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5 thoughts on ““Cathofascist” is an insult that would only really work in Italy”

  1. Rory Donnellan says:

    Try telling that to colleagues at LSN! Yep, I full agree – like the democrats and republicans, the “liberal” and “conservative” Catholics are both headed in the same direction – only at varying speeds. The main purpose of that Christian Order article was to defend my old friend, Father Eldred Leslie, RIP. Shockingly, after he was brutally stabbed to death – dying in a pool of blood at the very foot of Our Blessed Lord in the tabernacle, he was a denied a Catholic funeral in the Archdiocese of Durban, which he had served so faithfully for so long. According to Cardinal Napier, Father Leslie had become a Lefebvrist schismatic, which was untrue. Although he was a good friend of Archbishop Lefebvre and helped found some of their chapels in South Africa, he remained a diocesan Priest in suspension, and never formally joined the SSPX. Fortunately Bishop Pius Dlungwane of the nearby Marianhill diocese graciously accommodated his Requiem Mass in the traditional Latin rite! Father Eldred Leslie is buried next door to my own father – who was also called Rory Donnellan!

  2. Hilary White says:

    As I believe I have said, again and again and again and again, “conservative” is a meaningless expression.

  3. julienorvan says:

    That little chat should have her running from her dubious role of passing out hosts like candy to whoever gets a whim to stand in the communion line! Let’s hope she rethinks this business now with all the controversy and sacrilege coming from the papacy.

  4. Rory Donnellan says:

    You are right, Miss White, I have probably not been forceful enough in helping remedy that sad situation, and may have been remiss to air “dirty laundry” without doing more to assist. Strangely enough her Cardinal Archbishop was hailed as one of the “conservatives” at the recent Synods against the Family. I wrote an article on the mess in that archdiocese, which was published back in 2004 in Christian Order, edited by Rod Pead.

  5. Hilary White says:

    Novusordoism isn’t Catholicism, and that little slogan of mine is getting proved more and more forcefully every hour. Since your mother is about to commit a grave sacrilege, it might be time for a little serious sit-down. Tell her the reality before the Reality is standing before her asking why she has participated in His scourging.

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