in a rally to attack.

  5. Ad Orientem says:

    That’s it in a nutshell!

    The Latin Mass is (ab)used as a diversionary tactic, even as an implement or tool, to turn otherwise good people into heretics over time.

    At first the enemies of the Church thought they had to stamp it out in the 1970’s to achieve their goal.

    Then they realized that you catch more flies with honey, so it was “allowed”.

    “Give ’em the bells and smells in approved churches and they’ll swallow the Council. We’ll look like the good guys.”

    People who merely *prefer* the Roman Rite of Mass, rather than insist upon it in principle are sitting ducks.

    Archbishop Lefebvre was right.

  6. CorvetteKid1969 says:

    He should have ripped AL and dared the Pope to remove him. It would have backfired bigtime.

  7. CorvetteKid1969 says:

    Yeah, I’m sure he would have opposed paying taxes 40 years earlier to fight Hitler. Oh right, the Seattle elite have no problem going after Germans (WWI, WWII) but not anybody else.

    Seriously, Hunthausen wasn’t even on Reagan’s radar. If it was John Cardinal O’Connor of NY or Law of Boston, that’s another thing. Nobody cared about Hunthausen — except he embarrassed the Church by tying us to the Looney Left.

  8. Heloisa Hodierna says:

    Love it – love the film as well. Wasn’t it St Therese of Lisieux who said she almost envied those who would live in these times because she thought the greatest saints would live then? Well, we’re all He’s got so let’s follow the Sergeant and step up to the mark!

  9. Heloisa Hodierna says:

    I think it meant humanly speaking – Mary is coming to save us. We just have to work out our strategy in the meantime.

  10. Heloisa Hodierna says:

    “I have many atheist friends” – So let’s cause some scandal. I have just told my Christian Fellowship friend that if anyone starts praising the Pope, she is to tell them from me that he’s a heretic. I have a very long fuse but I call a sheep a sheep and a goat a goat and a heretic a heretic – otherwise we are simply playing the same game as so many of the clergy.

  11. Heloisa Hodierna says:

    You start by writing letters, then you have a ‘polite-ish’ stand-off every weekend which starts thawing till the the next letter……………….

  12. Heloisa Hodierna says:

    Pretty strong stuff? Hey, my native language is English – perhaps it sounds stronger in French?

  13. Heloisa Hodierna says:

    Let’s concentrate on the “the first sign of respect and love for them is to speak the truth to them with love.” shall we, at least till the next bomb hits us! That bit’s OK, taken by itself.

    I’m going for damage limitation here, just in case you were wondering ;-))

  14. CorvetteKid1969 says:

    Go into more detail about the battle thing.

  15. CorvetteKid1969 says:

    Fair points….but then what…..violate Church teachings because people’s feelings will be hurt ?

  16. CorvetteKid1969 says:

    Sadly, Jeanne, we have worse cases than AL involving heresy. I am sure they are there in France along with the rest of Europe. What were those bishops/cardinals who voted at Synod 1 to declare homosexual relations “positive” ? What where they thinking ?

    What is the Pontifical Acadamy on the Social Sciences doing putting out Laudato Si and working with the UN and abortionists ? Would the Vatican work with the Klu Klux Klan on pro-life issues ? Would it embrace anti-Semites to lure back traditionalists ?

    Why does the Vatican welcome every form of garbage from The Left, but spit on loyal Catholics ?

  17. CorvetteKid1969 says:

    How about the Pope prioritizing the Faith and the Cardinals and Bishops, too ?

    When you have heretical filth like some of the European bishops declaring schism and advocating positions 180-degrees opposite to the Catholic faith, what are we supposed to do ? What about the Cardinals and bishops who tolerate renagade priests and nuns ?

    What about garbage like Roger Mahony and Rembert Weakland ? And that was on JP2 and B16. Why weren’t they disciplined like Hunthausen ? Why weren’t all 3 given 48 hours to shape up or ship out ? Mahony has destroyed the LA Archdiocese and Weakland destroyed the entire Church in the U.S.

  18. CorvetteKid1969 says:

    Jeanne, the problem is that nobody knows what this thing means. Is that good ?

    Meanwhile, the laity will take their cue from this:

    What do those headlines say ? Is Francis or the Vatican going to demand several hundred photographic corrections to get the record straight ?

    And if the record is already straight……then DRM and communion is OK, Kasper gets more $$$ from the German government and gets to upgrade to a BMW 7-series, and adultery is now OK.

  19. CorvetteKid1969 says:

    Huh ?

  20. binks webelf says:


    “… instead of establishing a universal discipline and process for wielding the (false) mercy, which could easily have been called out as heresy, he instead leaves the heresy up to the local Ordinary. Your ability to receive (false) mercy will depend on how heterodox your bishop is. And with over 3000 diocese around the world, someone seriously underestimated there being only 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover…. ”

    Speaking as an Anglican pastor who served under two forms of ‘local option’ for divorce/ remarriage cases, I assure you that what it meant in practice was torturing the pastor. I’m also thinking the bishops will download this to the local parish.

    Sincerely don’t believe the son or daughter of a wealthy leading parishioner should be allowed to the altar after a divorce? Have a marginal parish family who will be deeply offended & confused if you deny the local eucharist option? Want lots of pre- or retroactive fights in church councils (or in the parking lot, afterwards) over who ‘deserves’ what? Hmm: “Father X is a refuser (i.e. trad), so we need to petition the bishop to remove him, for Father Q, who is all about the mercy”. Oh yeah– living the dream.

    The problems are endless, and may further whittle down the already brittle spines of many clergy, who are victims as much as enforcers of the latest crazy idea coming down the pipe– or, blacken their names as radtrads if they dare question the new order of things. All these square wheels have been tried, and just because Rome is now possibly going to try such, doesn’t make the square or triangular or trapezoidal wheels magically round.

  21. binks webelf says:

    Timely Medicine?
    Bad Popes: Charles Coulombe – Vicars of Christ (revised)
    Book (updated 2014)

  22. binks webelf says:

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  23. Craig Roberts says:

    “No one is coming to save us.”

    Hunh? I thought you were Christian.

  24. samton909 says:

    When Cardinal Burke is against you, you know YOU are on the wrong side

  25. RodH says:

    So Cardinal Burke just told us that we don’t HAVE to commit mortal sin or to believe in it.


  26. Remnant Clergy says:

    His St. Peter denial moment, me thinks.

  27. Remnant Clergy says:

    Eventually the great schism will occur and then sides will be chosen publicly, with the heretics owning the buildings. Get to know the traditional priests now who will have to say Mass in your basement.

  28. Guest says:

    They’ve accepted the spirit of V2. If they seem “traditional” it’s because of the bells and smells, not the doctrine.

  29. thetimman says:

    Is it possible to like this infinity times? I would have gone for “High Water (for Charley Patton)”, from Love and Theft. But this is good.

    Bob always has the answers, and no one changes his doctrine, yo.

  30. Jeanne Smits says:

    I agree, Barbara. Madiran’s example was to battle relentlessly – by the pen – against error and injustice , and he also was on the front lines to fight for the right to the Tridentine mass, the true Catechism and unadulterated Holy Scripture. That means accepting to be treated as an outcast, which he did. But when there was the risk of people leaving the Church, and he thought something he might say would foster that, he would prefer silence. That doesn’t mean keeping quiet when heterodoxy is being taught : but when I read cardinal Burke’s reaction, that is what I understand – when things are getting really bad hang on to the unequivocal truth as set out by the infallible magisterium, no matter what, in true fidelity to the Vicar of Christ.

  31. Amateur Brain Surgeon says:
  32. Chloe says:

    You tell him. Simple as that. You tell him he’s wrong. Preferably in front of adoring members of his congregation. “Father. You’re wrong”.

  33. Amateur Brain Surgeon says:

    Invisibilium within the Prelature is that cleric whose puissant possession of Tradition is such that it could be applied as a force against our Inertia Into Indifferntism.

    ABS has for a very long time understood he has been abandoned by the earthly Hierarchy and so the behavior of Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke has been no surprise especially seeing as how he allowed the Judaisers to use him in promoting Seder meals

  34. Dymphna says:

    Once the biggest sports star in America came crying to ArchbishopFulton Sheen about his marriage. The arcbishop told him that his marriage was no such thing because both he and the woman were already married and to get over it and go home to his real wife. He refused but at least the archbishop called it. It sounds like Cardinal Dolan just said “Oh poor you,” all these years. I hope I read this wrong.

  35. tallorder says:

    What is gobbledy-gook about this? It’s pretty straight forward to me. He begins with a situation then qualifies it; squares it off.
    Methinks you’re being dramatic.

  36. ATDP says:

    The post-Synod soundtrack for the reeling Catholic:

  37. louiseyvette says:

    Oh, thank heaven! I’m at least familiar with this.

  38. Barbara says:

    With respect, Jeanne, you say Jean Madrian taught you “resistance is necessary.” How to resist? Good priests are teaching the faithful Truth. Bad priests are teaching heterodoxy. How does the flock of a bad priest resist? Specifically, how do they resist? I’ve seen this so many times – “criticism of OK, that resistance is necessary, but…” Please give me some concrete examples of how this resistance is to be done.

    Empty, soothing words are not armour, or a battle plan.

  39. Michael Dowd says:

    Let us be ever hopeful There will be much silent dissent and resistance from the Bishops and the clergy, I believe. Their wilful lack of actions in promoting the words of this reprobate pope may be hard to notice, as it should be, but it will be there. Sometimes stealth is the best approach. Silence can speak louder than words as we all know. Listen for the sounds you don’t hear.

  40. Hilary White says:

    The Great Commission

    16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

  41. Karen Hall says:

    Was Jesus “reasonable?” We’re killing ourselves with an addiction to the Church instead of the Truth, now that the two are a fork in the road.

  42. bosco49 says:

    “Why us? Because we’re here, lad, and nobody else.”

  43. DJR says:


    It is unreasonable to think that Cardinal Burke, or any other “establishment prelate,” for lack of a better term, is going to publicly oppose/denounce the pope when the majority of prelates are praising this most recent document, not to mention all the media types, “gays,” Jesuits, and others who are praising it.

    That’s just not a reasonable proposition.

    Of course, Our Lord and Our Lady are with us, along with the angels and saints, but humanly speaking, we are quite alone.

  44. Mary says:

    Just before I clicked to this article, I said the exact same thing to DH. Then I included another, like-thinking family. Truly, I can count on maybe ONE hand the folks who are up to the task. You’re right, Hilary, we’re IT! God help us!

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