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He hates us! He really, really hates us!

No, not him.


Some other guy.


Funny how he’s already blocked me on Twitter. Yeah, real brave there dude. And the prissy little sniff, “I won’t link to it.” That’s OK, I’m good for hits. Also, you’re welcome for the link.

I like the pic though. I might use it for a FB profile pic for a while.

Patheos came close to crashing when Elizabeth Scalia went to I’ll Eat Ya. They lost most of their bloggers in a couple of days. Fortunately, the blogger world is big enough to accommodate A, B and C-listers.


6 thoughts on “He hates us! He really, really hates us!”

  1. Jude says:

    Hmmm, why am I not surprised to see Dave Armstrong popping up there to support him?
    Don’t you just love the new “apologists”? It’s not a profession. There are no credentials. There is no one to whom you must answer. Just print it on your business card or book blurb, and, Voila!, you too can be an “apologist.”

  2. Hilary White says:

    I have mentioned my loathing for this political neologism on occasion.

  3. GracieLou says:

    What really bothers me about this person we are discussing, let’s call him “The Moonbat” is his enthusiastic use of the word “reactionary,” which is a commie term. Does he even know that? To borrow from John Wright’s very awesome essay which I’ve cited before can’t help repeating (edited somewhat to not hog the comment box):

    The REACTIONARY is defined as being motivated by fear of the future, love of ignorance, hardhearted indifference to the sufferings of other, if not sadism, perhaps a greedy desire to defend his unjustly gained privileges. They are evil witches hindering the birth of utopia.

    The REVOLUTIONARY logically must therefore be defined as being fearless, possessing an intellectual love of learning, a deep sympathy with the suffering of others, and a large-hearted generosity.

    At this point, a rational mind would confirm the theory against the evidence, to see if any fearless and intelligent reactionaries exist, or indeed see whether even one element of the past is better than the present. But the whole point of the Grand Vision is that it is immune from evidence. So the same psychological trick which requires the moonbat to embrace a delusion about the past and the future, also requires he embrace a delusion about anything that questions or threatens the delusion

    Remember, the Glorious Vision, which no sane person would believe for a moment, is primarily a method used to excuse and forgive sins by redefining sin as virtue, and virtue as intolerance.

    And then, once you are addicted to sin — for all sin is addictive — you are the slave of the Vision for the same reason a crack whore is a slave to her panderer.

    Then the bill comes due. The Vision has robbed you of all the things you were promised. You are now craven, and moronic, a slave in thought and word and deed, and heartless. You have sold your humanity for a
    mess of pottage. Now, at this point, a sane person, having seen thateverything the Grand Vision promised was a lie, would contemplate whether or not to reject the Cult of the Grand Vision, and look at the evidence fearlessly, with firm intellectual integrity, and weigh and balance the matter logically and carefully, and consult his deeply sensitive human heart.

    But all these things are precisely what you lost forever, once you are a moonbat

  4. dcm says:

    White , talking with father Pfeiffer this past Sunday he informed
    neither he nor father Hewko have an internet blog site . I have posted
    in your comments a couple of Father Hewko’s sermons , I have done this
    without asking your permission , my only thought was exposing others to
    the message of these holy men, I am thankful to you for allowing this.
    Today I did a YouTube search to find any new sermon postings , finding
    Father Hewko’s sermon from Saturday 4/16/16 at a Mass he gave in Windsor
    Ont. considering the comment I made the other day ( above) , this
    sermon just blew me away. Also another one dated 4/17/16 also vary
    powerful . Both are at a YouTube site called 469fitter.
    I would post them to your comments section but I am hesitant to without your approval.
    I hope you will consider watching and or sharing them with others – Thank You

  5. Hilary White says:

    Nothin much. we’re just making fun of other bloggers for a laugh. It’s that or season 5 of SG1

  6. Hilary White says:

    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

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