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Like the cat with the canary feathers stuck in its mouth


Cardinal Marx: “No situation in which someone is excluded forever.”

As Steve suggested on Twittface, there’s been a bit of a change of tone. Not that long ago, we had the very adversarial Marx shouting [at CDF head Cardinal Muller] that no matter what the Vatican did, they were going to go ahead and do whatever they wanted anyway. (As if we all didn’t know that they’re doing it now.) Did he clam up in the last few months because he got a promise that he would have everything they were demanding?

Soon, soon…

So, I suppose we will have to start a new set of entries on the Rap Sheet page on the sidebar. We’ve had quite a few of the usual suspects crowing loudly that they’ve finally triumphed. I see no reason not to believe them. Let’s see… first off the mark was the Philippine bishops, then we had Kasper crowing about how it’s the most revolutionary document in 1700 years, then a group of priests in northern Italy, and now Marx, who sits at the right hand of the pope and has been at the centre of the plan from the start.

But, as I’m sure someone must have pointed out, the whole point of ambiguous language is to make sure that the cronies get what they wanted, and that anyone who tries to point this out is shouted down by the toadies. “How dare you suggest…”

It really is getting to be a very tiresome game.


5 thoughts on “Like the cat with the canary feathers stuck in its mouth”

  1. Laurence England says:

    Tiresome, but a most effective strategy!

  2. susan says:

    More like this….separated at birth?

  3. Missy Farber says:

    Here’s a picture of what your headline reminded me of.

  4. Rory Donnellan says:

    Cardinal Marx seems to be following in the same subversive footsteps of his namesake and fellow German communist – Karl Marx!

  5. Stephen Lowe says:

    And discouraging. Demeans heirarchy and more importantly, The Truth. Are there any Commandments or Sacraments left untouched ie not open to interpretation by Modernists?

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